Family, Foe Or Both

Thursday, September 21st, 2006

Adriana wants Dorian to pay, Kelly and Blair want answers, David gives Bo more information and John comes face to face with grave danger...

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Melissa Gallo

At the station, Adriana wants to know why Dorian is out of jail, vents to Rex her anger! Rex tells her to think about what she's doing, asks how she'll feel if Dorian goes to prison. She tells Bo she can give him evidence against Dorian, that she wants him to throw the book at her. Rex stuns Adriana, says if he didn't know any better, he'd think she was her mother. Adriana waits outside while Rex talks to Bo.

Bo warns Rex not to dare to get involved with this case.

Kelly and Blair tell Dorian that they may be moving out, that they want answers as to why she got arrested. They question Dorian about what Adriana said, but Dorian says Adriana has made too much of it, that she can't stay angry at her forever. Blair and Kelly give Dorian hell for putting Adriana in danger. As always, Dorian puts a delicate twist on what really happened, as she thinks back to how the scheme with Bruce came about, claims it was all Bruce's doing. Kelly and Blair know better

When John wakes up, he can't believe how long he slept, how good he slept. He tells Natalie that once he takes care of a few things, he has all the time in the world to focus on their relationship.

David signs a statement for Bo saying that he knows that Spencer's gun belonged to their father. Bo questions whether David knows something else. David lets it all out, tells Bo that Spencer has it in for the Buchanan's, but doesn't know why. Bo thanks David for helping him and his family.

John goes to the jail cell to see Spencer. John indulges in seeing Spencer behind bars. Spencer tells John that no matter what happens to him, John's father will still be dead. However, John knows he'll never have his dad back, but he can rest assure that Spencer will never be able to hurt anyone again, that people will see him for who he really is. John finds peace in that, but tells Spencer if he gets off, John will kill him himself. John leaves.

In the park, Hugh stops to talk to Michael, tells him that Spencer is his father, that Spencer has been arrested for Michael's father's murder. Hugh leaves, and Michael talks to Tommy, tells him a story about how the McBain's came about.

David pays Spencer a visit. Spencer says that he was only looking out for David by putting blanks in the gun and killing Thomas McBain himself. He asks David if he really wants to see him die, that they're family, that Spencer needs his help. David can't get up the strength to help him, tells him no. As David goes to leave, Spencer tells him that once he REALLY knows all about himself, he'll regret turning his back on Spencer.

At the palace, David tells Dorian that Adriana is at the police station, and to Blair he tells about Spencer's arrest.

Adriana and Rex show up at the Palace and Dorian greets them. Adriana tells her she's come to a decision, that she's quitting her job at Craze.

Adriana tells Rex that if the law can't get Dorian, maybe she needs to give her a dose of her own medicine.

Natalie plans something special for John.

At the station, John gets a visit from an old friend who brings John a gift that his wife found in their basement. It's a Christmas present from John's dad, one he never had a chance to give to him. It's a patrolman's hat that John's dad had specially made for John. John thanks his friend, as he tells John how proud his dad would be of him today.

Bo tells John of Spencer's vendetta against the Buchanan's. John questions whether he'll have peace now that Spencer is behind bars, but now knows that he needs to say goodbye to all the animosity surrounding his father's murder.

Hugh goes to Spencer, and Spencer tells Hugh that if he 'd known about Hugh he would've never let Paige give him up. Spencer wants to know if Hugh meant anything that he said to him before.

John overhears Michael in the park talking to Tommy about the future. John tells Michael all about bringing Spencer down. John gives Tommy the patrolman's hat, says it's from his grandpa. John tells Michael that their mom is coming to Llanview, that she'd like it if John could pass on the engagement ring that their father gave to her. John doesn't give Michael any details, but says that he's finally going to visit their father's grave.

When Blair goes to see Spencer, he asks if she ever cared about him, if it was all a lie.

On the way to his dad's grave, John calls Natalie, gives her his plans for the night, tells her to save tomorrow night for him, that he has a surprise for her. They hang up. Thinking back to his conversation to Spencer, distracted, John runs head on into a bright set of headlights!

Next on One Life to Live: Cris says he'll find out who set him up, Spencer tells Blair he's not sorry for anything he did to get her, John's plans take a devastating turn while Natalie awaits his return.

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