A Visit To The Colombian Prison!

Monday, September 15th, 2008

Someone unexpected visits Cris, Tess continues with her plan, and Todd reminds Dr. Joplin that she's on his side now...

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From the prison in Columbia, Cris pleads with the guards, saying, "I'm not Ray Montez. I'm Cristian Vega!" Though they temp him with making a phone call, they ultimately refuse and leave Cris to stew in his cell. Thinking about Sarah, Cris silently promises her that he'll get home! Suddenly, Cris gets a visitor - from Ray's wife!


At the Buchanan mansion, Jared and Ray arrive to meet Clint, to which Ray asks for instructions then demands some money! Clint refuses to give Ray more than his freedom then says, "Do we understand each other?" After Ray agrees, he listens as Clint promises that his plan won't have him strapped down with a kid then likens the pot by offering him a bonus once Ray has done his dirty work! Clint shows Ray a picture of Langston, and the woman who wants to adopt her, then instructs Nigel to get Ray cleaned up!


Once alone, Jared worries that Natalie is still angry with him, as she's not answering her cell. Although Jared knows she'll be even unhappier to hear that Ray is a murderer, Clint admits that he didn't think Jared could pull it off, leaving Jared to hope it'll all be worth it in the end. While Ray is getting ready, Nigel briefly asks Clint if he should secure the silver, to which Jared reminds, "Clint, I hope you know you asked me to spring a 'lifer'." Suddenly, Ray appears all cleaned up, and Clint doesn't see a need to wait any longer! Clint asks Nigel to show Ray to his limo then says, "Jared, you did good. You're one step closer to making up for what you did to this family." However, Jared can't get Natalie out of his head and leaves for Llanfair.


In the living room at the mansion, Dorian prepares for a party to celebrate Langston's adoption, but Blair suggests she shouldn't set herself up for a fall. "What if you hit a snag?" Blair asks. After Langston and Starr briefly talk about going back to school tomorrow, Markko arrives, as does Marcie, and everyone mingles. While Starr is talking to Blair about her worries for what school will bring, Dorian drills Marcie about finding the perfect pediatrician for Starr's baby. After Markko gives Dorian a gift, a picture of her and Langston, Dorian thanks him - but warns Markko to never hurt Langston!


When Marcie becomes preoccupied starring at Sam, Starr assures her it's okay to go talk to him, leaving Starr to explain her 'baby situation' to Jack. Later, Starr tells Marcie that her baby will have the very best mother. Across the room, Markko and Langston talk about the list of Montez's, clearly making Langston feel as though she's left behind some loose ends in her plans for happiness.


Just as Dorian stands for a speech, introducing everyone at the party to her daughter, Langston, Starr's baby kicks - and everyone takes turns feeling 'Marcie's baby' kick. Later, while Dorian makes a toast to the Cramer family, the doorbell rings, and Ray appears announcing that he's family too. "I'm Ray Montez, and I am the uncle of Langston!"


Still at the doctor's office, although Starr's doctor initially agreed to hand the baby over to Todd after its birth, she backs out of their deal! However, all Todd has to do is bring up the doctor's son by asking, "Is he still stealing drugs from the hospital," leaving the doctor begging, "Please don't make me do this!" Although the doctor thinks Todd plans to kill Starr's baby, Todd runs over their plans again, saying only Starr, Blair and Marcie will think the baby is dead, then screams that she better follow through with the plan! Reluctantly, the doctor agrees.


Over at Llanfair, Sarah arrives and asks Tina if she can stay there with her until Cris returns, to which Tina nervously makes excuses as to why Sarah shouldn't stay at Llanfair. Suddenly, Jared arrives home to hear that Cris is missing, and that Carlo Hesser is responsible, but Jared only wishes he knew who Carlo was - and where Natalie is!


Down in the secret room, Tess brings Natalie some food then says, "I need you to keep up your strength because we have work to do." Though Natalie warns that Jared will wonder where she is, Tess says, "You are going to write Jared a 'Dear John' letter, telling him all of the reasons why you left him!" After Tess reads Natalie the letter she plans to send to Jared, explaining that they've caused too much damage to others to live in happiness themselves, she demands that Natalie copy the letter - or Jared dies! In tears, Natalie is forced to do what Tess asks. Once the letter is written in Natalie's handwriting, Tess points to the television screen and says, "Enjoy the show!"


With Tess now upstairs, joining Tina, Sarah and Jared, Tess explains that she hasn't seen Natalie - but that she found a letter for him in her room! Tess hands Jared the letter, as Natalie watches helpless! As Jared reads the goodbye letter from Natalie, Tina makes eye contact with Tess, who says, "Jared, I am so sorry." Downstairs, Natalie cries, "I love you, Jared… I love you."

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