An Admission Of Love In 1968!

Tuesday, August 19th, 2008

Rex admits his feelings to Gigi, Brody wonders what to do about Gigi, and John can't stop thinking about Marty...

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In 1968, after Gigi finds Rex in a bedroom at the Buchanan ranch, and the two make eye contact, Rex says, "Morasco, is that really you?" Gigi rushes to the side of the bed, explaining how she came to 1968 to find him, then sees Emma - with her face - and gasps, "Oh, my, God…" Once Rex makes an uncomfortable introduction, he gets out of bed and listens to everything Gigi went through to get to him. With Emma still in bed, Gigi says, "How could you do this to me?" but Rex reminds her of how she slept with Brody! After Rex tells Gigi how Brody told him that they slept together, Gigi explains how Brody had her cell phone then listens as Rex tries to explain 'who's who' in 1968 - and how he's now stuck there and why he's in bed with Emma! However, Emma admits, "Balsom being with me was the only way he could be with you." Rex verifies what Emma's saying then finally confesses, "Morasco…Gigi… I love you."


Once Emma leaves Rex and Gigi alone, Rex says, "All I want is you, Gigi," to which Gigi admits, "It's always been you, Rex, always." After Gigi expresses how long she's waited for Rex to say those words, she takes him in a passionate kiss! Later, while talking about how he tried to get home, Gigi assures Rex that she's there to bring him home. However, Rex replies, "You don't understand. I'm not sure we can get back." As Gigi panics, Rex promises that he'll do whatever it takes to get her back to Shane!


Bo is in the Buchanan ranch living room in 2008 when Asa appears to him. As Bo talks about his drunken ride, and how he set out to prove himself to Asa's memory, Bo admits how it felt to 'be' Asa and chastises him for how he treated those in his life. Although Asa claimed that everything he did was for his boys, Bo says, "Because you make a baby with someone… that doesn't make you a father." Bo admits that although he lost a lot during his time in Texas, he finally found a way to let go, "Of you." After Asa admits that he never wanted to make Bo feel bad about himself, Bo tells Asa that he can rest now knowing that he doesn't need to live up to anyone's standards anymore. After Bo and Asa admit how much they miss each other, Asa confesses, "You and your brother are the best things I ever did." Asa takes a sip of his drink then is gone. Although Bo stares with sadness at the empty chair where Asa once sat, he's comforted to see a glass resting on the end table!


As Marty dreams of seeing John at the end of her bed, she asks, "Are you John McBain?" to which John relies, "You tell me." As John takes a seat on the edge of the bed, Marty begins blaming him for everything that's happened to her and John says, "It figures Todd would tell you something like that." No matter how much John tries to warn Marty that she can't trust Todd, she thinks everything that Todd said was true! As Marty continues to say how John turned Blair and Todd's kids against him, she asks, "Why would you leave me for dead?" But John screams, "Why are you dreaming about a man who supposedly hurt you so bad!" Marty claims to hate John for what he did her then John gets up to leave and says, "You keep telling yourself that."


When John awakes to see Marty at the end of his bed, he says, "Marty?" to which Marty replies, "Is this a bad time?" Although John says, "This is just a dream," Marty looks at Blair and notes that John has moved on with Todd's ex-wife - a woman who hates her - then asks, "Do you miss me at all?" John admits, "More than you know." However, Marty accuses John of sleeping with Blair to get back at Todd then says, "I hope Blair's worth it." Talking about what would have happened hadn't she died, Marty asks, "Would I have been the one?" Though John isn't sure that there is a 'one' for him Marty wonders if Blair fills that void - and admits to being jealous that Blair's lying next to him. Marty and John share a lingering kiss - then John suddenly wakes up!


At the carriage house, Brody rereads Adriana's letter to Gigi then comforts Shane when he wakes up from a bad dream saying, "I dreamed you weren't my dad anymore." Shane explains how he dreamed Brody died in the war then says that if he lost Brody now it would be worse than never having known him at all. Shane brings up how his mom loves Rex then asks, "What if she wants Rex to be my dad?" Although Shane admits that before Brody showed up he wanted Rex to be his dad, Brody promises him that even if his mom ends up with Rex Brody will always be his father. After Shane goes back to bed, Brody picks up Adriana's letter - and the bagged toothbrush containing Rex's DNA!

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