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Thursday, December 27th, 2007

Todd and Lee confront Gigi, Cris visits Evangeline and Blair & Dorian find Addie at Capricorn...

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Inside Evangeline’s room, Cris goes to her bedside, takes her hand and says, “I’ve missed you so much.” Cris proceeds to tell Evangeline that he’s hoping seeing her will help him find himself again. Although Cris begs Evangeline to, “Please come back,” she lays there in silence as Cris asks in tears, “Can you give me a sign? Is it time to let you go?” Before Cris goes, he admits, “When you come back to us, I may not be the right guy for you… I met this girl… I think you might like her. That’s why I need to know if you want me to wait for you.” As Cris goes to take Evangeline’s hand again, it slips away from Cris’s reach! Leaning in close, Cris says, “I love you… I always will,” kisses her good-bye then leaves…


When Dorian and Blair go to the station, begging Talia to find a missing Addie, Talia looks at a photo of Addie and listens on as the women explain Addie’s circumstances. While Talia steps away for a moment, Dorian briefly tells Blair about finding Clint with Nora. Suddenly, Talia reappears with news that a taxi driver dropped Addie off – but not at St. Ann’s!


Sarah arrives at Capricorn to hear that Cris is out of town. Although Sarah questions Antonio about Evangeline, he claims not to know then concentrates on the big New Year’s Eve bash. When the band shows up, Sarah is touched to hear that the lead singer always looked up to her as an inspiration when writing his own music. Just then, Addie arrives at Capricorn and convinces Sarah to give her some champagne before the club is even open! Together, they make a toast to the New Year to come! When the band begins to practice, Addie heads to the stage, leaving Antonio confused by Addie’s presence!


Just then, Talia, Blair and Dorian arrive and Antonio points to the stage – where Addie is getting a hands-on guitar lesson! When Blair and Dorian rush to Addie with worry, she insists on staying out for New Year’s – and asks Blair and Dorian to join her! However, Blair and Dorian convince Addie to spend the holiday at home…

Back at the bar, Antonio explains the situation to Talia who plans to head back to the station. Stopping her, Antonio asks, “Is there anything that would change your mind about leaving?”


Michael goes to John with good news saying, “I plead guilty and the judge gave me probation.” After Michael briefly tells John that Rex got a tip that Marcie is heading to Argentina, John turns his attention to a package that arrived for him. Seeing it’s from Marty, John slowly opens it to find a dartboard with Todd’s picture on it – something Marty thought would keep John out of trouble! After they nail a bull’s-eye, John promises Michael that they are going to find Marcie – together!


After Rex proposes to Adriana, she takes him in a kiss then he places the ring on her finger. The two exchange ‘I love you’s’ then share another kiss. Later, after making love, Adriana stares at her ring and worries. “I hope I don’t lose it.” Wondering if it’s loose, Adriana nods then sees the inscription! “Rex, why didn’t you tell me?” Though Rex panics, Adriana smiles and reads the inscription, “We are one.” Although not totally relaxed, Rex lets Adriana know that he told Dorian he’d be proposing. “Where did you get the ring?” Adriana asks to which Rex distracts her with another kiss!


At the Bonjour Café, Lee pleases Todd by reminding him that since he’s no longer with the FBI, he doesn’t have to follow procedure. When Noelle arrives to pick up her check, Moe refuses to give it to her until she agrees to stay on – and Noelle accepts after Moe agrees to a huge pay raise! Back at the counter, as Lee comes up with a plan, Todd anticipates Gigi’s return. When Noelle approaches the counter, Lee claims his kid goes to school with Shane and reports Shane as not feeling well. As Noelle rushes to call Gigi, Todd smiles at Lee. “You’re good, Ramsey.” Not able to get a hold of Gigi, Noelle tells Lee about Gigi’s friend at the motel across the street and suggests she might be there!

Later, Moe gives Noelle some good news – that he found a way to get her back into the pie contest! Thrilled, Noelle throws herself in Moe’s arms!


In Marcie’s motel room, although Gigi is excited to give Marcie the payoff from her ring, Marcie has to verbally convince herself that this is a good thing – for her and Tommy. After Gigi tells Marcie about the guy from her past who bought the ring, Marcie picks up on some hidden feelings and calls Gigi on it. Although Gigi claims she’s fine, Marcie tells her to go home then insists on covering for her at the diner tonight. Before Marcie gets ready, she asks Gigi, “Did the guy who bought the ring happen to notice the inscription inside – the one that Michael wrote to me?” After Marcie talks about the inscription, she drills Gigi again about the guy who bought her ring then asks, “He wouldn’t happen to be Shane’s father would he?” Finally crumbling under pressure, Gigi snaps, “He was here because of you!” Although Gigi says he was a PI, she assures Marcie that she gave him a false lead. However, Marcie takes back her offer to cover for Gigi, tells her that she has to leave town – now – then hugs her friend good-bye.


When Gigi is leaving Marcie’s room, she comes face to face with Todd and Lee! “Hi Gigi,” Todd says. “Remember me?” Although Gigi claims she hasn’t seen the woman Todd is looking for, Lee appears with a gun and says, “You may want to rethink that - if you want to see your son again!”


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Antonio stops Talia from leaving!

John & Michael try their best to get Marcie home.

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