A Shoulder To Cry On

Tuesday, October 3rd, 2006

Roxy helps Natalie cope, Cris gets bad news, Kevin goes to Kelly and Spencer is released...

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Ilene Kristen

Natalie wakes up in John's bed, sees the engagement ring. She puts it on her finger and says she'll be John's forever. Roxy comes through the door with beer, saying she won in Atlantic City. She sees Natalie's ring, doesn't know that John is dead, acts all excited that Natalie and John are getting married. Natalie tells Roxy that John was killed. When Roxy hugs Natalie, Natalie pulls away and goes to the window. Rex is there now, goes to Natalie, says he knows what she's going through. Natalie says although she didn't want to see anybody, she's glad that they're there. Natalie tells them about the ring, about how John finally was ready to settle down. Roxy announces that John would not want sadness, that he'd want them to have a party. Natalie asks for a beer. Roxy, Rex and Natalie sit in bed, eating snacks and drinking beer, talking about John. They make a toast to John and the wind blows the curtains Natalie smiles, says that John is there with them. Abruptly, Natalie breaks down. She decides that she needs to go through John's things Rex leaves Natalie and Roxy to pack up John's things. Once Natalie is done, she takes one last look at John's room, looks to her rings and says she has everything she'll ever need.

At the gym, Cris and Evangeline talk about Natalie. Evangeline says that she'll need everyone to help her through this. Vincent comes in, tells Cris that the boxing commission will have their decision for them today. Evangeline asks what'll happen if the boxing commission rules against Cris, and Vincent says he'll never be able to box again. Cris and Evangeline leave

Vincent's bodyguard questions Ted, asks if he saw anything at the fight. He notices a new expensive watch that Ted's wearing Ted claims a rich relative died and left him some money.

Vincent's bodyguard tells Vincent about the money Ted had suddenly come into, says he started spending money right after Cris lost the fight. Vincent says he'll handle it.

Blair is with Kelly at the hospital as Kelly gets examined. Kelly asks Blair if she'll go to childbirth classes with her. The doctor comes in and gets Kelly ready for an ultrasound.

Out in the hall, Blair sits with Jack. Jack wants to leave so they can work on a school project, and Blair makes a call to someone who can come be with Kelly.

Todd shows up at the police station and Spencer tells him he's being released. Antonio clarifies that Spencer is not being released, that he's only allowed to go see Hugh for a short time.

Kevin comes in, and Antonio tells him that Spencer is Hugh's father. Kevin is there to make a contribution in John's name. They talk about Jessica. Kevin asks how Antonio looks at Bree without seeing her real father. Antonio says he loves Jessica, that he couldn't imagine not loving her child. Blair calls, asks Kevin for a favor.

When Kelly goes to get Blair, she sees Kevin in the hallway. The doctor gives them a minute. Kevin offers, when the time comes, to coach Kelly through the labor. Kevin stays and holds Kelly's hand through the ultrasound.

Nora goes to see Hugh, tells Paige that she told Spencer about Hugh. Nora says that Spencer actually reacted like a father. Suddenly, Spencer shows up at Hugh's door, demanding to see him. Paige tries to hold him out, tells him to go to hell and stay away from her son. However, they have to let Spencer in.

Spencer goes to Hugh's bedside, tells him that he needs Hugh to live, that he wants Hugh to know the reasons he's done the things he's done. Suddenly all the machines go off! Once they get him stabilized, Paige blames Spencer for upsetting Hugh. Spencer is cuffed and forced to go back to jail.

Blair brings Jack to the police station, so Jack can interview a cop for his school project. After Jack is done interviewing Antonio, they run into Spencer while leaving the station.

Hugh's adoptive parents show up, and Paige takes them to his bedside.

Back at the diner, Vincent tells Cris and Evangeline that the boxing commission ruled against him. Evangeline vows to make whoever did this to Cris pay.

Next on One Life to Live: Natalie tells Vicki and Jessica something about John's death, Evangeline talks to Todd about Cris's boxing match and Adriana and Rex disagree about her living arrangements

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