The Power Of Truth...

Tuesday, August 26th, 2008

Rex and Gigi find their way back to 2008, John and Blair can't stop thinking about Todd's mystery woman, and Todd and Tess work together...

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In 1968, after Gigi blurts out that Shane is Rex's son, Rex is in shock and asks, "You're not lying? I really am Shane's dad?" As Gigi admits the truth, Professor Fina shows up and watches while Army personnel try to pull Rex onto the bus to Vietnam - and ducks for cover when lightening strikes through the bus station!


Just then, after the lightening strikes, the professor finds Rex's nametag, which reads Bo Buchanan, and is happy to see that Gigi and Rex are MIA. "The power of love," the professor says. Suddenly, a young man appears looking to board the bus to Vietnam - but he can't find his nametag. The professor hands a young Bo Buchanan his nametag and Bo boards the bus for Vietnam. Note from Amy: The boy in this picture is the real-life son of Robert S. Woods (Bo) and Loyita Chapel (Dallas).


Appearing in 2008, Rex struggles with the 'dream' they had - and the fact that Gigi confirms that Shane is his son! Although Rex is happy about Shane, he's furious with Gigi for keeping his son from him! Gigi and Rex hash out everything surrounding her lie - about Brody and how Gigi tried to tell Rex the truth a few times - and Gigi admits that she needed to know that he loved her first. When asked if Rex hates her, Rex replies, "No, I just wish we could get back that time somehow." Rex takes part of the blame - for being the guy who left her before she could tell him the truth - then tells Gigi how much he loves her. After they exchange 'I'm sorry's', Rex and Gigi head out on their way home.


Inside Todd's, Todd worries that Tess saw where his bodyguard hid Marty. After John leaves, empty-handed, Todd hurries out of the house saying, "Where the hell are you, Tess?"


When Tess opens the door on Todd's property and sees Marty, she's surprised to hear that Marty doesn't know her! After Tess introduces herself as an old friend, she listens as Marty talks about how wonderful Todd has been to her - and how Todd's bodyguard had to get her out of the house. Marty says, "I don't know what I'd do if anything happened to Todd." Just as Marty asks Tess about John McBain, Todd appears - and Tess says he's been a busy boy! After Tess hears that Lee also knew about Marty being alive, she teases Todd into thinking she's going to give Marty information on her past - until Todd forces Tess back to his house!

Back inside, Tess laughs, "You're playing house with a woman you raped, and she doesn't even know who you are!" As Tess continues to laugh about Todd's 'victim', Todd brings up her being Tess - then threatens to blow her cover if she doesn't keep his secret! With both of their hands tied, Todd and Tess agree to stay quiet!


John arrives back at his office and finds Blair writing him a note. Once John fills Blair in on the search for the missing woman at Todd's house, Blair looks at her wedding rings and wonders why she's kept them on so long. Wanting to forget about Todd, Blair removes her rings and places them on John's desk. Blair and John head back to his apartment.


Cris, Antonio and Sarah sneak into the palace in Mendorra. Although Cris and Sarah stay behind, Antonio heads to find Talia! After Antonio scurries off, Cris and Sarah overhear Carlo telling his people that he'll handle his daughter and give Mendorra stability again. Later, Cris and Sarah tackle two of Carlo's servants!


Upstairs, Jonas snaps at Talia for not consummating their marriage then asks, "What do I need to do to make you go to bed with me?" to which Talia answers, "Kill me first." Although Jonas tries to take Talia forcefully, Talia drops him to the ground - and Jonas storms out in search of Carlo!


Now dressed as servants, Cris and Sarah stand in the shadows while Jonas and Carlo go head to head about Talia. After Carlo leaves to have a word with his daughter, Sarah and Cris appear and knock Jonas out!


Shortly after, Talia hears someone enter her bedroom and starts ranting for Jonas to leave her alone - but is shocked to see it's Antonio! Talia runs into Antonio's arms! Hearing a knock on the door, Antonio quickly hides - but not for long! Seeing Carlo enter, Antonio comes out of the shadows and faces his enemy! While Carlo is threatening Antonio, Talia knocks him over the head with a vase!

Next on One Life to Live:

Antonio, Cristian, Sarah and Talia get revenge on Carlo and Jonas.

Brody grows closer to Shane.

Todd and Tina are reunited!

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