Where Do We Go From Here?

Friday, October 13th, 2006

Todd and Evangeline give each other advice, Jessica tells Antonio she has feelings for Nash, Rex pays Spencer a visit and Blair announces she's moving back home...

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Kamar de los Reyes and Bree Williamson

At Angel's square, Jessica tells Antonio she has feelings for Nash. She tells him that now that she is integrated, more of her Tess personality is coming to the surface. Antonio is jealous, wondering what kind of feelings she has for Nash "Romantic feelings?", he asks. Jessica reassures him. If she wanted to be with Nash, she would be. She tells him that acting like Tess is completely different from thinking like Tess. She didn't tell him about the Claudia thing, because John had just died and she didn't feel like a cat fight was important enough to tell him about. Same with the kiss. It wasn't important to her. She explains how it doesn't matter what it meant to Nash, what matters is it means nothing to her, and they should be thinking about their future. She invites him to have a shower with her, as their hot water is turned back on but he declines. He has to go to Rodies, but asks for a rain check! They kiss.

Later, Jess has a shower and thinks about Nash kissing her!

In the kitchen, Dorian and Blair discuss how she is going to get Todd back no matter what it takes! Dorian tells her that she's trying to get Clinton back. She tells Blair that there is nothing going on between she and David, but Blair tells her that she heard that they were caught in the kitchen, ... she says that David was 'icing her cupcake'! Dorian is flustered and stops Blair quickly, stammering that they found themselves in close proximity, because they were living together,.... but Blair interrupts her to tell her she is a genius and has just found a way to get back with Todd! She doesn't spill what her plans are but thanks Dorian and as she runs out tells her, "If this doesn't work, nothing will!"

Later, Dorian calls to make a donation in the memory of John Mc Bain of $50,000 'With great respect from Dorian Lord and the staff of Craze Magazine'. She asks to have the check sent in care of Clint Buchanan! David rushes into the kitchen, telling her about his talk with Asa. Truman isn't Spencer's real last name. Dorian is stunned when he tells her. "It's Buchanan. Spencer is Asa's son!"


Renee Goldsberry and Trevor St. John

At Todd's apartment, Evangeline comes over. Todd tells her he will never get over Blair. Evangeline asks if he would be able to open his heart to someone new. Todd is sarcastic, saying as long as he never sees pictures of her or thinks of her, he will be able to! She shares that she knows what he is going through (When she and John broke up). She tells Todd that he can fall in love again if you find the right person. He's not sure he'll ever be able to get her out of his life. Evangeline tries to cheer him up, and he actually begins to smile as she tells him many women would be attracted to him. He tells her he is picky, and she agrees she is as well. Her relationship with Cristian has it's issues. She tells him she would like to get her hands on anyone who knew what was going on and didn't try to stop it. She paces back and forth, not sure she can get over seeing Cristian's rage. She worries that the rage is just who he is, then stops short apologizing for going on like that. Todd reassures her that it's okay and if she needs to talk, he is her guy! He then gives her a hug. Evangeline tells Todd she cares so much about Cristian she is going to go find him and try to work things out together. She tells him that the offer of friendship goes both ways and asks him to call if he needs anything, before she leaves.

Rex visits Spencer in jail, telling him he knows he dumped the baby off somewhere and is there with an incentive for him to start talking! Spence laughs in his face as Rex tries to appeal to him on moral grounds! Rex tells him he is just trying to close his case for his client. He's exasperated, telling Spencer that his name doesn't even need to come up, but Spence calls him a 'punk kid', telling him he stand a chance in finding the baby.


Kerry Butler and Forbes March

Elsewhere in the club, Nash and Claudia talk. He is interrupted by a phone call. He returns upset, telling her that he is not going to lose anything, that everything will be fine, when Cristian comes up behind him. He tells Nash that Antonio and Jessica are in love and will be married soon. He asks him to back off. Nash grows increasingly angry, thinking that Antonio sent him. Cristian explains it's not like that but Nash starts pushing Cristian around, so Cris pushes back and Nash crashes to the floor! Claudia tries to pry them apart and Cristian repeatedly asks him to back off, but Nash has a one track mind and throws a punch at Cristian, who in turn defends himself. Bad timing when Evangeline takes this opportunity to walk in on the two fighting!


Kassie DePaiva and Trevor St. John

Rex drops by Todd's place to explain his visit with Spencer. He relays his plans for finding the baby, thinking someone had to have seen something. He thinks the baby is alive because of what Spencer says and tells Todd he'll find his kid so they can be one happy family. When Rex is leaving, Blair comes in with her belongings. She tells a confused Todd that she and the kids are moving back in!

Asa goes to the jail to visit Spencer.

Next on One Life to Live: Jack tells Todd he's not staying without mom, Evangeline learns that Cris didn't start the fight and Jessica is asked if Nash can survive her

I'd like to send a special thanks to Chrissi, Editor-in-Chief, of Soaps.com, for writing today's recap for me. Due to the snow storm in Western NY, One Life to Live was pre-empted in my area today. ~Amy Mistretta

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