Utter Devastation

Friday, September 22nd, 2006

John faces his past while jeopardizing his future, Cris fights to clear his name, Todd rattles Spencer and Natalie awaits John's return...

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Michael Easton

John struggles to maintain the wheel as he swerves into oncoming headlights. Accomplishing just that, he settles his mind back in to his thoughts of what he'll do when he reaches the cemetery In his mind, he's there, looking down on his father's grave. John hears his dad's voice. He tells his dad that he got his killer, that now John wants peace. John's dad says he wants his son to be happy. John realizes that Spencer had been at the hospital when his dad was brought in, that his father had been pointing to Spencer all along. They talk about the importance of family. John tells him that he has a grandson, that John gave the baby the hat that his dad left for him. John assures his dad that he still wants to be a cop, but he doesn't want the job to consume him anymore John thinks back to all the mistakes he's made in the past, wanting all the demons to be gone When his dad asks where John will go from here, John expresses starting a family of his own. John talks about Natalie, thinks back on all the time he's spent with Natalie, all the heartache they've shared together. His dad says it sounds as though John really loves Natalie. John talks about his plans to make a commitment with Natalie. He thinks about the future, about him and Natalie, teaching their two children how to play pool, about the life he deserves, finally admits to himself that he loves Natalie. SUDDENLY, in the blink of an eye, John snaps his mind back to reality, hears a horn blaring, sees his life flashing before his eyes, headlights shining bright John loses control of the car, smashing head on into the sound of glass shatters in the night.

Natalie daydreams about her past with John, when they first met, how John helped her through losing Cristian, how she can't wait for his return, for the beginning of their new life together Little does she know, her life is about to take a devastating turn for the worse

At the hospital, Vincent tells Cris that he many never fight again after the boxing commission reviews the tape. Cris wants to know who would gain from Cris losing the fight. The press and his fans question whether he really threw the fight or not. Vincent goes to the podium, introduces Cris, says he'll answer all his questions.

Ted hands Vincent an envelope, says it's a present. Layla overhears, asks 'what present'?" Vincent tells Layla that it's the money that they made from Cristian's fight.

Cris pleads with the press as they hammer him with accusations, insisting he didn't throw the fight, says that his opponent drugged him. Vincent interrupts, says his fighter would never do this, sticks up for Cris to the fullest! Cris vows to make whoever did this pay!

Ted assures Vincent that the truth won't come back to haunt him, that the money they made from the fight should ease his guilt.

Evangeline thanks Vincent for sticking up for Cris, says they have to prove his innocence.

When Spencer asks Blair if she ever loved him, Blair tells Spencer that he's getting exactly what he deserves. He says he would've done anything to get her to love him. Todd comes in, taunts Spencer about his love for Blair. Spencer says he sees the fear in Blair's eyes, that Todd will eventually hurt her. Spencer tells them that all the charges will be dropped, that when he gets out, they're all going to party. Todd says if he does manage to get out, he'll kill Spencer himself. Todd asks where his son is, and Blair demands that Spencer do the decent thing. However, Spencer gets nothing from telling Todd about his baby. Blair tells Spencer to rot in hell, then leaves the jail. Todd gets a call from Evangeline, saying she needs his help.

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