Trust In The Form Of A Stranger...

Thursday, September 25th, 2008

Cris realizes he may still have hope, Brody begins to break down, and Dorian makes things difficult - for herself...

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In the Colombian prison, right outside of Cris's cell, John shows a guard pictures of Carlo - and Cris! When the guard states that he can't divulge any information about their prisoners, John perks up and demands that the man help him out! Just then, Ray's wife walks past, goes into Cris's cell and tells Cris that she can't help him until her husband is found! Although Vanessa thinks Cris won't hold up his end of the bargain, Cris assures her that he's an honest man! "I won't contact your brother," Vanessa says. "But I will get you out of here - my way - but you must do something for me in return." Cris then swears on Carlotta's life that he'll help Vanessa find Ray, to which she has no other choice but to trust him. When Vanessa leaves, she reaches down to pick up the picture the warden knocked out of John's hand! Though John asks if she's ever seen the man in the photo - Cris - the warden directs her back into Cris's cell, where Vanessa hands him a wad of rolled up bills! Vanessa tries to buy the 'American's freedom' and threatens to tell the police officer outside the truth if the warden doesn't take the money! Back outside the cell, the guard whispers to John, "Come back when the warden is gone. I'll tell you what you want to know." Later, the guard brings John into Cris's cell, but Cris is gone! John sees the prison uniform and reads the name, "Montez?"


While Antonio and Talia try to comfort Carlotta at his loft, Layla and Sarah arrive to help take her mind off of Cris. After making a dinner together, all five hold hands and pray for Cris's safe return.


After the judge announces that Langston must live with Ray, everyone screams their objections - and Dorian flips out! Speechless, Langston listens as the judge states that the law is clear - and that Langston has to live with her uncle Ray Montez. Langston becomes devastated when Ray assures her that she'll come to love Colombia! Finally, Langston stands up, but Ray holds his ground! With one last plea, Dorian begs the judge to change his mind, but the judge says, "I'm sorry," leading Dorian to call him every name in the book! Dorian is then arrested and citied for contempt of court!


Inside Bo's office, Gigi and Rex listen as Bo makes a call about issuing an Amber alert! Once Bo hangs up, the three try to figure out where Brody could be then Bo sends out a picture of Shane through the police wire. Getting word that a television station will be broadcasting the Amber alert, Gigi feels the realness of the situation. Thinking about Brody's family and friends, Rex calls Layla to find out how Adriana located Brody then is encouraged when Layla promises to get him Brody's sister's address and phone number. Later, Bo informs them that the Navy has sealed Brody's records, to which Rex and Gigi suggest they find the guy in the picture with Brody - the one found in the safety box.


After blowing up the photo, and getting the man's name off of his uniform, Bo gets Brody's friend's phone number - but is sorry to hear that 'Wes' refuses to rat out a fellow Seal. "Especially Brody Lovett!" Wes says. Once Wes hears that Gigi is there, on speakerphone, he says, "Brody used to talk about you all the time." After Gigi and Rex explain how Brody snapped - and took her son - Wes apologizes and says, "I shouldn't have taken your head off… I didn't know there was a kid involved… Something happened to Brody in Iraq… There was a kid, and Brody shot him. He killed him."


On Llantano Mountain, in awe, when Shane tries to grab Brody's gun, Brody freaks out and screams, "What the heck are you doing, Shane?" Brody stresses how dangerous guns are, tells Shane that he never wants anything to happen to him then talks about mistakes being made - and people getting hurt. Suddenly, Brody hears a shot ring off in his head then says, "You're just a kid. You're too young to die." Shane asks, "Who said I had to die," to which Brody again talks about Shane respecting 'the weapon'. Step by step, Brody shows Shane how to safely handle a gun. When Shane asks, "Did you ever shoot anybody?" Brody says that he saw his fair share of combat then admits, "Yes, I've killed people… and a little bit of myself along the way." Later, Brody shows Shane the correct way to aim and shoot the gun - and Shane is excited to watch Brody hit his target dead on! When Shane asks to shoot the gun next, Brody says he can, looks at the target - a plastic bottle - then instructions Shane to go stand next to it!

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