A Change In Plans

Thursday, September 14th, 2006

Blair breaks the news to Jack, Paige tells Spencer he has a son, John and Hugh join forces and Adriana and Rex try to get closure...

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Kassie DePaiva

Blair and Spencer tell Jack that she's not marrying Spencer. Jack is mad, says he wants Dr. Spencer to be his daddy. Todd yells at Jack, says HE'S his daddy! Starr takes Jack upstairs as Todd accuses Blair of turning Jack against him by bringing Spencer in to his life. Upstairs, Jack calls Spencer, leaves a message for him to come to Aunt Dorian's immediately! Jack comes downstairs and asks if Dr. Spencer is there yet? Todd asks Blair to let him talk to Jack alone, and she does... For the time being, Todd seems to break down the walls between them.

Dorian screams at the top of her lungs as David enters the jail, giving her hell for what she did to Adriana. When Dorian won't fess up, David leaves. When David comes back, he tells Dorian that he talked to a lawyer, that he thinks that Bo is just keeping her there to scare her. Dorian pleads with David to go to Adriana on her behalf. David questions what'll happen if Adriana forgave her, would Dorian ever be able to accept Rex in her life? Dorian says she'll do whatever it takes to get her back, that she doesn't want to lose everybody she cares about. David reaches in, touches her cheek, tells her she hasn't lost everyone,

John tells Bo that they're watching Spencer, but aren't having anything luck. However, John's sure that he'll lead them to the gun that killed John's father. John has a plan, thinks they can play on Spencer's emotional side, his issues with family. Bo leaves, and John calls his PI, tells him to stay on Spencer. Hugh comes in, tells John that he wants to see Spencer pay for his crimes, that he won't blow the case. John asks, "What if we want you to." John tells Hugh he needs to get Spencer to trust him, and Hugh agrees to do it. John makes a call, finds out that Spencer is on the move. They leave the office, on their way to introduce Spencer to his son.

Paige tells Spencer she gave birth to his child after they were divorced, asks Spencer to tell her where Todd's son is! Spencer doesn't believe her, asks why she never told him, and Paige expresses that she never wanted him raising their baby, that she gave him up to protect him from turning out like Spencer. Spencer still thinks she's lying, but Paige doubts him, says she can see it in his eyes. When she goes to leave, Spencer stops her, wants to know about 'this' son of his. Paige wants to know if Todd's baby is dead or alive, but Spencer wants some information first. Paige tells him his son lives in Llanview. Spencer says he knows Paige too well, that she could've never pulled this off. Paige makes a jab at him, says, "Like you thought you knew Blair" then she leaves.

Adriana finds Rex in his hospital bed, booking bands for Ultra Violet instead of resting. He tells her he's being released today, thanks her for taking care of him. Adriana says she'll never forget what Dorian did to them. Adriana can't forgive herself for not trusting Rex, for allowing her mother to manipulate them. Rex doesn't blame her. Adriana surprises Rex by saying when she ran out on him, she was looking for a reason to run, didn't want to face getting hurt in the long run like she had in the past. He promises her that nothing will ever come between them again.

Bo shows up and Adriana gives them some time alone. Bo tells Rex that getting shot is no laughing matter, that he needs to be careful in the future. Bo fills Rex in on Spencer's case. When Adriana comes back, she tells Rex that he can't go home because of his collapsed lung. She tells him that the doctors said that Dorian saved his life When Adriana worries about where she'll live, Rex says. "With me."

The social worker tells Michael and Marcie that the other foster parents had already completed the adoption forms. However, the social worker gives them some advice. She starts telling them about the other couple, about how they own a home where Tommy would have his own room but the judge enters, doesn't let her finish. The judge asks Michael and Marcie why they think they're the best parents for the child? Marcie tells the judge how much her and Michael love Tommy, that they'd do anything for him. Tommy begins to cry and Marcie goes to him. The judge sees first hand how much Tommy loves Marcie, says she'll have a decision for them tomorrow.

Todd tries hugging Jack goodbye, but Jack runs away from him. Todd tells Blair that if Jack doesn't come around, he'll never forgive her. As Todd goes out the backdoor, the doorbell rings. Blair answers it It's Spencer!

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