We Have A Winner

Wednesday, September 20th, 2006

Cris's reputation is in jeopardy, Antonio and Jessica set a date, John finds Spencer's gun and Nash feels at a loss...

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David Fumero

Cris is still dizzy as he waits for Abbott to get up. When Abbott gets up, they exchange punches, but suddenly Cris is being pummeled by Abbott. Vincent thanks Ted for putting the brakes on their plans, but Ted says he's not sure if he got to them in time. When the round is over, Evangeline goes to Cris's corner, asks him if he's okay. Cris says he's fine, but there's clearly something wrong with him. The bell sounds and Cris is back in the ring, taking shot after shot from Abbott. Evangeline tells Vincent that something is wrong with Cris, but he says Cris is fine, that the fight is going just as he expected. Suddenly Cris gets hit hard and goes to the ground. The fight is over and Abbott is the winner. Everyone wonders why Cris is still lying on the ground. Evangeline goes to his side. When Cris wakes up, he can't believe that Abbott won. Cris is in shock when he hears that the boxing commission is going to investigate the fight. They think Cris lost on purpose. Cris denies it, tells Evangeline that Abbott had something on his gloves, something that made him dizzy, made him pass out.

Jessica and Antonio are in bed, admiring her engagement ring. When Jessica says she has everything she's ever wanted, Antonio says he wants more, wants to set a wedding date. They agree on the first week of November. Antonio says he's been looking for a house for them, that he knew Jessica would come back to him. Jessica worries about her integration, about Tess coming back, about passing the disease to Bree. Antonio reassures her that she's going to be fine, that Bree will be fine. Suddenly, the kids wake up and Antonio brings them into bed with them.

At the Palace, Claudia tries to get Nash to stop drinking. When he won't, she orders a drink for herself, tells Nash if he drinks his scotch, she drink hers, too, even though she's been sober for a while now. Claudia tells Nash he has a problem. Nash doesn't think she'll take the drink, but she will He agrees to put the scotch up. He asks Claudia if she knows how he can forget about Tess. She reminds him that she'll be there for him, that she's the only friend he has in town. Claudia takes Nash to the docks with a cup of coffee in hand. They talk about the first night they met. Nash apologizes for everything he did to her, that it was his fault that she went into rehab. They both agree no matter how few friends they have, neither of them is leaving Llanview. Nash looks into the sky, and, again, thinks of Tess

At the station, Spencer gets his one phone call. Bo reminds Spencer that soon he'll be charged with murder, that John is going to find the gun. Spencer says because he was prosecuted by his son that it's cause for a dismissal. David acts shocked, but then tells Spencer he's known about Hugh all along. Bo's not worried, tells Spencer that Hugh didn't know about their relation until last minute. David scolds Spencer for hanging onto the gun for so long, that he's finally going to be caught.

John comes out of the water with Natalie screaming, wondering if he found the gun. John says the current was so strong, but... He pulls out the gun to show Natalie!

Hugh tells Paige that he told his parents about his birthparents. Paige doesn't expect Hugh to treat her any different, but he expresses that he wants to get to know her. As for Spencer, Hugh wants nothing to do with him. Hugh tells Paige about his conversation with Spencer, about setting him up to think that Hugh is helping him. Paige fears for Hugh's safety where Spencer is concerned. Hugh tells her not to worry. Paige stares at Hugh, looking for any trace of her or Spencer in him. Hugh says he possesses her eyes, but nothing of Spencer.

Spencer's lawyer says that Bo has no proof, that he's getting Spencer out of there. Just then, John comes in, arrests Spencer for the murder of Thomas McBainhis father! John shows everyone the gun. David asks to look at it, says it's identical to the one their father gave them, says it was Spencer's gun! They send it off for testing.

Hugh comes in and Spencer accuses them all of setting him up. The phone rings and Natalie announces that it was the lab, that the gun was used to shoot Thomas McBain, that it is in fact Spencer's gun! Spencer is cuffed and taken away by John for booking!

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