Stabbed In Mendorra!

Wednesday, July 30th, 2008

Antonio is in grave danger, Rex can't get through to Gigi, and Todd watches Blair with John...

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In Mendorra, with a knife behind his back, Jonas approaches Antonio's cell and instructs the guards to take Cain and Tina to the wedding. Once alone, although Antonio says it'll be a cold day in hell before Jonas marries Talia, Jonas pulls out a knife and says there's nothing Antonio can do to stop him! To shut Antonio up, Jonas calls the guards to hold him back - as he places the knife to Antonio's chest with a warning! When Jonas finishes his threats and turns to walk away, Antonio attacks him - and is stabbed in the process! With one hand on the knife in his stomach, and one clenched in Jonas's shirt, Antonio whispers, "Tell her that I love her." Alone, unconscious, and bleeding on the floor, someone in a hooded cloak appears, pulls the knife from Antonio's stomach and holds him close.


Upstairs in the castle, Cain and Tina are brought to Carlo, to which Tina asks, "Why'd you have to kill Sarah?" Just as Carlo replies, "An eye for an eye," Talia shows up, sees that Antonio isn't there then warns she will not marry Jonas until she knows that Antonio is all right! When Jonas appears, Carlo promises that Talia will see Antonio once she marries Jonas - and if she doesn't, Carlo will not take responsibility for what happens to Antonio! With the ceremony beginning, Talia warns Carlo, "If anything happens to Antonio, I'll kill you myself!"


Still at the diner, Gigi answers her cell and tells Rex that she was just thinking about him. Rex says, "Gigi, just answer me one thing, is it 2008 where you are?" Laughing, Gigi replies, "Yes." Although Rex explains being in 1968 and getting ready to be shipped to Vietnam, Gigi thinks he's stuck on Route 68 - or in Vietnam - then the call goes from full-of-static to lost… Gigi tries to call Rex back, can't get through but prays that she'll hear from him again soon.


Back in Texas, when Rex's call to Gigi gets cut off, he tries to get a signal to call her back but Bo reminds him that there's no signal in 1968 - and that he doesn't know how he got one in the first place - but promises he's trying to figure out a way to get back to 2008! Over talk of Bo's time in Vietnam, Rex worries he won't be as strong as Bo was and fears that if he screws up, none of what Bo knows in the present - or in the past - will exist! Bo starts talking about how 'Emma' (Gigi) showed up with 'Spencer' (Shane), and how Madame Delphina told Rex to follow the pie, then insists that they go to the Bon Jour Café to find out what the connection is between 1968 and 2008!


When Rex and Bo arrive at the Bon Jour Café, Rex is happy to see Moe but gets a reminder that they are in 1968 when the cook says his name is Jeremiah! Describing Gigi's hot looks, Rex wonders if the man knows a woman who's staying in the motel across the street, Emma Bradley, to which Jeremiah replies that her and her son were there last night! Rex and Bo decide to hang around and wait. While they're doing so, a woman enters the café and smacks Bo upside the head!


In Angel's Square, after Charlie introduces himself to Brody, as a friend of Gigi's, Brody thinks back to the AA meeting - and how he spilled his guts about not being 'his girl's' boy's daddy! However, Charlie reminds Brody, "What you hear in a meeting stays in the meeting," but can't help but ask, "Do you think you're doing Rex and Shane a favor by lying to them." Over talk of Brody, Gigi and Shane's circumstances, Brody admits that Gigi isn't all that into him, but warns Charlie that he's 'working on it' and says, "Keep your lips zipped!"


Suddenly, Gigi appears from the diner and screams that she just heard from Rex - and that he said something about Route 68 and Vietnam! After Charlie and Gigi ignore Brody to figure out what's going on with Rex, Charlie heads out for more answers - but not before Brody reminds them of their deal! Gigi and Brody briefly talk about a job interview he has then Gigi calls Rex's cell phone and talks to Chuck - who claims that Rex couldn't have called Gigi with his cell phone because Chuck has had it and hasn't seen Rex since yesterday. "I don't know where he and Bo disappeared to."


Charlie stops inside the diner to check in with Carlotta and finds her upset about not being able to find the first dollar her and her husband made. Later, Charlie manages to find the memento for Carlotta.


Outside the diner, after Todd overhears Blair make a reference to John about the night they spent together, he asks if they're sleeping together! When Blair tries to walk away from Todd, Todd stops her by saying that he slept with someone else last night too! As Todd and Blair continue to throw barbs about John and the new woman in Todd's life, Blair asks, "Does she know you're a convicted rapist?" to which Todd replies with a question to John, "Does Blair know she's only a stand-in for Marty Saybrooke?" After Todd makes a comment about Marty being the woman who John let die, John hauls off and punches Todd in the face! Once Todd takes off, Blair says to John, "Last night was wonderful, but maybe we should just forget that it ever happened." As John tells Blair not to be a stranger, Todd peers at them from behind the Angel's Square statue!


In the kitchen at Llanfair, when Natalie asks Jessica if she's heard from their mother, Tess thinks back to cutting Natalie's brakes and smirks - until Viki appears and tells the girls the story of the accident! After Viki informs Natalie that her brakes failed, but that the car is in the shop for further inspection, Tess becomes nervous! While Viki talks about dying, and comments that it wasn't painful but rather pleasant, Tess mumbles, "Hopefully Nash had a pleasant death." Viki apologizes then talks about an offer to go on a tour to Africa to promote organ donation but doesn't feel comfortable leaving Jessica when she needs her the most. However, Tess blurts out, "You have to go!" Tess then brings up Charlie and suggests that Viki needs space from him, leaving Viki thinking she may be right!

Later, when Viki heads to the diner to see Carlotta, she runs into Charlie who comments, "One day you have something then it's gone just like that." Viki then says, "I have to say goodbye."

Still at Llanfair, though Tess calls out to Nash, he doesn't appear. Talking to her unborn baby, Tess relishes in all the revenge she plans to extract on Jared and Natalie - without Viki around to interfere!

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