Emotions Are At A High

Friday, September 29th, 2006

Evangeline finds out about John, Natalie lashes out at Spencer, Jessica questions Nash and Michael, Marcie and Eve make a decision...

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Renee Goldsberry

Layla goes to Evangeline, tells her that John died in an accident. Evangeline doesn't believe her sister. Layla tells her to go to Bo, explains what happened during the accident, that John's car was hit head on. Evangeline is devastated. Cristian tries comforting Evangeline with words, says that John was a good man. Evangeline worries about Natalie, Michael and John's mom. Layla and Cris tell Evangeline that she needs to grieve for John, that she loved him, too. Evangeline wants to leave, but Cris makes her stay with Layla, tells her that he'll make sure Michael and Natalie know she's thinking of them. Evangeline talks to Layla about John, says that he was one of the bravest men she's ever known. Evangeline tells Layla that she needs to be alone. When Layla leaves, Evangeline goes through a box of John's things, sobs with grief.

In Angel's Square, Cristian runs into Vincent, tells him that John's dead. Vincent comments that Natalie is really going to need someone to see her through this. Cris warns him to stay away from Natalie. Vincent has a sick sense of humor regarding John's death and the people who are left behind. Cris expresses his thanks for all John did for him. Vincent shakes his hand, says he's sorry for his loss.

Jessica overhears Nash and Claudia talking about their night together, and questions them about it. Before Nash can explain, Jessica goes off! They all go into Nash's room where Claudia tells Jessica that what her and Nash do is none of her business. Jessica accuses Claudia of taking advantage of Nash when he was drunk. Nash tells Jessica that he slept with Claudia because he needed to feel close to someoneeven if that someone means nothing to him. Jessica apologizes, then starts to leave, but Claudia asks to talk to her. Nash leaves them alone, goes to get dressed.

Claudia questions Jessica's interest in Nash. Jessica says she never wants Claudia near her daughter, that she using Nash's loss of Tess to get back into his life. Claudia taunts Jessica about Tess. Claudia pushes Jessica's buttons, asks what Natalie was doing in a hotel room with balloons, asks if that was something Tess taught her. Jessica punches Claudia in the face!

Paige makes Hugh aware that she's there with him, tells him to try to relax. The man tries moving, but can't talk, and Paige thinks the pain medications aren't working. Just as she plans to administer more meds, a nurse comes in to stop her. Nora comforts Paige, but says that Spencer has a right to know what happened to Hugh. Paige decides she wants to call Hugh's adoptive parents.

After Paige leaves to make the call, the doctor comes out. Nora asks her about the night that Thomas McBain died on the operating table, the same night Paige found herself in the middle of it all. The doctor says that Paige was an excellent resident, that she could have performed that surgery drunk or otherwise. Nora gets the idea that Spencer is still holding back details about that night, that maybe Paige wasn't to blame for Thomas McBain's death.

Paige comes back, says that Hugh's parents are on their way, that Nora should go home and be with Mathew.

Michael and Marcie talk to Eve about John's last days. Michael says he was peaceful, that he blew him away when John told him he was going to ask Natalie to marry him. Michael tells his mother she was right, that they need to tell Natalie that John was going to propose.

Natalie lunges after Spencer, blames him for John's death, but Antonio holds her back. When Spencer analyzes Natalie, she snaps and tries going after him again. She tells Antonio that Spencer was responsible, that she wishes that John had shot him dead when he had the chance.

Michael and Marcie show up at the station, take Natalie into Bo's office. Michael tells her that John loved her, that there's something she needs to know. Michael tells Natalie that John asked his mom to come here, that she was bringing John her engagement ring. Michael says John told him that he was going to propose to Natalie. Michael holds the ring out to Natalie. Natalie is in denial, runs hysterically out of the Bo's office.

Nora comes back to the station, tells Spencer about Hugh's condition.

Paige talks to Hugh, tells him she loves him, begs for him to live.

Just as Cristian leaves a message for Natalie, he runs into her at Angel's Square.

Next on One Life to Live: Adriana has a plan, Nash tells Antonio about Claudia, Clint has a theory and Natalie asks Cris for help.

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