A Gloomy Scene

Monday, September 25th, 2006

John's badge is found next to a badly burned body, Natalie calls Bo, Evangeline looks to Todd for help and Jessica has a sudden need to go to Nash.

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Robert S. Woods

The scene of the accident is devastating. Sirens are blaring, a police badge lies burnt on the ground.

Natalie calls Bo, says she's worried about John. She tells Bo that John's turned a corner, that he was going to visit his father's grave. Bo's says that's a good thing, that he hopes that Natalie and John can make a go of it. Natalie wants that too, but tells Bo she has a bad feeling that something is wrong, that John isn't answering his phone. Bo finds that odd, says that he always answers his phone unless dealing with an emergency.

Back at the accident, the eighteen car pileup has people hurt, scrambling everywhere for help. A body lays still, the St. Jude necklace held in its hand. A cop searches through the rubbish, sees the badge, the body The cop brings the badge to his superior. They shine a light on it, notice it's from the Llanview PD. The cop says that the detective that the badge belongs to is dead!

Bo gets a call from the Atlantic City PD, saying that they have one of Bo's men, that he's dead! The cop reads the badge ID number to Bo It's John's! "Oh, God," Bo says. When the cop asks if Bo has a name to go with the badge number, Bo says, "Lieutenant John McBain."

Adriana congratulates Jessica on her engagement to Antonio. They talk about their upcoming wedding, about Nash. Jessica says things are complicated, that Nash will always be a part of her life, that it hurts Antonio. Jessica tells her that she remembers Tess and Nash's memories, sleeping with Nash. Suddenly, she changes the subject, asks Adriana how she's doing. When they talk about Bruce, Jessica fills Adriana in, says that Bruce was the one who kidnapped her and Bree. Remembering back to that, Jessica asks if he touched her. Adriana says no, that he didn't have the chance but may have if Rex hadn't saved her. It is then when Jessica realizes that Nash saved her life by rescuing her from Bruce. She gets up, says there's something she needs to do, something that can't wait.

Jessica sees Claudia, asks her where Nash is. After a little persuasion, Claudia finally tells Jessica where she can find Nash.

Layla joins Adriana where they figure out that they're both in need of a place to live. They compare their likings and find out they are very much alike. Adriana calls Rex and asks him to meet her at the diner.

Cristian tells Antonio that he was set-up, that he thinks is was gambling related. Carlotta joins her sons, and Antonio tells his mom and Cris that he and Jessica are getting married. They all wait for Jessica at the diner, plan for a celebration.

Adriana shows up. When Antonio asks if she's seen Jessica, Adriana tells him she went to see Nash.

Evangeline asks Todd for help in finding out who set Cris up. Todd says that Cris has no one to blame for his loss but himself. Evangeline says she'll prove that Cris was set-up, tells Todd that she wants him to find the proof she's looking for and print it in his paper. Todd asks her way she's so in love with Cris? Evangeline expresses how important Cris is to her, and he finally agrees to help Evangeline.

Claudia tries to stop Nash from asking Vincent for money, but he tells her to leave. Vincent tells Nash he wants the vineyard for himself. At first Nash says no way. But when Vincent threatens to walk, Nash says maybe they can work something out, then quickly decides that the vineyard was his and Tess's dream, that, no, Vincent can't have it. Nash wants it to be his!

Jessica shows up, hearing Nash's plea to Vincent. Vincent expresses that he likes Nash's style, that he'll loan him some money to get the vineyard up and running. He leaves Jessica and Nash alone.

Jessica warns Nash that Vincent is a lone-shark, that he needs to be careful. However, Nash says he's not like her, that he doesn't have money just lying around, that he needs to do this as a legacy for Bree, for Tess. Jessica reminds Nash of how he protected her from Bruce, expresses how thankful she is to him. She wishes him luck with the vineyard, then reluctantly leaves.

Back at Rodie's, Claudia asks Jessica if she found Nash. Jessica says yes, she did, says now she needs a drink.

Nash shows up at Rodie's, sees Jessica drinking, having a Tess moment.

Natalie calls John's cell, leaves a message for him to call her, says she needs to hear his voice, needs to know he's all right...

Next on One Life to Live: Jessica asks Nash to join her for a drink, Todd praises Blair and Michael and Bo go to ID a body...

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