Welcome Home Viki!

Monday, October 13th, 2008

Viki returns - much to Tess's dismay, John confronts Janet, and Tina gets some unexpected help...

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As Tess rounds a corner in Llanfair, she's shocked to see Viki walk through the door, who's returned from her trip - very worried about the fact that Natalie is missing! After they catch up, Viki asks to see the letter Natalie left and to talk to Jared. "I don't know where he is," Tess replies. Tess explains how she received another letter from Natalie, one she threw away to save Jared from further heartache, but promises they'll find Natalie - who has been very selfish to take off at a time like this! Though Tess suggests Viki go get some rest, Viki wants to get a bite to eat. Tess quickly stops her, saying she'd love to get her a snack, but Viki reconsiders and asks Tess to go upstairs to see all of the gifts she bought for Bree.


After Jared moves the fake wall in the basement, and spots Natalie in the secret room, he tries to break the code, but can't. Though Jared wants to go get help, Natalie begs that he not leave her. Jared agrees and promises to figure out a way to break her free from the secret room! Trying to break the code, Natalie and Jared 'think' like Tess, remember a wine that Nash made just for Tess, and finally break the code!


Jared quickly runs in, goes to Natalie and tries to leave with her - but they can't, as Tess appears and locks them both in the room! As Tess taunts them both, Jared demands that Tess let them go - and threatens that Tina is on to Tess too! However, Tess just laughs and claims that Tina is no one to be worried about then leaves them alone!


In the kitchen, Tina is shocked to see Cain, who demands she give him the crowned jewels! Tina tries to play dumb then tries to get Cain to leave. Realizing Tina was blocking the basement door, with a knife, Cain tries to head in that direction - but Tina stops him! With Cain thinking the jewels are in the basement, Tina deters him by leading him to the safe in the living room.


While Tina fusses with the combination, Cain eats some of the drugged chip dip that Tess left on the table! Shortly after, when Tina turns around and claims she doesn't know the code, Cain stands up - then falls right back into the chair, which topples over! Just then, Tess appears, sees Cain lying on the floor and asks Tina if he's dead! Tina is then stunned to hear that Viki is back and could walk in on them at any moment!


Viki enters the kitchen, looking for 'Jessica' and sees the knife - and the basement door a jar. As Natalie and Jared watch Viki through the video camera they begin screaming and banging on the soundproof glass!


While Blair is waiting for Starr at the hospital, she daydreams about the night she spent with John. When Starr appears, they briefly talk about Blair's good mood then Starr informs her mom that Langston's uncle is in jail, to which Blair figures that that's the case John must be so preoccupied with. Before heading in to the child birthing class, Blair reminds Starr of how proud she is of her, for how she's handled the pregnancy, to which Starr admits that she's scared about the upcoming labor and birth. After Blair encourages Starr that everything will be fine, they enter the class and promise the teacher that Starr's father will not be interrupting this class! With Blair's support, Starr concentrates on preparing for the birth then claims not to be so afraid anymore - not with Blair by her side. Later, as Starr is leaving the class, she feels a slight pain!


John sits in his office, looking at files on Todd, his old bodyguard and Janet then calls Janet - and demands that she come to the station to give him some answers! "And don't say anything about this to Manning," John instructs. Suddenly, John hears Todd in the background, asking who she's talking to, to which Janet claims it's the pharmacist - and says that she has to go pick something up!


After Janet leaves, Todd finds Marty with a journal in her hand, one Marty wants to treat like a girlfriend - to tell her deepest thoughts to. Though Todd appears nervous about Marty's need to keep some of her thoughts hidden, Marty talks about how excited she is to spend her future with him and his grandchild then assures him that she only turned down his proposal because she just wasn't ready. "Whatever we've done in our past," Marty says. "You and me, we can redeem ourselves in the present." Suddenly, the doorbell rings and Todd heads out to answer it in private.


It's Dr. Joplin, who's brought Todd copies of Starr's sonogram photos. She asks Todd to please reconsider going through with his plan to kidnap Starr's baby, not wanting to lie to Starr about the baby being stillborn!


Seated alone, Marty starts writing in her journal and talks about how Todd proposed to her - and about how she loves him!


When Janet arrives, John reads off the aliases that Janet has used in the past, Lee Halpern, Lee Sanders and Carol Dennison, brings up how she was arrested for prostitution, and faked her death! With Janet stunned, John suggests she tell the truth then asks about her time with Lee! Though Janet claims she's not the person he's looking for, John looks at her file, threatens to contact some of her old friends, Max, Renee or Tina, then Janet admits, "I've left all that behind. I have a new life." "A new life with Todd Manning?" John asks and wants to know who Todd is keeping at his house! Showing Janet a photo of Marty, John pushes for answers, "Is it Marty Saybrooke?"

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