A Message From The Grave?

Friday, July 11th, 2008

Tess gets a visit from Nash, Cris and Antonio finally lay eyes on Sarah and Talia, Lindsay heads to court, and Clint tries to use David's marriage against him...

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Waking up in bed, Natalie and Jared savor the moment in each other’s arms – until Tess appears with a gun and says, “Say goodbye, Natalie!” As Natalie screams, “Tess, no!” Tess wakes up from her dream, smiles and says, “Today’s the day!” When Tess gets out of bed, she’s shocked to see Nash appear, who asks, “Miss me yet?” Tess runs into Nash’s arms and replies, “So much…” Although Tess tells Nash she can’t do this without him, Nash assures her that she will. “I’ll make Natalie and Jared pay,” Tess says. “I promise you that.”


Downstairs, when Viki and Clint find Natalie and Jared bringing their belongings into the mansion, Natalie explains that Jessica asked them to move in. After Clint rants and raves about Jared’s deception and Natalie’s blackmail, Viki leaves to go talk to Jessica – and Clint tells Natalie that he can’t forgive her so fast, like Jessica has done! Clint admits to loving Natalie, but warns it’ll take a lot to give forgiveness – especially to Jared!


As Tess looks into Nash’s smiling face, promising to make those who wronged him pay, Viki shows up and asks, “Jessie, who were you talking to?” After Tess says, “Nash,” she claims how she often talks to him still, verifies that she asked Natalie and Jared to stay then says, “Because life’s too short and the four of us need to work through things.” As Viki hugs her close, Tess smiles over her shoulder at Nash, who’s now lying on her bed.


After Viki leaves, Nash warns Tess that she’ll need to watch out for Viki, because she’s smart, then reminds her that vengeance won’t bring him back. Tess cries and says that without him, she has nothing and she won’t stop till she makes those who took him from her pay!


Back downstairs, Viki rejoins Clint, Natalie and Jared, and hears Clint comparing Jared to David. After Viki informs them all of David’s marriage to Addie, Clint heads out, remembering Lindsay’s court appearance, leaving Viki to suggest to Natalie and Jared that, “It’s time to pick out rooms.” Though Jared offers to leave, Viki reminds them of Jessica’s wishes then asks that they all be civil. Just then, Tess appears and is overly happy to have ‘Jared and Natty’ to lean on now! While Viki, Jared and Natalie make the final sleeping arrangements, Tess waves to Nash as he smiles at her from the couch!


In court, Rex questions Nora, asking if she thinks Lindsay will get off, to which Nora says it’s not an option! Though Rex tells Nora how hurt Bo is, Nora asks, “You think I did the wrong thing too, don’t you.” Suddenly, David, Addie and David Vickers show up in ‘Save Lindsay’ t-shirts! When Lindsay is brought in, David briefly reminds Addie that Spencer was his brother, remembers what a jerk he was, then says, “Go get em’ Lindsay!” When court is called to order, the judge is confused as to why Lindsay is being tried again. After Nora assures her that it’s not a case of double jeopardy, the judge wants to proceed and asks, “How do you plead, Ms. Rappaport?” to which Lindsay replies, “Guilty.” Addie briefly asks Lindsay to tell the truth or she’ll be sent back to St. Ann’s, to which David snaps at Addie, “Sit down or you’ll be put back in the cracker box!” With court back in order, Lindsay makes her full confession – and the judge orders her held without bail until sentencing! On her way out, Lindsay says to Nora, “Are you happy? My only question now is, what are going to do without me?” When Lindsay is dragged away, Rex tries to tell Nora that Lindsay has change – and Nora appears to almost believe it herself!


Outside the courtroom, Clint runs into Addie, David and David Vickers and listens as the couple laughs about how their marriage is driving Dorian insane! When David and Addie run off laughing, Clint runs into Nora and expresses how worried he is about Bo.


Rex stops by Bo’s loft to find Bo gone – and movers packing up his belongings! “Where’s Bo,” Rex asks, and the movers reply, “He’s gone.”


Still in the dungeon in Mendorra, Talia uses some wire from her bra and tries to pick the cell lock. Though Talia manages to pick the lock, they are stopped by Carlo – who informs them that Sarah is taking a little trip! As Sarah fights against leaving, Carlo asks, “Is that any way to act to the man who’s going to reunite you with your beloved Cristian?” Though Carlo asks his goons to take Sarah to see her lover, he reminds her not to talk about his presence – or her family will die!


In the castle, Cris fakes a choking spell and manages to knock out a guard after Antonio calls for help! However, just as they are about to leave the room, more guards appear, followed by Tina, who demands they leave her guests alone. Suddenly her Prince appears to override everyone’s demands, causing Antonio to ask, “Cain Rogan?” As Cris and Antonio laugh about all of Cain’s past disguises, one of the guards becomes curious and asks the Prince, “What’s the meaning of all this?” After the Prince claims that Antonio is ‘sick’ they leave Cris, Antonio, Tina and Cain alone, to which Antonio talks about their old prison days in Statesville then demands to know what Cain’s up to now! Over talk of Sarah and Talia’s kidnapping, Antonio urges Cain to work with him to find Jonas, Sarah and Talia – or he’ll expose him and Tina as scam artists! Just as Cain promises to find Jonas, Jonas appears – with Sarah in tow! After Tina and Cris hug Sarah, Antonio asks, “Where’s Talia?” However, Jonas reminds Sarah to ‘think before she speaks’ then tells a furious Antonio, “Talia’s not mine to give.” However, Jonas offers to arrange a visit then leaves the room with Antonio. After Sarah asks for a minute alone with Cris, she tells him that Carlo Hesser is calling the shots!


Alone in the cell, Carlo tells Talia that she has terrible taste in men then says, “But that’s about to change.” As Carlo talks about having kept tabs on Talia all these years, he’s surprised to hear that she’s done the same with him! Just as Talia accuses Carlo of wanting something from her, Antonio appears outside the cell – and is shocked to see Carlo! “What the hell is going on here?” Antonio asks then takes Talia in his arms. As Talia says, “There’s something I have to tell you,” Antonio grabs Carlo and puts the sword from his room to Carlo’s neck! “Give me a reason why I shouldn’t kill you,” Antonio asks, to which Talia cries, “Because he’s my father!”

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