Marcie & Michael Connect!

Wednesday, November 21st, 2007

Michael talks to Marcie, Marcie finds out that Todd is on her trail, and Cris is reassured about Sarah & Jared...

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In Texas, still in Marcie’s room, although Marcie denies Gigi's claims that she’s someone else, Gigi shows her the wanted flyer then rips Marcie’s wig off! Once Gigi explains that a guy named Todd Manning left the flyer, Marcie replies, “No.” Although Marcie starts to panic – and pack – Gigi explains that she sent Todd on a wild goose chase – and turned down one million dollars! When Gigi asks, “Why did you lie to me?” Marcie tells Gigi the truth about adopting Tommy, about Michael and about how Tommy came to be Todd Manning’s son – a man who is a monster, a convicted rapist! Marcie then explains about Tommy’s birthmother and how Todd admitted he tried to kill Margaret when she was pregnant. “He’s rich,” Marcie says. “That’s how they get what they want. Tommy deserves a real family.” Although Gigi tries to remind Marcie that life on the run is not for a little boy, Marcie manages to convince Gigi that she’s doing the right thing – from one mother to another. Although Gigi says she would’ve never felt good about taking the money – knowing how much Marcie loves Tommy – she brings up Marcie’s husband to which Marcie replies, “He’s going to have to forget about us. Marcie and Tommy McBain no longer exist.”


When Charlie arrives at the Bonjour Café, Moe and Noelle are arguing over the bake off! Seated at a table, Charlie asks Viki if having dinner together is a date to which Viki replies, “This is the most interesting Thanksgiving I’ve ever spent… So, I’m going to ask you, is this a date?” Finally Viki and Charlie admit they are again on a date! When Shane arrives, Viki wonders what’s keeping Gigi… Shortly after, Gigi arrives saying she was visiting her friend and hears Moe and Noelle arguing about the bake off. Wanting to start dinner with a tradition, Gigi asks everyone to say what they are thankful for: Moe and Noelle for their bake off, Shane for Charlie teaching him how to fight, Gigi is thankful for Shane, Charlie for being there with wonderful people and Viki expresses her thanks for life’s endless possibilities.


Bo arrives at St. Ann’s with a bundle of pies for the nuns then heads in to see Lindsay – who is visiting with RJ! Not meaning to interrupt, Lindsay and RJ spot Bo. Although Bo and RJ have never been friends, for Lindsay, they manage to share a civil conversation. When Lindsay asks them to stay for dinner, the men put their differences aside and accept. Later, Lindsay thanks Bo for staying, especially with RJ, then Bo hugs her goodbye with promises to come again soon.


At the diner, Antonio and Cris are helping out with Thanksgiving dinner. As soon as Antonio and Jamie start to tease Cris about Sarah, Cris asks, “And how’s your love life?” Before Antonio can answer, Talia arrives! When Talia offers to leave, saying she always spends Thanksgiving alone and didn’t realize the diner was closed, Cris asks Talia to stay – and so does Antonio and Jamie! After Jamie takes Talia to the ladies room, Antonio warns Cris, “Not one word about my love life!” Just then, Carlotta arrives saying, “Look who I found.” It’s Sarah! Alone, Sarah reassures Cris that there’s nothing between her and Jared – and that they were both waiting for the right person to come along. When dinner begins, Carlotta, Antonio, Talia, Jamie, Cris and Sarah express their thanks. Surprisingly, when RJ comes to see Jamie, Antonio invites him to stay!


While Rex is daydreaming about having ‘breakfast in bed,’ Adriana is busying herself around the apartment demanding Rex’s help with Thanksgiving dinner! Although Rex finally agrees to help, he tries to calm Adriana who is nervous about having her first dinner – and is glad Dorian won’t be there to pick at her!

Just then, Vincent, Layla and Roxy arrive – with Miles and Michael close behind! Although Michael and Miles weren’t invited, Adriana hugs Michael as Rex questions Roxy about Miles by asking, “What is this, bring a con to dinner day?” While Roxy is introducing Miles around, Michael tells Rex, “This is my first Thanksgiving without Tommy.” Later, when Natalie calls Roxy, she hands the phone over to Rex and asks, “Get some info out of her about Asa’s will!” While Rex is on the phone, Adriana tries to cheer Michael up to which he admits, “I had this feeling this morning that Marcie and Tommy would come walking through the door… But they're not coming back.” Later, before dinner after everyone talks about all they are thankful for, Michael prays out loud, hoping his family is safe, then goes to leave…


Just before he reaches the door, Michael’s phone rings, and it’s Marcie! After Marcie let’s Tommy say, “Hi daddy,” she takes back the phone and says, “I just wanted to let you know we are okay and I’m so thankful I had you in my life.” Although Michael begs for Marcie to let him come find her, Marcie insists he forgot about them and says, “Make a new life for yourself… one without us.” Once Marcie hangs up, Michael breaks down in tears…


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