A Change For The Better?

Tuesday, September 26th, 2006

Nash keeps Jessica company while she's having a Tess moment, Bo and Michael go to the scene of the accident, Starr goes back to school and Todd publicly applauds Blair...

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Forbes March

Nash is surprised to see Jessica having a Tess moment. She asks him if he'll have a drink with her, and Nash agrees. Just as they click their glasses together in a cheer, Antonio watches it all unfold. When he asks Jessica what's going on, she says she's just having a drink with Nash. Nash points out to Jessica that Tess used to do shots of Vodka, just as Jessica's doing. Jessica tells Antonio she needs a change, wants to try new things. Jessica tells Antonio about Nash's new vineyard, that Vincent is going to back him. Antonio warns Nash that Vincent is bad news. When asking Jessica to leave, she pulls Antonio away to dance.

Claudia tells Nash that Jessica is not Tess. However, Nash says the problem is that part of her still is. Despite Claudia's pleas, Nash downs back the liquor. He says it's like seeing Tess with Antonio. Nash says he's a sad case, that he just wants to party, and, this time, Claudia doesn't try to stop him. Suddenly, the bartender cuts Nash off. When Nash goes to leave, Claudia stops him from driving, says she'll take him home to sleep it off. Back at his place, Claudia tries helping Nash out of his clothes until he pulls her down on the bed, kisses her!

Antonio tells Jessica they need to go get the kids. They leave, not even saying good-bye to Nash. When they get home, they put the kids to bed, and Jessica wants to play around with Antonio. However, he questions her actions tonight. She explains that she's not Tess, but she just wants to be happy, to enjoy every moment. Antonio questions why she went to find Nash. Jessica tells him she wanted to thank him for saving her from Bruce. Antonio blames Nash for bringing Bruce to this town, for hurting Adriana. Jessica and Antonio argue it out until they make up, Jessica deciding she wants to make love to her husband to be.

After getting the badge number, Bo realizes that the identity of the dead cop is John McBain. He's in shock relays the information to the officer on the scene. Bo asks how sure he is that it's John, and the cop tells Bo that the badge was found next to a badly burned body. Nora comes in his office, and Bo tells her about John as he looks down at a picture of him and John together. Bo says he needs to go to the accident scene, that he's hoping the body isn't John. Bo needs to call Michael, and Nora asks about Natalie. He says he's going to wait, that Natalie had a bad feeling about John. Bo puts in a call to Michael.

At the accident scene, Michael and Bo find the cop who called Bo, and he shows them John's badge, says that it was found next to John's car. Michael demands to see the body, says he's a doctor. The cop takes Michael and Bo to a gurney. They unzip the body bag and look inside. Michael looks over the body, describing it to Bo, sees the tattoo on the right arm, finds the St. Jude necklace that Natalie gave him Michael breaks down, says it's John Michael starts beating the side of the ambulance, devastated by the news. Michael tells Bo about his conversation with John, about Michael hoping that John will finally get some peace after going to their father's grave. Michael hands Bo John's St. Jude's necklace, then goes to help a woman involved in the accident.

Bo takes out his cell phone, calls Natalie, leaves her a message to call him, says that it's very important.

Blair brings Starr back to school where Starr continues to blame Blair for Todd not showing up. Todd comes in behind them. The parents in the room express to Todd that he should sue Spencer for setting him up. Todd attracts the attention back to Starr. When Starr sees Langston, she leaves her parents with her counselor. One of the parents loudly makes a crack at Blair for sleeping with Spencer, says he doesn't know how Todd can stand to be around Blair. Todd grabs the guy by the shirt, says if it wasn't for Blair, Spencer would still be walking free. He makes the man apologize to Blair, to his wife, and the man does. Todd apologizes to everyone, then goes to leave. Blair stops him, thanks Todd for sticking up for her. Then he leaves.

Starr feels bad for Langston because her parents aren't there with her. She's embarrassed that Todd made a scene. A group of girls approach her. They say that Starr will pay for Todd grabbing that man, the girl's father.

Todd goes to Rodie's, screams for someone to get him a beer!

Next on One Life to Live: Bo breaks the news to Natalie, as news of John's death spreads fast, Adriana wants revenge on Dorian and Claudia makes Nash recognize her

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