A Feeling Of Emptiness

Thursday, September 28th, 2006

Jessica comforts Natalie, Michael tells his mother about John, Nash finds himself in bed with Claudia and a man has been found from the wreckage...

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Bree Williamson

Natalie wakes up still wearing John's coat, looks around at the empty room. There's a knock at the door, and Natalie runs calling John's name. It's Jessica and Natalie breaks down in her arms. Natalie begs Jessica not to tell their parents about John's death, says she needs to be alone. The phone rings. Reporters flood her with calls. Natalie looks at a card, then drops it to the ground. It's the card she bought for John. She tells Jessica about the surprise she'd been planning for John. Again, she asks Jessica to leave, tells her there's nothing she can do. Natalie expresses that she doesn't know if she can go through this again. Jessie says she's there for her, that she loves her. Jessica decides that a certain milkshake will help take Natalie's headache away, but can't find the ingredients to make it. She leaves, tells Natalie she'll be right back.

When Jessica returns, Natalie is gone. Jessica calls Antonio to tell him that Natalie is missing. Antonio watches as Natalie walks into the station.

Nash wakes up, kisses Claudia, but imagines her to be Tess, causing him to take a second look. He asks himself what he's done. Nash finds himself making one of Tess's famous hangover shakes, tells Claudia they need to talk. Claudia claims that Nash enjoyed their love making just as much as she did. Nash says he feels like he cheated on Tess, that he betrayed her. Claudia explains that Tess is gone, that Jessica would probably be happy that Nash is moving on. Nash wants Claudia to be happy, to have a good life, that what happened last night can never happen again. All Claudia cares about is their friendship, tells Nash she understands. When Claudia goes to leave, Nash gives her a kiss goodbye in the hall and Jessica sees them!

Eve shows up at Marcie and Michael's. She's so happy, hugs Michael. He says he tried to get a hold of her all night. Eve tells them that John asked her to bring her engagement ring for Natalie. Marcie leaves Michael alone with his mom. He tells Eve about the accident, says that John died. Eve's in shock, doesn't believe Michael. Michael says that John solved their father's murder, that he died a hero. Eve begs Marcie to always take care of her son, Michael. They tell Eve about the adoption. Marcie asks if they can give Tommy the middle name John. Eve talks about John and the spark she saw in him every time he was around Natalie. Eve looks at the engagement ring, asks Michael if Natalie knew what John was planning. When he says no, Eve expresses that maybe Natalie should know. They decide they have to go to Natalie

In a hospital, there's a man wrapped in bandages from head to toe A cop tells the nurse that he found his ID next to the body, that his name is Hugh Hughes.

Paige pays Bo a visit, says how sorry she is about John. Paige expresses wanting to talk to Hugh, says she can't get a hold of him.

Bo pulls Antonio aside. Needing to fill John's position, he makes Antonio head of detectives, only if he can promise not to take matters into his own hands. Antonio says he's honored, that he won't let him down. Bo says it's time, time to plan a funeral for a hero.

Natalie hugs Antonio, then goes to Bo, tells him she needs to see John one last time. Bo hands Natalie a file of John's cases, tells her to read through them, that she'll feel John.

Paige goes to see Nora. Nora looks over a file, tells Paige she wants to clear her of any wrongdoings in the case of Thomas McBain, that Spencer forced her to do the surgery. Nora wants Paige to go to Atlantic City General with her, to talk to some people about the case. The phone rings. It's the cop in Atlantic City, wanting to talk to Hugh's next of kin. The cop tells her that Hugh has been in an accident. Paige hangs up, and Nora drives Paige to the hospital. At the hospital, Nora and Paige sit at Hugh's bedside. When Nora asks what Paige wants to do about Spencer, Hugh moves his hand.

Antonio tells Spencer that John died in a car accident.

Bo leaves Natalie in his office where she looks at a picture of John, holds it to her chest. When Natalie leaves the office, she overhears Spencer make a comment about John. She screams at him, says that Spencer caused this, that he killed John!

Next on One Life to Live: Jessica yells at Nash for sleeping with Claudia, Layla gives Evangeline the news about John, Vincent wants to see Natalie through her loss and Michael goes to Natalie with the truth

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