John Finds A Clue!

Monday, November 26th, 2007

John & Lee continue to work together, Todd & Blair go home to Starr and Clint ends things with Dorian...

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On the plane to Ireland, Lee antagonizes John about his reading preferences then asks, “There’s something in that poetry book that you think could lead us to Marty Saybrooke and her son.” However, when Lee won’t give John any details into the case, John refuses to share his own beliefs with Lee! While Lee steps away from his seat, John thinks back to what Marty told him about Patrick’s last words, underlines a few words in a poem in the poetry book then realizes there’s something hidden in the back cover of the book! Just as John uncovers what appears to be a computer chip, Lee appears and John’s forced to quickly hide his findings! Later, when Lee is sleeping, John looks at the computer chip that he now holds in his hand.


In Ireland, when a man enters the darkened room demanding certain ‘names’ from Patrick’s past from Marty, Marty insists she doesn’t have the answers! After the man leaves, Marty admits to Cole, “Your father died with a very big secret. I have been keeping something from you.” As Marty explains how Patrick was murdered, Cole is upset that his mother never told him the truth to which she admits that regardless of them having been kidnapped, she was going to tell the truth, “Because of John.” Just as Cole takes Marty’s hand in forgiveness, the man comes back in and warns that they have until the crack of dawn to give him the information he wants – or one of them will die! Alone again, Marty cries, “I don’t know what they want! Your father kept everything from me!”


Blair and Todd arrive back in Llanview. After they bring Starr up to date on their search for Tommy, Starr tells her parents about the website she set up to help find Cole. After Todd promises to help the authorities find Cole, because he’s someone Starr cares about, Starr goes outside to look at the stars – hoping Cole is too – leaving Blair to promise Todd they will all find what they are looking for soon.


Still in Texas, after Nigel sets Alex free, Jared appears, tells Nigel he knows everything then asks, “Now…what are you going to do for me?” Although Nigel tries to blow Jared off, he’s forced to ask, “What do you want for your silence?” After Jared brings up the envelope Asa left in his care, he demands to see it! When Nigel refuses, Jared threatens he’ll tell everyone that David is Asa’s long lost son! However, Nigel quickly stops Jared and hands him the envelope! Once Jared opens the letter, sees that Asa left David a seat on the board, Jared expresses the possibility of him ‘becoming’ Asa’s son! Although Nigel is a bit thrilled that the pressure of keeping Asa’s secret is now off his hands, he’s not sure if Jared being Asa’s son is any better than David! However, after Jared states his case, which contains more threats, Nigel reluctantly agrees to allow Jared to carry out his plan – but reminds him, “Are you willing to give up Ms. Natalie Buchanan for this? What’s more important to you… Love or money?”


Outside her car, Alex is confronted by David who asks, “Where are you going?” After Alex states, “I’m leaving, you cheated on me already with Dorian. I want a divorce,” David doesn’t appear hurt in the least but reminds Alex about their prenuptial agreement. As Alex hands David the papers, including her bank and credit card statements, she drops the bomb and admits she’s broke as well! Stunned, David replies, “I’m poor again. Now what the heck am I going to do,” to which Alex suggests he ask the Buchanan’s – or Dorian - for a loan! When David heads in to pack, asking Alex to wait and give him a ride out of town, she slips up and mumbles, “You’re not the person who I’m going to share a deserted island with.” Immediately, David turns and asks, “Island? You have an island?” Alex blows her statement off then dismisses David – who stomps off into the house!


When Dorian informs Clint she’s leaving and says, “That ought to make you happy,” Clint snaps, “Happier than I have been in months!” Though Clint and Dorian bicker – and try to make excuses for their actions – Clint ultimately tells Dorian, “It’s the end of us.” Still trying to sort their mess out, Dorian finds some pleasure in knowing that Clint has always been jealous of David but gets a wake up call when Clint opens up the door to show Dorian the way out. After one last plea of her love, Dorian leaves the ranch – and Clint – behind.


In the ranch, when Nash tries to warn Natalie about Jared being a snake in disguise, Natalie sticks by her newfound beliefs and claims Jared is a nice, misunderstood guy! Though Nash’s feelings toward Jared are strong, Nash warns, “Be careful.” Seeing Dorian leave, Natalie goes in to check on her father.

Later, when David appears, Clint kicks him out of the ranch too!


As Alex is leaving the ranch in her car, backing up, she hits ‘something’, says, “What’s one more dead coyote,” then puts her foot to the gas pedal – not realizing she ran over Dorian!


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