Many Lives Are About To Change...

Wednesday, August 9th, 2006

Marcie is determined to keep Tommy safe, Antonio becomes insecure, Adriana is more confused than ever.

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Nash goes to see Jessica and Antonio, but Antonio tells him to leave, to stop harassing Jessica. Jessica, on the other hand, wants to hear what Nash has to say. Nash apologizes for taking Jessica and the baby to New York.

Rex is in his car, looking for Adriana, as he calls Bo for help. Adriana hides from Rex's car.

Marcie watches as Tommy's foster parents are drinking in Rodi's with the baby.

Bo tries to calm Rex down as he explains to Bo what's going on. Rex says the man on the beach was homeless, but suddenly realizes he could be the stalker. Adriana feels someone watching her, but again, ducks out of sight as Rex drives past. The stalker jumps out and grabs her.

Nash turns down Bruce's offer to help kidnap Jessica again. Jessica starts to remember Tess's memories.

Vicki and Clint go to the hospital to see Starr. Clint tries selling Vicki on Dorian's new outlook on the Buchanan's. Vicki is sickened that Clint slept with Dorian.

The stalker tightens his hold on Adriana, pulling her out of sight.

Lindsey pulls Marcie out of Rodi's, telling her that Tommy's foster parents aren't doing anything illegal. Marcie has a plan...

Jessica admits to Nash that she's remembering Tess's memories. They argue about Nash's involvement with Bruce because of what he did to Tess. Nash promises to keep Jessica and the baby safe, always.

Adriana fights to break free of the stalker's hold. The man says he's homeless, not a stalker. Adriana calms down, realizes Rex isn't out to hurt her, but it doesn't explain the emails on his computer.

When Nash leaves, Antonio tells Jessica that he has a problem with the baby's name, Brennan, Nash's last name.

Marcie gets Lindsey to help her get evidence that the foster parent's aren't taking proper care of Tommy.

Adriana is a mess for not trusting Rex but still hides from his passing car. The homeless man offers Adriana a way off the island and she follows.

Marcie gets the proof she needs when the foster parents leave the crying baby on the bar to go dance.

Vicki apologizes to Clint for butting into his business.

While Jessica understands Tess's choice of name, she agrees to come up with a nickname for the baby to make Antonio feel better. They decide on Bree (FYI: Bree Williamson is the actor who plays Jessica!).

Marcie has a confrontation with the foster parents. Lindsey stands by her side. Nash steps in to pull the foster father off of Marcie. Marcie calls child services as Nash keeps an eye on the foster parents.

Bo tells Rex to find Adriana, not to call Dorian. A car pulls alongside Adriana as she walks down the highway. The man seems to know her situation with Rex. He claims he lives next to the cottage that she and Rex were staying in. Adriana accepts his offer of a ride. What Adriana doesn't see is the black hooded sweatshirt in the backseat of his jeep as they drive away... You'll never believe who the stalker really is!

Next on One Life to Live: Dorian fears for Adriana's safety, Claudia tells Antonio that maybe the Tess part of Jessica is in love with Nash, Evangeline asks Todd if he's starting to have feelings for her.

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