A Word Of Warning

Thursday, October 5th, 2006

Cris confronts Vincent, Blair proposes to Todd, Bo and Evangeline find a picture of John and Michael, Marcie, Eve and Natalie plan John's funeral...

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Tobias Truvillion

Vincent goes to Cris's apartment to warn him that he needs to let this go. Cris knows it was one of Abbott's people who set him up. Vincent says it'll do nobody any good to keep this match high profile. Vincent tells him to move on, to get a new life. However, Cris isn't buying it, wants to know why Vincent is trying to stop him from getting to the truth. Vincent says that he'll get bad PR if Cris pursues this, that he needs to do what's best for everyone concerned. Cris walks out, leaves an angry Vincent at his apartment.

Todd and Evangeline are at the diner. Evangeline is touched by the editorial that Todd wrote to John McBain, but she wants to know why he did it, says it wasn't like Todd to do something so nice. Todd said that John saved his life twice, that he owed him.

Evangeline takes Todd's hand as Blair approaches their table. Blair asks Evangeline to leave, says she needs to talk to Todd. Evangeline heads to the station.

Blair and Todd talk about Jack and Starr, where they're going to live. Todd tells her that he wants joint custody, but Blair says that's not going to happen. Blair announces that they will not be raising their kids in separate homes, that she wants to move back into the penthouse with him and the kids. Blair asks Todd to marry her! Todd blows Blair off and she leaves him at the diner.

Kelly goes to see Hugh. Paige comes in, and they comfort each other with stories of Hugh.

Bo and Antonio receive tons of flowers at the station in honor of John. They both get emotional, are very saddened by John's death, and Bo worries that Spencer will get away with murder. Evangeline shows up, and Antonio leaves her with Bo.

Evangeline tells Bo she needs to talk to him about John's office, about what they might find in it. She says that Michael retained her as the family attorney, that she needs to look in John's office for a will. Bo offers to help. They enter John's office, tears and grief upon them. They look back on their past with John. They find a picture of John, look down at it in sorrow.

Eve, Michael and Marcie discuss the funeral arrangements with the director. They tell him they want the service to be simple, that John wouldn't want it any other way. When asked if John had children, Michael says, no, says that he didn't have a family of his own yet. Just then, Natalie walks in, asks if she counts as family. Michael says of course she does, that they didn't contact her to come because it would be too hard on her. Eve asks her to stay, says they could use her help. Michael fills Natalie in, tells her their plans for John's funeral, asks if she'll pick out the casket. After she does, Natalie abruptly leaves. Michael finally picks out a picture of John for the funeral.

Back at Cris's, Evangeline runs crying into his arms.

Natalie wanders around Angel's Square in devastation, finally sits on a bench and stares off in the distance as Vincent watches from afar

A song plays in the background... "Every tear that falls, Remember meI can't let you go... No... Like your love for me, said it'll never die."

The song is titled "Ghost Lyrics" by EASTMOUNTAINSOUTH.

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