Who Are You?

Wednesday, October 11th, 2006

Evangeline sees a different side to Cris, Todd tells Blair he loves her, David and Dorian get caught in the act and Cole offers to help Starr

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Renee Goldsberry

Evangeline yells for Cris to stop, pulls him off of Ted. As Ted repeats that he's sorry, Evangeline turns to Cris, says, "Who are you?" Cris tells Evangeline that Ted told him that Vincent was behind everything! Ted stands up, tells Cris that if he tells Vincent that he told him, he'll be dead. Ted leaves. Cris is furious, kicks over a garbage can. Evangeline doesn't like this side of Cris, one she thought was gone forever. Cris comments that Evangeline looks as though she's scared of him. Evangeline says she is, says that he could've killed Ted! Cris tries to make her understand how angry he is, that Vincent's ruined his life. Evangeline tells Cris that she doesn't think she can be with someone who's capable of beating a man. Cris tells her he's not like her, that he can't solve problems with words. He tries to hold Evangeline, says he's sorry, but she pushes Cris away. Evangeline says they can't be together and leaves

Rex and Adriana make love, ravishly, over and over again.

Layla asks Vincent if they should go look for Cris and Vange. Vincent says no, and Layla comments that he looks worried. Layla accusing Vincent of lying, and Vincent defends that he likes to keep his business and personal interests separate. Layla apologizes for being too pushy, suggests that they go back to her place...

When they return, Vincent and Layla find Rex and Adriana naked on the couch. Suddenly, there's a knock. It's Cris. He tells Vincent what he knows, tells him to admit it in front of everyone! Layla defends Vincent, but Cris tells him to be a man, to tell Layla the truth. Layla slaps Vincent across the face! Cris wants an explanation, but Vincent wants to know who told him. Cris refuses the information. Layla yells for Vincent to leave and he does. Cris apologizes to Layla for what Vincent did, then asks Rex to help him prove that he was set-up. Rex agrees.

Starr screams at Britney for spilling beer on her, says that Dorian will kill her when she smells the beer. Cole offers to help Starr, says he'll need to get her out of those clothes. Starr thinks that Cole is making a joke, and he assures her that he's not, that he has a shirt that she can borrow. When Cole goes, Langston gets a call from her mom, says she needs to leave. Starr says she'll be fine alone with Cole.

When Cole returns, Starr tells him that Langston had to leave. She takes the extra clothes and goes behind a bush to change as Cole keeps watch. They talk about their parents, their unhappy families. Starr comes out, thanks Cole for the clothes, then leaves, as Britney comes to his side. Cole leaves Britney out there and goes back inside. Britney is furious at Starr.

Dorian and David get hot and heavy. They clear the kitchen counter and start to make love just as Kelly walks in! Dorian convinces David to go upstairs, so she can talk to Kelly.

Dorian tells Kelly that what she saw was an impulse on her and David's part. Kelly reminds Dorian of the troubles in her life, with Adriana and David, asks if she thinks she should be getting involved with David. Dorian says she just wants to help David out. Kelly smiles, says she's glad she's helping David, then leaves.

David comes downstairs and Dorian tells him that what almost happened could never happen again. David thinks she's going to kick him out, but Dorian doesn't She asks David to help her get Clint and Adriana back! David takes humor in her suggestion, agrees to help Dorian make a fresh start. Dorian leaves David in the kitchen and goes upstairs.

David sees Starr sneaking in They throw a few comments back and forth, then Starr goes upstairs.

Blair tells Todd to stop playing games, to admit that he loves her. Todd admits that he does love Blair, but says that he can't forget everything that she's done. Blair reminds Todd that she put Spencer behind bars for him! Todd thanks her for that, but says that no matter what, they always screw things up, that they need to go their separate ways for good. Blair laughs, says it'll never be over between them. Todd leaves, says when he returns she better be gone.

Todd goes to Rodies, sits with Evangeline. They talk about their nights with Blair and Cris. Evangeline tells Todd about Vincent arranging the fight. Todd is there to comfort Evangeline.

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