When I Want Something I Get It!

Thursday, August 21st, 2008

Todd makes another threat, Marcie offers Starr and Blair a place in the baby's life, and Clint uses Langston to seek revenge on Dorian...

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Tess slams the basement door at Llanfair shut then screams for Tina to keep her David Vicker's namesake out - and to go sleep on Sarah couch! "If she wants you," Tess finishes. As Tess rants, Tina says, "This is not the Jessica I know and love," then threatens to call Viki! Just as Tess tells Tina that she can stay but to, "Stay out of my way," Cris and Sarah appear and question 'Jessica's' behavior!


Tess makes a quick excuse then leaves Tina with Sarah and Cris. After Sarah tells her mother that Cord left town, Sarah and Cris talk about Antonio's trip back to Mendorra then asks if she knows any reason why Carlo and Jonas would be holding Talia there. Tina thinks back to the jewels then says, "I know just the thing that can make your life a whole lot easier." Tina gives Cris and Sarah a book that Cain put together: A 'How To' surrounding life at the palace. After their goodbyes, Cris and Sarah leave.


On Tess' way out, she reminds Tina to stay out of her way then leaves. Once alone, Tina talks to David Vickers about hopefully helping Cris and Sarah out - without having to give up the jewels - and about having everything she ever wanted… except the respect from her niece Jessica! When David Vickers starts scratching at the door again, Tina finds it locked and says, "Oh well, Jessica has her secrets and we have ours."


Todd rushes into Starr's OBGYN's office and says, "I want my grandchild, and you're going to make sure I get it." Though the doctor suggests Todd take up his issues with his daughter, he reminds her, "When I want something I get it!" The doctor stands up to Todd, and even tries to call security, but Todd shows her the file in his hand and says, "If you don't do exactly what I say, you're going to know what it's like to have a sad and pitiful life." Todd talks about the doctor's dirty little secret - and how much it's worked for her! Todd's file proves that the doctor covered her son's tracks after he stole drugs from the hospital, leaving her to say, "What do you want me to do…" Todd gives the doctor instructions on wanting to be kept up to date on everything that is going on with Starr then forces the doctor to agree to one last thing…


Outside in the waiting area, Tess appears for an appointment. As Tess rants and raves to the nurse about how the doctor is holding her up, Todd appears from the examining room doorway and stares at Tess in confusion!


Carlotta and Jamie take Antonio to the airport for his trip back to Mendorra. After Jamie asks him to please bring Talia home, Antonio kisses his mother and daughter goodbye, assuring Carlotta that he'll be safe. Just as Antonio is about to board the plane, Cris and Sarah arrive to say, "We're going with you!" Although Antonio is against it, Cris and Sarah won't take no for an answer!


Over at the Buchanan mansion, Jared finally agrees to work for Clint then stares at Langston's picture in the file as Clint says, "We need to hit Dorian where she lives." As Clint talks about how important Dorian's family is, Jared briefly reminds him of how he's disowned Natalie, to which Clint claims his beef is with Jared, then Clint lays down the basis of his plan - to threaten to take Langtson away from Dorian in exchange for B.E.! Clint then tells Jared about an uncle of Langston's who is living in Columbia! After talking about Clint's plan, to tease the uncle back here with Langston's trust fund, Jared reluctantly says he's in - even though he's concerned about what dangers could lay ahead for Langston!


While Langston and Markko talk about working at the country club, Cole arrives for his lunch with Nora, to talk about college, and admits to his friends that he wants to go somewhere as far away from Starr as he can! When Nora arrives, each kid talks about the downsides of going away to college, and Nora gives them some advice - until she has to take a phone call, leaving Langston and Markko to drill Cole about Starr. Shortly after, Nora returns and she and Cole go get a table for lunch.

Langston talks about how Delphina told her that she's not alone, to which Markko holds her close and reminds her that she'll never be alone. However, Langston has a feeling that Delphina was talking about 'someone else'.


Marcie, Blair and Starr are waiting for their lunch at the country club when Marcie tells Starr about her offer to Blair then asks if Starr would like to be a part of the baby's life as well. While Starr admits to loving her child, Blair and Starr remind Marcie that if they are part of the baby's life - Todd will be too! Starr confesses that she made her child a video, and Marcie agrees that she wants this baby to know what Starr gave up for it. Starr also reminds everyone of what Cole gave up too. Starr doesn't want to talk about the past anymore and asks Blair if she'll be her birthing coach - and if Marcie will be there for the birth!


While Starr goes to the bathroom, Blair confesses to Marcie that if it were up to her, she'd be raising Starr's baby. Suddenly, Cole and Nora appear and see the sonogram pictures on the table! As Cole looks at the pictures, Marcie thanks him for allowing her to adopt his baby, which is too much for Cole to handle! He storms off…

On Starr's way back from the bathroom, she runs into Cole!

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Todd figures out what's up with Jessica!

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