Brody Is Very Much Alive!

Tuesday, April 22nd, 2008

One of Gigi's lies is discovered by Dorian and Layla, Cristian goes ballistic on John and Adriana is furious when Rex rushes to help Gigi...

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Still on the plane, Dorian instructs Layla that they’ll be heading to the Lovett house tonight. Later, outside the house in Michigan, Dorian reminds Layla that they need to appear as good friends of Gigi’s. When a woman answers, one who is very annoyed at having been bothered, Dorian informs her, Brody’s sister, that they are friends of Gigi and are there to talk about Brody. After the woman expresses how much her mother didn’t like Gigi, but how Brody had a thing with her before he left with ‘The Seals’, she invites Dorian and Layla in. When Dorian brings up Shane, Brody’s sister claims she had no idea Gigi and Brody had a child then says, “Neither did my mother – or she would’ve never done what she did.” After Dorian pulls out some money for the information, Brody’s sister admits that her mother hated Gigi so much that she had told her that Brody died while overseas. “But he’s no deader than you or me,” she goes on to admit. “When he came home, we told him that Gigi ran off with another man.” Hearing Brody is still in the service, in fact in Norfolk, Virginia, Dorian thanks Brody’s sister then grabs Layla to make their getaway!


After Cris punches John in the face, John and Cris start really throwing down – as everyone watches on. Eddie calls Lee with the news and Lee instructs Eddie to bring Cris in. As Eddie tries pulling the guys apart, Cris punches Eddie to the ground then is put under arrest for hitting a cop – accident or not! When Gigi ends up knocked down in the scuffle, Rex jumps to her aid and asks, “Gigi, hunny, are you all right?” While Adriana is furious with Rex, Jared makes some snide remarks to Natalie about John then fills Jessica in on what she missed! Back at Lee’s penthouse, after his housekeeper assures him ‘everything’ is fine, Lee heads to the station.


With things calmed down, Jess heads to the station to help Cris, Blair tries to clean up John’s cuts and Rex continues to defend Gigi to Adriana – and Jared, who is trying to act like her dutiful date! Over at Natalie and Miles’ table, Natalie shares her suspicions about John and Talia and wonders what they are up to. Later, Miles informs Natalie that he’ll be moving out of the carriage house soon, to which Natalie says, “Miles, I don’t want to lose you.” However, Miles needs to get his own life and stop depending on other people. As Miles takes her hand, Jared glares with jealousy. Standing with Gigi, talk turns to Rex and Adriana, to which Jared informs Gigi that for a guy who’s about to get married, Rex appears a bit too interested in her! Across the room, Rex shushes Adriana’s wedding talk and says, “You’re a little wound up.” Although agreeing to concentrate on each other for the rest of the night, hearing Jared and Gigi giggle causes Rex to become distracted – and in turn Adriana blows up about his involvement in Gigi’s life!


In Blair’s office, while she’s cleaning John’s cuts up, Blair asks why he’s been in so many brawls lately, reminds him how Cole looks up to him then says, “No wonder he’s been acting the way he has lately… Stop acting like a jerk.” After John says he’d do anything to protect Cole, Blair smiles and replies, “I can’t quite figure you out, John McBain.”


At the station, when Eddie brings Cris to Lee, Antonio, Talia and Jessica stand back giving their side to what they saw. While Lee summonses Talia and Antonio into his office, Jess stays by Cris’ side to help any way she can. Though Cris doesn’t want Jess to call Sarah – or to have Jess bother herself with his troubles – she refuses to leave and Cris finally says, “Thanks.” Inside Lee’s office, Lee rants that although he was lax with the fraternization policy, he didn’t expect Talia to go through the whole department! Talia snaps, “My personal life is not your concern. How dare you! I don’t have to put up with this from you.” However, Lee only calls it how he sees it. Although Talia asks Antonio if he’s just going to let Lee talk to her like that, Antonio just stands back as Lee continues to drill Talia – until she’s finally dismissed!


Once alone, Antonio pleads Cris’ case to Lee, even though Lee reminds him that Cris assaulted two officers. Lee knows Cris was provoked and agrees to keep him overnight – but then to release him in the morning. “Let’s keep this between us,” Lee tells Antonio. “I’m on your side.” Lee heads out into the patrol room, instructs Cris to be taken to his cell, leaving Jess to tell Antonio, “If Bo were still here, he would’ve let Cris go. Any decent person would have!” Antonio agrees then looks at the new commissioner’s name on the office door and says, “Any decent person would have.”


Later, when John returns to Capricorn, Natalie goes to him and says, “I hope the real you returns soon.” After Miles and Natalie head out, Jared and Gigi talk about Shane, to which Jared says, “If Shane’s dad were here, he’d be proud of him.” Gigi looks at Rex and replies, “I’m sure he would be.” Suddenly, across the room, Adriana gets a call from Dorian with news, “Brody Lovett is very much alive!” Adriana gasps as she stares at Gigi!


Lee arrives back to the penthouse and is glad to hear from his housekeeper that ‘everything’ is all set. After she leaves, Lee goes upstairs and talks to someone – someone who is in a bed, someone who is very familiar with Llanview, then says, “Must feel good to be home…”


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