A Spontaneous Kiss

Thursday, October 12th, 2006

Nash tells Antonio that he and Jessica kissed, Asa receives a visit from David and Eve has a talk with Natalie

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Forbes March

Antonio goes to see Nash with Bree. He calls out to Nash, but he doesn't answer. Antonio hears a noise, sees Nash lying on the floor, hung-over, tells Nash he needs to get his act together! Nash says that he's fine, but Antonio refuses to leave the baby with him. Nash says this has nothing to do with him harming Bree, that Antonio is trying to get back at Nash because he and Jessica kissed the night before! An angry Antonio doesn't believe Nash, says that Jessica would have told him. However, Nash points out that maybe Jessica didn't tell him because she knew he'd be angry. Antonio tells Nash that he's lucky that Bree is with him Nash clarifies that he's the one who kissed Jessica. Although Antonio thanks him for telling he that, he still doesn't leave Bree with him. Antonio goes

Vicki goes to Dorian's and finds David in the kitchen in his underwear! He tells Vicki that he lives there, asks Vicki for a job. Vicki asks David to put some clothes on, and he graciously throws an apron over himself. Just as Vicki's ready to leave, Starr comes downstairs. Vicki asks way she's not in school, and Starr announces that she's dropping out! David leaves the two alone.

Starr tells Vicki about Britney and the problems she's having with school. Vicki convinces Starr to open up to her. Starr tells Vicki about the party she and Langston went to, about what happened, tells her that she doesn't want to fight anymore, that she wants to be a normal kid. Starr says it's because of her parents that she has to deal with all the hassles from other kids. Vicki is so supportive.

Jessica visits with Asa, where he asks about her health. She assures Asa that she's fine. Nigel comes in, gives Asa his medicines. Nigel says since Jessica is the apple of Asa's eye, maybe she can get the secret out of him that he's been keeping, tells him to have Asa explain the picture that he carries around. When Nigel leaves, Jessica asks Asa about the picture. Asa shows Jessica the picture, says it was on his lap New Years Eve after he woke up. Jessica asks if Asa knows the woman, and he says yes

Just then David barges in, says the woman is his mother! Asa asks Jessie to leave so they can talk David tells Asa that Spencer left the photo for Asa, asks Asa what his connection is with his mother. Asa says that David's mother was one of the great loves of his life! David stops, thinks, then asks Asa if he's his father!

Natalie meets Michael, Marcie and Eve in the park. They tell her before Eve leaves, they need her help with something. They ask Natalie to be Tommy's Godmother. Natalie says yes, says that it would mean so much to her. Natalie and Eve take Tommy to the church

Rex and Adriana try to comfort Layla. There's a knock on the door. It's Vincent. Layla doesn't want to talk, but Vincent keeps pounding on the door. Finally, Rex answers, tells him to leave. Vincent asks Rex to step aside. Suddenly, Cris shows up. Cris makes Vincent leave.

As Rex is ready to leave, Michael and Marcie are in the hall. They ask Rex to be Tommy's Godfather. Rex is shocked, but honored. He agrees. They tell Rex he has to come with them now. When they show up at the church, Natalie tells Rex that Tommy is very lucky to have Rex as a Godfather. They all look on as the Father performs the ceremony. After it's over, everyone leaves except Rex and Natalie.

Natalie thinks back to John, to his funeral. She asks Rex how she's going to keep on living

Vincent and Shaun show up at Nash's, comments that the progress on the winery is slow. He warns Nash that he better not make him regret fronting Nash's business.

Antonio runs into Jessica in Angel's Square. When he tells her what Nash said, Jessica says it's true, but that Nash kissed her-not the other way around. Antonio accuses Jessica of protecting Nash, asks her if she has feelings for him!

Next on One Life to Live: Jessica tells Antonio she has feelings for Nash, Rex pays Spencer a visit and Blair announces she's moving back home.

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