Sadness Fills The Air

Monday, October 2nd, 2006

Michael and Marcie have upsetting news for Eve, Adriana warns Clint about Dorian, Cris comforts Natalie and Nash pays Antonio a visit

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Nathaniel Marston and Kathy Brier

Natalie tries walking away from Cris, but he stops her, holds her close. Natalie tells Cris that John was going to propose to her, that now she doesn't know how to feel. Cris tries comforting Natalie, offers to take her to Vicki's. However, Natalie wants to go to John's room.

Michael and Marcie tell Eve that Natalie was very upset after hearing that John planned to propose to her.

When Cris brings Natalie to John's, they run into Eve. Cris leaves Natalie with John's mom. Eve tells Natalie that she talked to John the day he died, that John had told her they were soul mates, that Natalie stuck by his side no matter what. Eve puts the engagement ring in Natalie's hand, says that Natalie needs to grant John's last wish by taking the ring. Natalie takes it.

Nash walks in as Jessica punches Claudia in the face. Nash asks Jessica why she hit Claudia, but Jessica refuses to tell Nash. Claudia says Jessica's jealous that she and Nash slept together. Jessica denies it, leaves Nash's room.

Nash asks Claudia what she said to Jessica. Claudia threatens to call the cops, but Nash says he'll never speak to her if she does. He tells Claudia to show herself out, then leaves.

Clint tells Carlotta about John's death, takes her in his arms as Dorian walks in, sees the two of them. Dorian accuses Clint of moving on with Carlotta. Clint is furious, tells Dorian that he needs to find Natalie, that John was killed in a car accident. Dorian offers her help, but Clint doesn't want it. Suddenly Adriana appears behind Dorian, tells Clint not to fall for Dorian's pleas. Dorian calls Adriana rude, but it doesn't stop Adriana from further warning Clint about Dorian, tells him that she was almost raped and killed because of what Dorian did. Clint tells Adriana not to worry, that he has no plans of getting back with Dorian. Clint leaves.

Clint finds Jessica, and Jessica tells him about what happened with Nash and Claudia. Clint questions if what she did was out of jealousy?

Dorian begs of Adriana's forgiveness, says that what happened to her wasn't her fault.

Evangeline sees Antonio. They reminisce about the good times with John.

Nash shows up at the police station to talk to Antonio. After Evangeline leaves, Nash tells Antonio that Jessica hit Claudia, that he slept with Claudia. Antonio can't believe that Nash took advantage of Claudia, but Nash says that he should be worrying about Jessica's bizarre behavior.

In Nash's room, Claudia looks at a picture of Nash and Tess. She pours herself a shot and drinks it!

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