Chaos At The Llanview Airport!

Friday, October 17th, 2008

Chaos erupts at the Llanview airport, Clint starts to rethink his plan surrounding Langston, and Dorian tries to rectify her own plan...

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Over at the Buchanan mansion, Clint promises Nora that 'this whole mess' will be over soon. After Clint kisses Nora goodbye, with Dallas watching, he leaves - and Dallas confronts Nora, happy to hear that the problems between her and Clint, the ones Clint told her about over cocktails, appear to be behind them now! Dallas claims she understands Clint but can understand how Nora only sees things in black and white. Just then, Renee shows up and informs Dallas that her room at The Palace has since been 'cleaned up', leaving Nora to privately confide in Renee about her troubles with Clint.


When John arrives at Dorian's to question her, he finds her gone, but asks Blair why Dorian was meeting with Jackie. John talks about how the kids are worried for Langston - and how Dorian has been known to overreact - but Blair doesn't admit to anything. Suddenly, Addie appears, and John questions her about Jackie, to which Addie reveals Dorian's meetings with Jackie! Blair is forced to admit that Dorian and Jackie did meet - after Dorian told Blair that she had a plan! Addie then states that Dorian told her that Jackie was just the exterminator! Once Addie leaves, John calls Oliver to have him look into some recent ordered 'hits' then heads to the airport - with Blair on his tail!


In the air, Cris is anxious to see his family, but irritated that their landing has been delayed by twenty minutes. With Lola asleep, Cris asks Vanessa, "How'd you end up married to a murderer." Vanessa explains how she fell in love with Ray - and how Lola one day confided in her about her mother's murder. "Ray thought Lola's mother was cheating on him," Vanessa says. "And Ray Montez lets no one take what he thinks is his!" Wondering why Lola didn't come forward sooner, Vanessa explains that Lola didn't see the murder - only heard it. Just as Cris asks why Vanessa went to visit Ray in prison, Lola wakes up and it's announced that they'll be in Llanview shortly.


Inside a storage room at the Llanview airport, Jackie's hit man loads a gun! He gets a call from Jackie, who instructs him to carry out the contract as planned, and then promises that Ray will only be getting on a flight with the angels! The man dresses in an airline outfit and heads out…


Amongst the crowed airport, Talia, Antonio and Sarah hear that their flight to Colombia has been delayed and wait impatiently, worrying about Cristian. Just as Sarah wonders why Cris hasn't tried to call her back, Cris, Vanessa and Lola appear - and Sarah runs into his arms! As everyone reunites, Vanessa and Lola make themselves known, to which Vanessa explains how Cris saved them - and how she saved Cris. Cris, Sarah, Lola, Vanessa, Antonio and Talia leave to head into Llanview.


Across the room, Ray calls Clint and worries that he is 'really' going to have to take Langston back home with him, to which Clint assures him that Dorian will back down. When Dorian arrives, Ray suggests they go to the gate, but Dorian says, "Wait, not yet." Ray allows Langston and her family a few minutes. As Starr rants at Dorian for not doing anything to stop this, Dorian promises, "I'm already doing everything I possibly can!" While Starr and Langston say goodbye, and think back to when they first met, Clint arrives - and faces Dorian! When Clint tells the kids that he presented Dorian with a way to get Langston back - and how she turned it down - Markko and Starr scream for Dorian to give Clint what he wants! Surprisingly, Langston doesn't blame Dorian and knows once blackmail starts it never stops. "Don't stoop to their level," Langston tells Dorian. Though Ray goes to leave, Clint stops him, promises that things will work out and insists that he stick to the plan!


Alone, Markko and Langston think back to when they first met then fall helplessly into each other's arms saying, "I love you." When Dorian goes off to buy Langston some magazines, the cashier asks, "Are you sure this is what you what?" Dorian reads her nametag, 'Mel', remembers her from the hospital - when it appeared that Mel was trying to channel her - then notices that she's holding a gun magazine! The woman warns Dorian that she can stop this - that it's not too late! Dorian finally realizes what she's started and calls Jackie and instructs him to call it off! However, Jackie reminds her that it's too late - and there's no going back. "I can't," Jackie says. "You're gonna get what you paid for."


Clint arrives back to the mansion, says goodbye to Dallas on her way out then is surprised when Nora doesn't question him. After Nora claims she's trying something new, Clint agrees, "Maybe I should do the same thing." Clint explains how Dorian refused to back down - and how Langston took Dorian's side - and says she'll be forced to go with Ray, a man who could care less about her. "I never wanted that girl to get hurt." When Nora asks if Langston really has to go back with Ray, Clint says, "No," then calls Ray to call off their deal!


Back at the airport, Antonio, Talia, Sarah, Cris, Vanessa and Lola are leaving when Ray spots them! As Ray starts ranting to Vanessa and Lola about the time he spent in prison, Dorian spots an airport official and screams, "He's got a gun!" Just as the man goes to shoot Ray, John appears and shoots the man down! However, when the man's gun drops and slides across the floor, Vanessa picks it up and shoots Ray herself!

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