Enjoy Your New Digs!

Wednesday, September 3rd, 2008

Tina's curiosity gets the best of her, John vows to find out who Todd is hiding, and Blair and Marcie don't believe Todd's apology...

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When Tina abruptly shows up in the basement, wanting to know what Jessica is up to, Tess claims Tina ruined 'the surprise'! "For what," Tina asks, to which Tess replies, "For you, Aunt Tina!" After Tess claims she made the room for Tina and David Vickers, Tina replies, "I'm sorry… Are you saying you want me to live down here?" and Tess quickly replies, "Yep!" As Tina questions some of the 'features' of the room, Tess continues to try to sell her on the idea - but Tina sarcastically says, "I have an idea! Since you like it so much, why don't you move in here?" Tess brings up Bree then listens as Tina talks about the secret room Victor Lord had built - the one he took Viki to - and the room that Viki had built to keep Dorian Lord locked up!


Tina starts putting two and two together and admits, "Your mother told me all about you… You're Tess." Tess denies being Tess - and warns that Tina doesn't want to know Tess - but all Tina can think about is getting out of there! "Nope, I don't think so." Tess stops her then says, "Hi Tina," to which Tina replies, "You are Tess… What're you going to do to me?" Tina tries to instruct David Vickers to run for help, but Tess just screams at Tina for putting her nose where it didn't belong! Finally, Tess walks out of the room, leaving Tina and David Vickers locked inside! "Enjoy your new digs." Tess laughs. "Because who knows when you're going to get out!"


As Todd watches Blair, Starr and Marcie from outside the birthing class, Starr stares at a film about childbirth. Suddenly, Todd walks in and the birthing teacher asks, "Excuse me, can I help you," to which Todd replies, "No, you may not!" When the lights are turned back on, Blair wants to call the police but Todd just has one thing to say, "I'm sorry." Todd explains that losing Sam today made him realize that he has no one else to blame but himself - not Blair, Marcie or Michael. However, Blair and Marcie don't buy any of it, even though Todd claims he went to see a shrink! "This doctor helped me realize that a child is not a piece of property." Just as Starr starts to show sympathy for her father, as he appears to have accepted her decision to allow Marcie to adopt his grandchild, Blair wonders what angle Todd is trying to pull now!


Once Todd leaves, Starr tries to make her mom realize that maybe her dad has changed. After thanking Blair and Marcie for being there, Starr heads to the bathroom - and Blair tells Marcie that Todd was full of lies! "So," Marcie asks, "What do you think he's going to do now?" Later, Blair calls John to see if he wants to meet up, but he's too busy with work…


Still at the station, with Oliver there to help him out, John waits patiently with the hopes of finally being able to see a photo of the mystery woman! John shares the woman's x-rays with Oliver and says that Michael told him the woman may not remember much of her own life. When Oliver asks if John has any idea who the woman could be, John replies, "I have a personal interest… Let's just leave it at that." After John turns down a date with Blair, Oliver convinces him that he can get more work done without him breathing down his neck!


Although Cole claims that he came to the mansion today to see Langston, Langston makes him finally admit that he really hoped to run into Starr! As Cole wonders why he can't just let go of Starr, Langston reminds him that Starr can't stop thinking of him either. However, Cole can't forget that Starr is giving up their baby then admits, "I also came over here because I was feeling guilty." Cole talks about seeing Starr at the country club the other day and about how he did something dumb after 'Karen and her group' picked on Starr for being pregnant. "I went swimming with Karen, and I sort of came on to her." As Langston screams at Cole, he says, "I was just trying not to think about Starr."


Just as Langston asks Cole if he could forgive Starr, Starr arrives home - and smiles at the sight of him! Once alone, Cole claims he was there to see Langston then leaves…


In her bedroom, Marty works on another crossword puzzle and chats to Janet, who suggests they work on therapy. However, Marty begins questioning her about childcare, to which Janet asks, "How close have you and Todd gotten?" After Marty laughs, and denies being pregnant, Marty tells Janet that Todd is going to be raising his daughter's baby - and that he asked her to help him! Though Janet is leery about why Todd would ask Marty to help, Marty admits, "What got to me is he said I would be a good mom." Janet again reminds Marty that soon she'll have her own life to get back to then asks if she'd leave that behind for a new life with Todd and a baby. Talk turns to Lee, and how much Marty appreciated what he did for her, then she says, "But with Todd… It's different. As far as I'm concerned, Todd's the only family I've got." When Janet suggests that Todd has a crush on Marty, and admits that Todd is a very sexy man, Marty agrees!


Todd returns home and tells Marty that he's been to see his daughter - and that she hasn't changed her mind about having him raise her child. When Todd asks if she's thought about his offer, Marty doesn't have time answer - because Tess calls Todd and demands that he get over to Llanfair now!

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