Kelly's Secret Is Out!

Tuesday, August 8th, 2006

Kevin is forced to face the truth about what Duke left behind, Spencer’s web of deceit begins to unravel, Todd and Blair must pull together for Starr.

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Kelly tells Kevin she needs to talk to him about her and Duke.

Bo tells Hugh that John is offering Lenny a deal to admit that Spencer hired him to forge Bo's signature. Lenny won't break down and still claims to John that he's innocent.

Star opens her eyes. In desperation, Todd lets Spencer examine her.

Kevin demands to know what Kelly's doing there, what she wants from him, then tells her he already knows...

Spencer tells Todd and Blair that Starr opened her eyes as a reflex, that she's still unconscious. Blair and Todd beg for Starr to stay strong, to fight. Outside, Dorian fills Evangeline in on Starr's condition. Clint is there to comfort Dorian.

Kelly tells Kevin that he doesn't understand, tells him that Duke will live on through her. Kelly puts her hand to her stomach.

Mathew tells Nora he's worried about her. Nora's tries reassuring her son that she's going to be fine.

John books Lenny on numerous charges. Hugh tells Bo that Lenny's taped confession should be enough to get his badge back. Bo wants to help John solve his father's murder, make Spencer pay.

Dorian tells Clint about Starr's accident. Clint says not to give up hope, to lean on him.

Blair and Todd talk to Starr, comforting each other through words. Todd tells Spencer he's not interested in his opinion just as he gets a call from David, telling him that Lenny has been arrested. Spencer goes to meet David. Evangeline comes in to comfort Todd. Blair gets jealous.

Spencer meets David at the docks, wanting to know the details in Lenny's arrest. David says that John knows everything about Spencer and Lenny's relationship, but that Lenny never ratted Spencer out. He warns Spencer that John is going to come after him!

Evangeline offers support to Todd and Blair. Blair and Todd admit that they both let Starr down.

Kevin is devastated, doesn't believe Kelly. He thinks she's saying she's pregnant to hurt him, but Kelly repeats to him that she's pregnant with Duke's baby. Kelly tries talking to a shocked Kevin, tells him how much her baby means to her.

John expresses his frustration, to Natalie, in finding the proof he needs to put Spencer away for his father's murder.

Bo and Hugh tell Nora and Mathew that Bo's getting his badge back. Hugh updates Nora on the happenings in the DA's office.

David reports to John about his conversation with Spencer, says he's not admitting to his involvement. John tells David he's made the situation worse by talking to Spencer.

An emotional Blair pleads with Starr to come back to her and Todd.

Kelly tries to make Kevin accept the truth. Kevin is furious that he couldn't give her a baby and his son could. He walks out on her.

Todd threatens to throw Spencer out of the hospital if he goes near Starr again. Blair prays for Starr to open her eyes, tells her she's going to make things right between her and Todd. Spencer watches as Todd and Blair's gazes lock.

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