Into The Lord Crypt!

Monday, February 11th, 2008

Allison, Natalie and Jess visit Victor Lord's crypt, Rex is told he's not Shane's father, and Todd tries to rip the gun from Lee's hands...

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Inside the Lord crypt, when Jessica and Natalie demand to know Allison’s secret, Allison continues to taunt them with details of the past – and how Mitch got off on switching them at birth! As Jess and Natalie argue about taking Allison back to St. Ann’s, Allison lays on Victor's crypt, smiles then says, “I like it here… so many wonderful memories!” Having had enough, Jessica knells next to Allison, wanting to know the truth, but Allison continues to jerk her chain! As Allison expresses how much she likes being in the crypt, Jessica threatens to call on Tess to make Allison’s stay permanent! Jessica and Natalie quickly leave the crypt, leaving Allison screaming for them to let her out! Jessica reminds Natalie that Allison holds the key to their family’s happiness then the two leave Allison locked in the crypt!


Later, Allison, laughs, goes to a brick and knocks, which opens a secret compartment containing a gun and a bundle of what appears to be money! Allison then thanks Mitch for her findings!


After Cris and Sarah return from a trip to an art function, the couple cozies up in a chair with a kiss then Cris makes Sarah aware of how similar their passions for art are. As things get hot and heavy, Layla appears and almost catches Cris and Sarah in the act! Once Layla uncomfortably excuses herself to her room, Cris takes Sarah in another kiss then they make plans to attend the “Go Red Ball” together on Valentine’s Day! After Cris leaves, Sarah admits to Layla that she’s head over heels for Cris!


Bo allows Michael to visit Marcie inside her cell before her arraignment. Once alone, Michael tells Marcie, “You really need to start trying to forgive yourself.” Although Marcie wonders how she could’ve done the things she did, Michael tries to talk about how she’ll plea – and Marcie says, “Guilty...” With talk of how long she’ll be in prison, Michael wants her to change her plea to not guilty! Marcie reminds Michael of everything she did, and how Michael convinced her to turn herself in, then says, “I have to take responsibility for my actions! I deserve to be punished!” While Michael talks about forgiveness, Marcie thinks back on being on the run with Tommy. Michael interrupts her thoughts by asking, “You once told me that without Tommy you felt like you had nothing. Do you still feel that way?”


As Todd enters the room across from the Angel’s Square Hotel, he rushes to Lee and the men struggle until shots fire through John’s apartment window!

On the rooftop, Rex hurries to shield Gigi from the laser of a rifle! Holding Gigi close, Rex explains about the laser target then the two hear the shots! “He’s shooting at my son!” Gigi screams. Gigi rushes back to John’s apartment and takes her son in her arms. With Rex close behind, John instructs Rex to stay with Gigi and Shane then heads to the room across the street!


Sitting on the floor of John's bathroom, Gigi tells Rex that Lee and Todd wanted Shane and her dead! As Shane starts experiencing an asthma attack, Rex quickly rushes to calm him. Although Rex assures Gigi that Todd would never try to kill her son, Gigi thinks differently and blames Rex by saying, “This is all your fault!” After Gigi reminds Rex that he dragged her to the roof, Shane wants to know who Rex really is, to which Rex urges Gigi, “Go ahead and tell him.” Although Gigi claims Rex is just a friend, Rex comforts Shane in an attempt to make Gigi realize he would be proud to be his father.


When John makes it into the darkened room across the street, Todd is holding Lee at gunpoint, to which Lee says, “John, thank God you’re here! Todd Manning was about to shoot a woman and her child!” Although John tries to get the gun from Todd, he refuses to give it up – until Bo and few other cops arrive with guns drawn! No matter how much Todd tries to explain that Lee was trying to kill Gigi and her son, Bo has Todd and Lee cuffed and brought to the station! John then tells Bo how Lee knocked him out at Manning's apartment. Once alone in the room, John goes to the window, stares at the bullet hole then says to himself, “That was close…”


Later, John goes back to his apartment and fills Gigi, Rex and Shane in on what happened with Todd and Lee and assures them that Todd will have no choice but to help them now! Before Rex leaves, Gigi privately thanks him for helping her and Shane then says, “Rex… Shane… He’s not yours.”


Brought to the jail with Lee, Todd laughs when he sees Marcie and Michael in the cell across from his! As Bo locks Todd and Lee up, Michael turns Marcie toward him and says, “Remember what I said… not guilty!”


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Marcie is ready to meet her fate.

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