David Returns!

Friday, November 2nd, 2007

David turns up, and Dorian wants to be Langston's foster mother...

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At the diner, just as Viki is ready to head home, she sees Charlie walk in and decides to stay a while longer. After Viki puts in Charlie’s order, Moe rants about Gigi taking off, then Noelle asks Viki, “What if what you were looking for is Charlie?” Although Viki isn’t sure she wants to find herself in a man, she continues to be drawn to Charlie. After Charlie’s dinner, he pushes the files aside, the ones that he’s had his head buried in for two days, then asks to take Viki out on a date tomorrow night!


As Dorian is instructing Starr and Langston on how to act when the social worker arrives, ‘Death’ watches them from the shadows. When Markko and Cole arrive, Dorian says, “Boys, I’m afraid this isn’t a good time.” However, too late! Ms. Woodruff and her supervisor show up for the interview and wonder where Blair is. After Dorian explains Blair’s absence – and Mr. Manning’s – the supervisor begins to question the Manning’s seriousness in fostering Langston. Suddenly, the supervisor announces that Blair’s petition has been revoked. Stopping them halfway to the door, Dorian stands up and states, “If Blair can’t be Langston’s foster mother, then I can be!” Dorian insists she wants this then tells Langston she belongs right there with her. Observing Dorian comfort Langston, the supervisor agrees to let Dorian apply to be Langston’s foster mother! Before they leave, Dorian is informed, “You could be Langston’s foster mother by next week.”


Later, alone with Dorian, Langston and Dorian hug to which Langston says, “I’m starting to think everything is going to be okay.

Outside, when Cole heads home to get his cellphone before they all go out tonight, ‘Death’ follows him to the apartment!


At Dreamland, a prominent celebrity rehab center, Alex approaches David, who appears to be working there, and acts as though she merely bumped into him! While catching up with Alex, David folds some towels and explains how Viki made him feel as though he could be a better person – and how he felt it was time to pay for his own way in life! As David goes on about being broke, Alex thinks back to hearing Nigel admit that David was Asa’s son then confesses that she’s in rehab because of a sex addiction! Through seducing words, Alex explains how she is now a very wealthy widow – and how her sex addiction, and affair, caused her much older husband’s heart attack and death! Thinking David is pulling the wool over Alex’s eye, he begins comforting her and saying he’ll help her get through her troubles - with money on the mind!


Driving out of Georgia, Todd questions John why he thinks Marcie is in New Orleans? After John gets a call, Todd asks, “You know where they are, don’t you?” John explains how he overheard the club owner saying Marcie was headed to the ‘Big Easy’ and that one of the employees has family there! As Todd questions, “What else have you been keeping from me?” John thinks back to seeing Marcie on stage! Although John doesn’t think Ramsey is on to them, he tells Todd, “We may be getting closer.” As Blair, Todd and Marty begin to argue, John can’t take it anymore and screams for them all to, “Shut up!” After John’s car breaks down on the interstate, tensions begin to escalate! Though Blair and Marty finally agree to call a truce – for Tommy’s sake – Todd continues to push John’s buttons!


Finally arriving in New Orleans, Marcie and Tommy knock on a door and a man answers then says, “Right on time.” Once inside, Marcie is introduced to Clarence’s (her dragqueen friend’s) family who takes her into their home and gives Tommy some clean clothes. Over dinner, Marcie talks about Hurricane Katrina to which she finds out the family pretty much lost everything they had. Marcie admits how she’s felt so sorry for herself lately but now knows she’s lucky. After the man of the house gets a call, his wife suggests he take Marcie with him, along the interstate, in order for her to pick up some supplies for Tommy! “Don’t worry,” the woman promises. “You’re not going to run into anyone you know here.”


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Marcie takes cover in a drainage pipe after the man pulls over to help John, Todd, Blair and Marty!

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