Stop Or I'll Shoot!

Tuesday, September 19th, 2006

John holds Spencer at gunpoint, Cris gets ready for his fight as Vincent prepares to win big, Adriana finds Rex on the floor and David and Natalie chat it up at the station...

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Michael Easton

John and Bo scream for Spencer to drop the gun, to get down on the ground! John threatens to shoot him, as Spencer taunts them all, says if they come closer, he'll throw the gun in the river! Spencer pretends to lay the gun down, then tosses it far into the river. John runs and jumps in after it!

At the station, David asks Natalie to get him in to see Dorian. Natalie lets him know that Dorian has been released. He changes the subject asks if Spencer is going to get away with murder. Natalie tells David that John won't ever let that happen. They chat about John, about his dad's murder, about David's involvement.

Natalie calls Bo. Bo tells her that Spencer threw the gun in the river and John jumped in after it! As the cops take Spencer away, John comes out of the water. Although he tells Bo that the current is strong, he rips off his jacket and jumps back in!

Bo brings Spencer into the station. David questions whether he thought he was going to get away with ditching the gun. Spencer says, "What gun?" Bo tells Spencer that he won't get away with it, that John and he saw the gun. But Spencer says he was just walking along the docks, still acts as though he knows nothing about a gun!

At the docks, Natalie shows up just as John comes out of the water. The dive team shows up, and John insists on going in with them to look for the gun. Seeing John like this, Natalie says maybe she was wrong, maybe John should've blown Spencer away when he had the chance! John says that would've been too easy, that he wants to see Spencer suffer. The divers hand John a mask and he jumps back in the river!


Evangeline supports her man.

As Cris awaits his fight, he answers questions from reporters. Vincent joins him, warns Cris that his opponent won't go down easy. Evangeline questions if his hand is okay. Cris says yes, that he's going to make Vincent a very rich man. And Vincent doesn't deny it.

Ted threatens Abbot's trainer, tells him he better make sure that Cris loses the fight. The man holds up an amber bottle

Layla thanks Vincent for getting Cris this fight, and Evangeline again thanks him, too, says that Cris will make everyone proud. Vincent says whether he wins or loses, he'll still be everyone's hero.


Cris awaits his match.

Roxy shows up, tells Cris his odds and gives him a huge kiss for luck! Cris tells Vincent he's amazed that the odds are in favor of him, that he'll come through for them all. He tells Evangeline he loves her, and she leaves him with a kiss for good luck.


Let the fight begin!

Ted tells Vincent that everything's set, but after hearing all of Cris's supporters rant about him, Vincent has a change of heart He wants Ted to cancel the whole thing! Ted says it's too late, but he'll see what he can do.


Round Two.

The ring announcer calls in the fighters and Cris takes a hard shot to the face. Everyone cheers as Cris gets a couple shots in of his own. After the first round, Cris's opponent rubs a clear liquid on Abbot's gloves. As they fight, Cris feels his eyes burning, he's dizzy and can't see straight. Abbott comes after Cris hard! After the round is over, Vincent tells Cris to throw in the towel, but Cris refuses! The bell sounds and Cris gets a few jabs in. They go back and forth until Abbot strikes Cris hard, opening the cut on his head. Cris is dizzy again, but fights back, knocks Abbott to the ground!


Adriana watches over Rex.

Adriana finds Rex on the floor. As she calls for an ambulance, he wakes up, says he's okay, but she still sends for the ambulance. After the MT's leave, saying that Rex was dehydrated, Adriana takes care of Rex. Rex asks if Dorian was there when Adriana went for her clothes, asked how it went. Adriana fills him in, says she never wants to see Dorian again. Rex reminds her that she'll have to testify against Dorian, and Adriana wants her to pay. Rex says that he doesn't want Dorian to go to jail, that he wants Adriana to be able to live with herself. Adriana says no matter what, she'll never forgive Dorian. Again, Rex asks Adriana to move in with him, that he wants to share his life with her, but she needs time to find herself. However, until he's better, she agrees to stay with him.

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