Nora Strikes Again!

Monday, July 7th, 2008

Lindsay makes a confession to Bo, Cole becomes desperate, and Tina and Cain reveal their plan to take over Mendorra...

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When Nora interrupts the minister and asks Bo to look at the folded note, he warns her to stay quiet and asks the minister to continue the service. However, Nora doesn’t stop, and continues to push Bo – even though Bo says he doesn’t want to know what’s in the letter! After Marcie and Rex step up in Bo’s defense, Nora opens the letter and explains that it’s from RJ to Lindsay, which causes Lindsay to say, “Give it to me! You’re not going to read it for anyone… I am.” Nora hands the letter to Lindsay, and Lindsay reads it out loud – including her admission of faking her nervous breakdown to avoid jail time! Nora interjects, “I’m so sorry,” as Lindsay admits to Bo that she knew exactly what she was doing when she murdered Spencer!


After Bo orders everyone out of the room, Lindsay begs for Bo’s forgiveness and claims she wanted to tell him the truth, but Bo asks, “Can you live with what you did?” After Lindsay says, “Yes,” she asks, “Can you find it in your heart to stay with me now?” However, Bo says, “How are we supposed to work our way through this,” then leaves.


Out in the foyer, although Nora says she didn’t want to have to do ‘that’, Matthew snaps at his mother and says that she never wanted anything happy for his dad and Lindsay! After Matthew stomps off, Nora continues to defend her actions to Clint, who asks, “Why’d you do it this way? Did you do it for Bo – or for you?” Though Nora reminds Clint that Lindsay ‘did this’,” Clint talks of Bo’s happiness and suggests that Nora should have stayed quiet! Once Clint storms off, Nora tells a passing Bo, “I’m sorry,” then finds Lindsay crying on the floor in the living room, who asks, “Are you happy now?”


Todd opens his door to find Cole standing outside and says, “You have some kind of death wish,” to which Cole replies, “I’m not going anywhere. You need to know what’s going on with Starr.” Although Todd tries to throw Cole out, Cole says, “Starr’s in trouble and you’re the only one who can help her.” Still insistent on pushing Cole out the door, Cole has no choice and blurts out, “Starr’s pregnant! She’s having my baby!” With Todd in denial, Cole braves forward – until Todd grabs him around the neck! Miraculously, Cole talks Todd off of him then breaks the news that Blair has known about the pregnancy since they found them in Virginia – and that Starr wants to give the baby to Marcie and Michael McBain! Cole plays on Todd’s hatred for the McBain’s and asks him to go to Starr with support – so she doesn’t feel she has to give the baby away!


Starr goes to see Marcie, but finds Michael alone. When she tries to leave, Michael suggests they talk about the baby! After Michael claims that Starr only wants them to adopt her baby as a way to get back at Todd, Starr assures Michael that she only wants the best for her baby – and for Marcie and Michael – then begs him to adopt her child! When Michael brings up Todd, Starr promises that she plans to make sure he never knows about her baby. “Who would be suicidal enough to give my dad that news?” Starr asks.


As Starr is leaving, she runs into Marcie in the hallway and remembers seeing her at the diner with her lawyer. When Starr asks Marcie if she’s thinking about adopting her baby, Marcie admits she is and asks Starr to give her some time to convince Michael!


In Mendorra, in the arms of her Prince, Tina rambles about how her daughter and David Vickers are missing, but Cain appears to be more concerned about the crowned jewels! Though Tina suggests they ‘hang up their crowns’, Cain assures her that they have a whole country at their disposal. “I should’ve gone back to Cord,” Tina says. “But no, I had to go with you, Cain Rogan, master of disguise.” Just as Tina warns Cain that soon someone will find out who they really are, her servant appears and says, “You’re not who you say you are.” Laughing, their servant claims his Price is not in his usual spirits then runs off to draw Tina a bath, leaving Cain and Tina in relief. Though Cain suggests holding on to the jewels, Tina takes them with her and says they will stay with her, “Until I get my kid back!”


Up in their bedroom in the castle, Cris removes a sword from the wall and tells Antonio he doesn’t plan to wait for Jonas’ instruction. “I’m going to find Sarah!” Calming Cris, Antonio tries to figure out why they’ve been brought there – and why Talia is involved as well! Suddenly, a few guards appear at their door and order Cris and Antonio to stay in their room! Finding themselves now locked in, Antonio and Cris are further confused about who is giving all of these orders!


Still in the dungeon, after Carlo introduces himself to Sarah, Talia admits that he’s her father! After Carlo compares Talia to her sister Charlotte, Talia recalls how her siblings used to terrorize her then says she’s so proud to be a Sahid now. Though Talia thinks her mother saved her from Carlo, he thinks differently then sets his sights on Sarah and admits he had her brought there due to her mother! In anger, Carlo talks about how Tina broke his son Johnny’s heart – and how Tina and Viki murdered him! Talia steps up to clarify that Viki only killed Johnny in self-defense to save Tina. In tears, Talia disowns Carlo as her father and claims she became a cop for the sole purpose of putting him away! Talia then does the unthinkable and offers Carlo a deal: Let Sarah, Cris and Antonio go in exchange for her loyalty. However, Carlo confesses, “Sorry to tell you this, Talia, my sweet, not everything is about you!” With talk of his revenge, Carlo warns Talia that he’s saving the last for her, “My loving daughter… Welcome to Mendorra!”

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