Pure Denial

Wednesday, September 27th, 2006

Natalie is devastated by John's death, Marcie tries comforting Michael, Adriana and Rex strike a deal and Nash finds himself in bed with Claudia...

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Melissa Archer

Bo goes to see Natalie. She tells him it isn't a good time, that she's studying for her test. Bo says they need to talkthat it's about John. He breaks it to Natalie that John isn't coming home, that John was killed in an accident. Natalie is in denial, says that John is fine. She screams at Bo, says it's a mistake. Bo tells her he saw the body, that he's dead. Natalie wants proof, wants to see the body NOW! He tells her it is not a good idea. Natalie grabs her purse, says she's going to the morgue. Bo informs her that Michael ID'd the body, that they found the badge, that he was holding the St. Jude necklace. Bo holds it out to Natalie. Natalie breaks down, and Bo wants to take her to Vicki's. But she won't leave, says she wants to be alone, begs Bo to leave.

Once he's gone, Natalie looks around John's room, slides down the door, lies on the floor and sobs through tears of grief. After a while, Natalie gets up, wraps John's leather coat around her tight, inhaling his scent, holding his necklace, as she looks out into the empty darkness...

Just as Tess and Antonio are about to make love, Antonio's phone rings. It's about John. Antonio tells Jessica that John died in a car accident. Jessica is so scared for Natalie. Antonio tells her to go to Natalie, that she needs her.

When Jessica arrives, Bo tells her that Natalie wants to be alone. After a bit of persuasion, Jessica agrees with Bo, and they both leave.

Jessica arrives back at home, tells Antonio that Bo said Natalie needed to be alone. Jessica expresses that she can feel Natalie's pain.

Michael goes home to an excited Marcie. She tells him the news that they get to adopt Tommy. Marcie gets out the champagne, says he's going to be a daddy. Michael tells her there was an accident, that he went there to ID a bodyJohn's body. Marcie is in shock as Michael recites what happened. She tries comforting him as he begs her to never leave him. Tommy starts to cry, and Marcie goes to him, brings him to Michael. Michael tells Tommy that he'll always keep him safe. Marcie tells Michael John will always be with him. Suddenly, Michael realizes he has to call his mom, says she was coming tomorrow to bring John her engagement ring for Natalie.

Adriana tells Rex about her plan to move in with Layla. Rex doesn't seem too thrilled about her choice of a roommate, worries that Layla won't be able to pay the rent. Adriana says she's unemployed, too, tells Rex that she quit Craze, that she wants to hurt Dorian as much as she hurt her. Rex tries telling her to let it go, that Dorian can never stop them from being together. Adriana asks Rex to help her make Dorian pay, and, surprisingly he agrees! They brainstorm on how they'll handle Dorian.

Dorian saves David from being thrown out of the Palace for seducing the mayor's wife. David tells Dorian that he's leaving town, and she says she'll miss him. David asks her to go with him. However, Dorian can't, says she'll never be able to win Adriana and Clint back if she leaves. As David is trying to persuade Dorian, a casting director hands him her card, says he's a natural. Once the director leaves, David expresses his desire to go to Hollywood. He tells Dorian he'll miss her, then kisses her goodbye. Dorian thinks back to all the memories she's had with David.

Claudia asks Nash to say her name, wanting him to know that he's about to have sex with hernot Tess. Nash says that Tess is gone, but Claudia wants more, wants him to say that Tess is gone from his heart. However, he can't, but admits that he's lost her. Finally, Nash says, "Claudia," then flips down a picture of Tess. When Claudia falls asleep on Nash's chest, after they sleep together, he looks at Tess's picture.

Next on One Life to Live: Natalie blames Spencer for John's death, Jessica sees Nash and Claudia together, Bo tells Antonio that they need to plan a funeral and Michael, Marcie and Eve agree to deliver a message from the grave

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