Who Can You Trust?

Monday, September 18th, 2006

Vincent is questioned by Todd, Dorian is out of jail, Adriana brings Rex home and John and Hugh close in on Spencer...

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Tobias Truvillion

Vincent tells Ted all he cares about is that Cris comes out of the fight the loser. Layla joins them, and Vincent asks Ted to leave. Layla goes to the bathroom, and Vincent walks over to Ted. Ted tells Vincent that he better hope that Layla doesn't find out that he's setting up her sister's boyfriend.

Todd overhears! Todd approaches Vincent, questions why he's setting Cris up? Vincent says that Todd heard wrong. But Todd thinks differently, winks, tells Vincent that he's not a fan of Cris's. Todd places a bet against Cris!

Evangeline is at Capricorn. Todd joins her. They talk about how strange it was that Hugh let Spencer walk. Nora joins them, and Todd asks her whether she had anything to do with Hugh being easy on Spencer. Nora assures Todd that Hugh will get a confession, that he'll put Spencer away. Todd walks away.

Rex is released and Adriana brings him back to the loft. Adriana wonders if Dorian knows how much pain and suffering she's caused. Even though Rex isn't a fan of Dorian's, he reminds Adriana that she's still her mother. Not knowing where she'll go, Rex asks Adriana to move in with him. Adriana can't move in with him, says she needs to learn to take care of herself, needs to live on her own, but agrees to stay until she gets her own place. Adriana leaves to collect her things from Dorian's, thinking her mother's still in jail.

Clint calls Bo, tells him to let Dorian out of jail. Bo tells Clint it's not that simple, that he can't let her go. Clint pleads her case, saying that Dorian's changed, asks for a personal favor. Bo says he'll let her go.

Dorian is brought into Bo's office, ranting and raving like always, saying she hasn't done anything wrong. Bo tells Dorian that because of Clint, he's letting her go.

Dorian shows up at Capricorn, thanks Clint for giving her a second chance. However, Clint says he didn't say he was giving her a second chance. Clint asks Dorian if she masterminded Adriana's kidnapping and she admits it, but says she's changed, that Clint has made her a better woman. Clint doesn't sway that easily, doesn't trust her. Although he cares about her, Clint says he doesn't want her in his life. Dorian leaves.

Just as Adriana is leaving Dorian's with her belongings, Dorian comes through the door. Adriana questions how she got of jail, and Dorian tells her she has Clint to thank, even if he hasn't forgiven her. Adriana says she doesn't deserve any forgiveness! Adriana tries to leave, but Dorian won't let her. Dorian says she's her mother, that Adriana must forgive her! But Adriana tells Dorian she's not her mother. Dorian feels alone, finds a bouquet of flowers that Clint had sent her days ago.

At the loft, Rex passes out, hallucinates that Dorian is in the loft. Adriana shows up, goes to his side, tries to wake him up.

Hugh fills John in about his conversation with Spencer. John sympathizes with Hugh, says he knows it wasn't easy. Suddenly the PI comes in, says Spencer's on the move. Hugh and John take off to follow Spencer. In the car, John hands Hugh a gun for protection. They follow Spencer's lead until he stops at the bus station. John and Hugh arrived, but they can't find Spencer.

Inside, Spencer unlocks a bus locker.

They search the bus lockers and Spencer goes out the backdoor. John goes to look for him. At the river, Spencer thinks back on Thomas McBain's murder, remembers shooting him. Spencer remembers his father on his deathbed, the day he gave him the matching pair of guns. John sees Spencer, screams for him to freeze just as Spencer is ready to throw the gun in the river! John says if he moves, he'll shoot Spencer right where he stands!

Next on One Life to Live: Adriana calls for an ambulance, Cris tells Vincent he's going to make him a ton of cash, and John threatens to kill Spencer if he moves!

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