Accusations Erupt

Tuesday, October 10th, 2006

Cris gets a tip about his fight, Evangeline asks Vincent what he's hiding, Rex tells Adriana that he's going to look for Todd's baby and Blair makes a sharp statement to Todd...

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David Fumero

Cris tells Evangeline, Layla and Vincent that he's going to meet one of Abbott's men, who says he has the name of the person who set Cris up. Vincent steps forward, tells Cris he's wasting his time. When Cris refuses to back down, Vincent wants to go with him. Cris refuses, says he'll handle it alone. Shaun reminds Cris that they'll be there for back up. Cris leaves.

Vincent tells Evangeline that he hopes Cris knows what he's doing, says he doesn't want him to end up like John, doesn't want her to suffer like Natalie is. Evangeline questions Vincent about when he saw Natalie. Vincent says he was trying to help Natalie, but assures Layla that he was just looking out for a friend. Layla tells Evangeline about Vincent's relationship with Hugh, and she's stunned by these new revelations but still is leery where Vincent is concerned. Evangeline worries about Cris.

Vincent and Shaun go to the bar. Vincent tells him to find Ted, says that Cris can't find out that Vincent is involved!

Vincent rejoins Layla and Evangeline, says that he sent Shaun to get Cris, asks Vincent if he knows something that she doesn't.

In the alley, Cris meets an old friend from Statesville. He tells Cris the info he has about the Abbott fight is going to cost him. Cris threatens him, and the man tells Cris that they drugged him, that Abbott's trainer was the one who put the stuff on his gloves. Cris knows there was someone else involved, and the man tells him that Ted was in on it. Cris makes the man get his phone out and call Ted for an anonymous meeting!

Ted shows up and Cris comes out of the shadows. He punches Ted as he repeats what he was told, tells Ted if he doesn't start talking he'll be a dead man! Ted tells Cris he wasn't involved. However, Cris puts him in a headlocks, tells him to start talking! When Ted tries to punch Cris, Cris beats him more Ted admits it, says he did it and so did Vincent!

Evangeline shows up, screams for Cris to stop pummeling Ted to the ground!

Adriana and Rex talk about Bo, about John's funeral. Rex tells Adriana that he's taking over one of John's cases, that he's going to look for Todd's baby. He comments that Dorian was at John's funeral with David, and Adriana is shocked that David would go back to Dorian after what she's done. Rex notices that Adriana has a message. When he plays it, it's a hang up. Because of what Dorian did, Adriana gets jittery at every hang-up, every sound. She says she won't be able to move on until Dorian pays. Although Rex isn't a fan of Dorian, he doesn't like seeing Adriana so vengeful, tells her to let it go. For tonight, Adriana agrees to focus on the good things in her life, Rex.

David shows up at Dorian's, tells her he wants her! Dorian says it's out of the question, asks David what he wants from her. He wants to move in, says he needs a place to stay, says Dorian needs a friend. And she agrees. He thanks her, and Dorian replies with a steamy kiss.

Blair tells Todd that she's sick of talking to him about how she feels, that she wants to show him. She takes off her clothes, says she knows Todd wants her. Todd hands Blair her dress, tells her to get the hell out of his house! Blair gets dressed, accuses Todd of trying to humiliate her, says they need to stop hurting each other. Todd reminds Blair that she gave up on him, that she should've believed he was innocent. He tells her it's too late for them. Blair pleads with Todd, tells him she loves him, says that he loves her.

Starr and Langston show up at the party. Britney walks over to them, says it's time to take out the trash! Britney says she meant that she needed to start cleaning up the mess, tries to apologize to Starr for being snotty, says she wants to get to know Starr and Langston. Once they walk away, Britney tells her friends that she hopes Starr and Langston bought her game. The boys circle Starr and Langston, asking what they're into. Starr turns down a beer, and the boys, when they ask her to go upstairs. Starr tells them to back off and a boy, Cole, comes to her rescue. He asks the girls to go outside, so they can get away from the music. Outside, Cole tells the girls he's on the football team. Starr seems attracted to him. Britney comes to Cole's side, interrupting his conversation with Starr, asking Cole to come to the quarry with her. When Cole says he'd rather stay with Starr, Britney spills a drink on her, causing Starr's feisty side to erupt!

Next on One Life to Live: Evangeline sees a different side to Cris, Todd tells Blair he loves her and Cole offers to help Starr

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