Sweet Freedom!

Friday, February 8th, 2008

Natalie and Jessica bust Allison out of St. Ann's, Lee puts his plan into motion, and Rex questions Gigi...

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As Natalie, Jessica and Allison race away in Nat’s car from St. Ann’s, Allison says she won’t tell them a thing until they promise they’ll help get her a new identity and make her disappear! Although Natalie suggests taking her back to St. Ann’s, and says she probably doesn’t have a secret anyway, Jessica protests and acts as though she’s on Allison’s side! After Jess pinches Natalie, she has no choice but to agree to which Allison vows, “After I tell you what I know I won’t ever mess with you again. Once I tell you, you’ll be indebted.” Though Allison doesn’t trust them, she has no choice but to take Jessica and Natalie at their word and instructs Natalie to drive them, “Straight to Llanfair!” Allison states that although the secret is not inside the house at Llanfair, it is on the property!


Shortly after arriving at Llanfair, outside Victor Lord's crypt, Allison says, “It is here. Take me inside and you’ll find out!”


After Blair gets Sam to sleep, Jack appears in her bedroom upset over a bad dream. From the doorway, Todd watches on as he remembers Lee threatening his family! When Todd enters the room asking about Jack’s nightmare, he says, “It was about you.” Jack explains that in his dream Todd gave him away to some zombies while his mom was crying. Although Todd assures Jack it was only a dream and says, “I would never do anything like that to you,” Jack replies, “But you already did.” Jack then tells him about what he heard from kids at school who said Todd gave Jack away at birth! Though Blair tries to deny it, Todd admits what he heard was the truth then expresses how badly he regrets it. When Jack asks if something was wrong with him, Todd is forced to admit, “I didn’t think I was your father.” Not wanting to make excuses Todd tries to make Jack aware of how much he loves him, to which Jack wonders, “What if you give me away again?” However, Blair comes to Todd’s rescue and promises that his daddy would never hurt a child. Suddenly, Todd pictures Gigi and Shane then says, “Oh, God, no.” After Jack forgives his dad, Todd says he has to head to The Sun for a bit. On his way out, Blair smiles and says, “I’m proud of you.”


Once Todd is gone, Blair lies next to Jack and sings him to sleep.


When Rex goes to John’s apartment, Gigi doesn’t want to discuss Shane’s paternity. However, Shane approaches the door, talks to Rex about his lady friend who stopped by earlier then brings up his Navy Seal dad and asks, “Did you know my dad?” Once Shane is in the other room, Rex demands to know if Shane's dad is really dead – or if it’s him! Gigi tells Shane that she needs to go upstairs to the roof for a minute then instructs him to lock the doors.


Over at the penthouse, Lee grabs his gun case, steps over John’s body then leaves! Later, in a room across from the Angel’s Square Hotel, Lee goes to a window and sets his sights on Shane and Gig! While watching Shane, Gigi and Rex through his scope, Lee sees Gigi and Rex leave then aims his sights on Shane! Just as Lee is about to shoot Shane, Shane bends down to pick up the money his won from playing John’s slot machine! Suddenly, Lee sees Gigi on the roof and takes her in his sights – but Gigi moves!


On the rooftop, Gigi snaps at Rex as he rants about being Shane’s father and says that he would be lucky to be the father to such a wonderful boy. When Rex asks why she has such an attitude regarding this, Gigi confesses how much he hurt her – and pretended to love her. Although Rex remembers just having fun as kids, and that it was just a fling, Gigi says, “Not to me it wasn’t.” Gigi admits that although she acted carefree back then, she was in love with Rex and only acted that way to protect herself in case he did in fact leave.


Back at the penthouse, although John still lies with blood seeping from his head, his fingers begin to twitch! When John wakes up, he tries to call Gigi’s cell but doesn’t get through… Back at John’s apartment, Shane now has his headphones on! Although John tries his home phone, by the time Shane hears it John hangs up. Scared, Shane hides in a closet, leaving John still at the penthouse wondering where the heck they are!


Todd arrives at the building across from the Angel’s Square Hotel and tries to find the room that Lee was talking about … John arrives back at his apartment to find it empty but then locates Shane hiding scared in the closet. Shane explains that his mom left with a guy… On the rooftop, just as Rex demands to know if he’s Shane’s father, he sees the red target from Lee’s gun on Gigi and quickly pulls her to the ground! When Todd finally finds the room Lee is in, he sees Lee aiming a gun out the window and runs toward him!


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Rex tries to save Gigi!

John seeks revenge on Lee!

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