Everyone Wants Answers!

Thursday, February 21st, 2008

Natalie visits Allison, Jessica is questioned about the accident and Gigi gets a call from Lee...

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Still in bed, after their lovemaking, Cris and Sarah are happy they came home early from the Go Red Ball and decide to test out the floor next! Later, satisfied, Cris and Sarah vow that they don’t have any regrets then engage in more of the same! Afterwards, as Cris and Sarah are gathering some cake from the fridge – in the nude – Vincent and Layla arrive home with Vincent hungry! Cris and Sarah, with cake in hand, quickly hide behind the counter! Lucky for them, Layla tempts Vincent to her bedroom and Cris and Sarah make a quick dash to her bedroom – but they are caught as Vincent comes back out for a snack!


Pointing and laughing, Vincent alerts Layla to all of the ruckus – and the fact that the couple is wrapped in paper towels! “Are those my three-ply paper towels?” Layla asks as Cris and Sarah rush back to the sanctuary of Sarah’s room! Back out in the kitchen, Layla is furious as she tries to clean up her friend’s mess. However, Vincent convinces her to leave it and comments on how bad Cris and Sarah have it for each other!


When everyone arrives back at the mansion, Renee fusses over Jared wanting to be sure he’s okay. After a hug from Matthew, he tells Jared, “You’re a real hero.” When Gigi comes to pick up Shane, she smiles as her son calls Jared a hero as well then talks about his deceased dad who was a hero too. Across the room, Nora rants to Renee and Clint about how Bo is paying for Lindsay’s crimes. After a toast from the whole family, “To Jared,” Jared appears guilty for pretending to be a Buchanan. Suddenly, Gigi gets a call from Lee. Abruptly, Gigi promises Shane she will be back then sets out to meet Lee! With talk of Charlie saving Jared, Matthews asks Jared, “You two must be buddies now, right?”


Alone, Renee tells Jared how proud Asa would be of him. After Jared thanks Renee for everything, and expresses his care for her, Renee makes it clear that Jared means the world to her. On his way to his bedroom, Nigel stops Jared, thanks him for saving Jessica – something David may not have done – then admits that Jared is being sincere. Jared briefly looks at a picture of Natalie. Suddenly, Clint appears and honors Jared by asking him to sit-in on an important B.E. meeting with him!


Forced to join Lee at the Palace, Lee reminds Gigi to pull in her feistiness and relax with a drink. After Gigi takes a quick sip, Lee claims he would never harm a child and reminds her in a roundabout way to stay quiet. Although Gigi thinks Lee wants her to leave Llanview, Lee clarifies, “Oh, no, I want you and Shane to stay right here.” Lee claims he just wants to take care of Gigi then shocks her with his knowledge of her entire life – and how quickly it can all be taken away! Taking her hand, Lee says, “With me as your friend, you have a lot to gain.” Scared, Gigi has no choice but to promise that she won’t leave town.


At the hospital, a nurse informs Nash, Jessica and Natalie that Allison most likely will not survive the night. Though Nash asks Antonio to wait on the questioning, Antonio insists then asks, “Do you know why Allison would try to kill you?” As Jessica mumbles something about Mitch, a cop shows up and informs Antonio that they recovered a DVD from the crime scene. “I have to see that DVD,” Jessica blurts out, remembering the bag Allison had in her hand prior to the fall. Jessica is forced to tell Antonio about the secret Allison was taunting her with. Through more questions, St. Ann’s comes up and Jessica admits how she wound up there after pretending to be Tess. Just then, a cop arrives with the DVD – and Jessica is devastated to see that it’s smashed to pieces. Allison’s words, “The secret dies with me,” rings loudly through Jessica’s mind.


As Antonio questions Jessica, Natalie goes into Allison’s room and asks, “Why, Allison, why did you try to kill Jessica?” Although Allison is unconscious, Natalie demands to know why she tried to harm her sister but admits, almost smugly, that despite the hell she has put her family through Natalie is grateful that because of Allison she was reunited with the Buchanan’s. Still, Allison’s secret haunts Natalie – and the thought that Jared could have died because of it! Natalie briefly thinks back to Jared admitting his love to her.


Jessica joins Natalie in Allison’s room but asks for a few moments alone with the patient. Leaning in, Jessica tells Allison, “I know you can hear me… You think you’ve won but you haven’t. I know… I know your secret!” Out in the hallway, Nash rants to Natalie about how lucky she and Jessica are to have avoided a felony!


At the Palace bar, Antonio delivers Allison’s case file to Lee and is reminded by his new boss that the bad guys are who he says they are!


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Jared and Natalie struggle with their feelings.

Lee gets the upper hand!

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