So You Think You Could Be Shane Morasco's Father?

Wednesday, October 1st, 2008

Rex is lost in his own mind, family and friends pray for Rex, and Tess wants Natalie to suffer...

So You Think You Could Be Shane Morasco's Father? image

At the hospital, after Gigi tells Shane that Brody is not his father, she finishes, "Your honest to God father is Rex," to which Shane screams, "You're lying!" Gigi explains everything from the time she got pregnant to how she came to tell him that Brody was his father. Shane brings up the DNA test, saying, "DNA tests don't lie!" Gigi talks about the fake DNA then stresses how much Rex needs him right now! Gigi apologizes for everything, and swears she's not trying to take his love for Brody away, but that Rex threw himself in front of Shane so he wouldn't be shot! Although Shane is furious with Gigi, she talks about regret and warns Shane of how he may feel if something happens to Rex. Gigi begs Shane to go see Rex once he gets out of surgery…


In the operating room, Rex walks around saying, "Man, this guy's in bad shape," and is shocked to see himself lying on the table! As Rex pleads for Michael to 'see' him, he faintly hears Gigi asking him to fight then says, "Boy, am I in trouble…"


Suddenly, Rex finds himself on the stage of a game show titled "So You Think You Could Be Shane Morasco's Father" - with Colin MacIver as the host! After Rex answers the question, "Yes, I want to be Shane's father," he's introduced to the current game show champion - Brody Lovett! Next, Colin shows everyone what the winner will take home - Shane - then directs Rex's attention to a hospital monitor, sounding a faint heartbeat, to prove what he'll lose, as well as losing Shane to Brody!


As the game begins, the audience screams for Rex to prove that he's Shane's father. Seated for questions in "Who Wants To Be A Millionaire" style, Rex answers his first question about Shane's comic book correctly. However, when Rex is asked who he was in love with when he married Adriana, he can't pick one answer. Next question is about hiding Sam's paternity, bringing a big 'Boo' from the audience. Colin announces, "You're dying here, Rex," then brings in some special guests - Jen and Lindsay Rappaport, who both ask a question about Rex's dirtiest deed, which surrounds how he slept with both mother and daughter! "Can I get a help-line here?" Rex asks. Colin brings up the next issue - why Rex left his pregnant girlfriend Gigi - and Rex answers correctly, because he wanted to scam 'Jessica The Heiress'! Though he's truthful, Rex is reminded how wrong he was - definitely not father-material!


Finally, Colin announces that the next question is very important and if he doesn't get it right he'll never be Shane's - or anyone else's father - because he'll be dead! Rex is shown eight male faces from Llanview then asked, "Can you tell me which one of these eight men is your biological father?" Rex has no idea then asks for a 'phone home' to Roxy. Once Colin gets Roxy on the phone, Rex asks her which man is his father, Roxy replies, "Your dad is -" But the phone line goes dead, and Rex is forced to figure it out for himself! "It was Bo, final answer, Bo Buchanan is my father!" Colin announces that Rex is dead wrong, and that he can't be Shane's father. "Sorry Rex," Colin says. "You've flat-lined."


Outside of the operating room, Roxy and Jared arrive, leaving Bo to explain how serious Rex's condition is. Causing Roxy to faint! Across the room, Layla calls Adriana but can't get through to her. Marcie appears next and joins Jared, Layla and Roxy. Later, Charlie shows up, and Jared talks about Natalie being missing - and how something is 'not right' with Jessica!


Inside the operating room, Rex's vitals go up and down… Michael briefly leaves to tell the family that Rex is hanging in there - but that he has a good fight ahead of him. After a few threats from Roxy, Michael promises to do everything he can then heads back into the operating room. When Michael arrives back inside, Rex's vitals drop, and Michael screams for Rex to keep fighting! It appears the results from the game going on inside of Rex's mind, and the answers he's giving Colin, are being detected by the monitors!


Standing next to Charlie, Bo wonders how he could have lied about being Rex's father then says, "Because it made him very happy you being in that role." Charlie thanks Bo for always being there for Rex, but Bo just wishes he could do something to help Rex now. Just then, Roxy calls everyone in a circle and asks them to join her in prayer. Suddenly, Gigi and Shane appear, and Bo pulls them into the circle too. Little do they all know, inside the operating room, Rex has now flat-lined.


When Tess appears in the secret room at Llanfair, she acts as though she's going to let Natalie leave to see Rex but then laughs a big 'no'! Even though Natalie promises to give up Jared in exchange for seeing her brother, Tess is still bent on making her suffer while she loses someone she loves! As Tess goes to leave, Natalie screams that she never wanted Nash to die - but says that it doesn't faze Tess to hurt others. Natalie then reminds Tess that when everyone finds out the truth she'll be locked away - unable to raise Bree and her unborn child! Suddenly, Tess flips, crying, screaming, and banging on the divider! Though Tess says at least she was able to say goodbye to Nash, she'll never be able to do the same to Rex! Tess turns off the television in Natalie's room then leaves her to worry about Rex's condition until morning.

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