Todd and Blair Make Love!

Monday, January 28th, 2008

Todd longs for Blair to be his 'real' wife, Rex wants answers from Roxy, and Charlie pleads for Jared's forgiveness...

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Still in their bedroom, although Blair thinks it’s best for Todd and Sam to move out, he sits her down on the bed and listens on as Blair worries they’ll hurt the kids by ‘pretending’ to be married. However, Todd replies, “No, I won’t.” With meaning, Todd tells Blair, “I think we can have a real marriage.” Though Blair reminds Todd of their past – and their mistakes – he professes his love to her by saying, “I love you… I love you so much… I always have.” Finally bringing a smile to Blair’s face, Blair admits she loves Todd as well, but questions, “That doesn’t mean we can make this work.” Todd suggests Blair not to think about anyone but the two of them, then asks, “What is it ‘you’ want?” To which she’s forced to reply, “I want you.” Moving in close, Todd takes Blair in a kiss and she accepts! Little by little, they remove their cloths and Todd and Blair finally consummate their marriage!


At the Palace, Rex pushes his Aunt Corrine until she tells him about an affair Roxy had at the time of his conception! Though Rex continues interrogating her, Corrine doesn’t want to tell Rex any more and suggests he ask Roxy. After Rex’s aunt leaves, Rex is determined to get answers from Roxy!


When Addie moves in close to Miles at Foxy Roxy’s claiming to know him, Miles explains she couldn’t because he has a new face. Dorian quickly warns Miles to stay away from her sister then stops Charlie as he plans to go to B.E. to find Jared! Although Dorian tries her best to sway Charlie from going, he rushes out to apologize to his son. Later, as Miles and Addie continue to bond over their past experiences, Roxy pulls her hair a bit too hard while she preparing Addie for some highlights! Over talk of Rex and Adriana’s wedding, Addie asks Roxy if Rex’s father remarried, to which Roxy replies, “I hope not because he’s dead.”

Suddenly, Rex shows up at Foxy Roxy’s demanding to speak to her! It isn’t unless Rex says that his Aunt Corrine told him that Walter wasn’t his dad when Roxy stops and listens! When Rex brings up the affair she had, Roxy claims Walter was a drunk – one who cheated on her as well - but insists he was Rex's father! Roxy puts a lid on their conversation then gets back to working on Addie – who is enjoying her time with Miles!


Allison approaches Jessica at St. Ann’s and laughs, “I know something you don’t know and I’m not telling!” Although Jessica tries to play Allison’s game to obtain the secret, Allison doesn’t budge. Suddenly, Viki appears gasping, “Allison Perkins!” Allison makes a scene, looks at Viki’s heart then says happily, “Hi Ben!” When Nash arrives, Allison quickly grabs Viki and holds on tightly, wanting to be close to 'Dave aka Ben'! After Allison is taken away, Jessica says she can’t wait to get out of there, to which Viki alerts her, “They’re not letting you out.” After Nash and Viki explain that Jessica has to wait forty-eight hours, unless she signs some papers to revoke the order she had in place initially, Jessica refuses then says she’s fine staying there for the time being!


After Jess explains she wants to keep the order in place - to protect Bree should Tess ever really come back - Viki reluctantly leaves Nash alone with Jess who accuses her of lying – and demands to know the real reason Jessica’s so eager to stay at St. Ann’s for the forty-eight hours. After Nash rehashes Jessica’s past with Allison, a nun comes in to inform him visiting hours are over. Although he is nervous to leave her there with Allison in the same building, Jess assures him she’ll be fine until tomorrow then Nash leaves.


As a nun is bringing Jessica to see her doctor, Allison rants in the hallway about this secret she knows but only tells Jessica it’s about her – and her precious family!


Over at B.E., after Jared explains about the paper Jessica had drawn up, and why she voted with him at the board meeting, he assures Natalie that Tess isn’t really back – but that he feared at the time for Jessica’s sanity! No matter how much Jared claims Jessica was trying to set him up again, Natalie sides with her family and refires him!


After Natalie storms out of her office, Charlie appears and Jared snaps, “What the heck are you doing here?” Although Jared tries to throw Charlie out, he refuses to leave and begs Nash to give him another chance! Charlie explains how much he’s changed because of a woman he met who made him realize that Jared was the most important thing in his life. As Charlie goes to grab the phone from Jared – who is calling security – he sees a picture of Natalie, Jessica and Viki! Outside the office, Viki runs into Natalie and wants to speak with her in private – inside her office! However, after hearing that Jessica will be locked up in St. Ann’s overnight, Natalie becomes more furious with Jared and asks Viki to go out for some tea… Ultimately, Jared demands Charlie leave - and he does - almost running into Viki!


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