Llanview Is In Turmoil.

Monday, August 7th, 2006

Todd and Blair pull together for Starr, Kelly faces Kevin with the truth, David gets what John wants, and Adriana finds herself in more danger.

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Adriana and Rex struggle as she tries stabbing him with a knife. Rex knocks it out of her hand just as Adriana hits him over the head with a glass, leaving Rex lying on the bed as she runs out to the beach.

John questions Lenny about the forged documents, about his relationship with Spencer and his scheme to set up Bo, but Lenny remains silent. John refuses to let him leave until Lenny admits what he did.

Spencer questions Blair when he finds her holding a picture. With her back to him, Blair hides the picture in her purse, telling him she has massage oil in her hand. He takes his shirt off and Blair distracts him with a massage. She nervously looks to her purse. Spencer picks up on her nervousness and questions if she would ever intentionally hurt him.

Todd arrives at the hospital where Starr's friend tells him that she jumped off a cliff at the quarry and hit her head. Michael is at an unconscious Starr's bedside, explaining to Todd that she may have brain damage.

As Adriana runs along the beach, she remembers back to seeing Rex with the stalker. Rex struggles to get up from the bed after being hit over the head with the glass. He screams throughout the house for Adriana, demanding to know what's going on, why she's acting this way toward him.

Dorian approaches Kelly and wants her to admit that she's pregnant with Duke's baby, but Kelly still denies it. Dorian tells Kelly that she confided in Clint about her suspicions of her pregnancy. Kelly hits the roof!

When Clint arrives home, he is surprised to see Viki there with Kevin. He tells Viki and Kevin that he spent the evening with Dorian, that she's really been there for him. Kevin warns Clint not to get involved with the Cramer women. Clint asks Kevin if he can forgive Kelly for sleeping with his dead son, Duke. Kevin says in time, he'll be able to live with it, maybe even forgive her, but he'll never be able to forget.

Todd questions Michael about Starr's condition. Michael says they need to wait until she wakes up before they'll know more. Todd leans over Starr's bed, pleading for her to wake up. Michael asks Todd to wait outside and tells him to call Blair.

Natalie questions Bo on how John's coming with the questioning of Lenny. She tells Bo about how she went off on Nash and Claudia at Rodie's the night before and says she wished John would've supported her more. John comes out of the interrogation room, and Natalie lets him know she's there for him. John suddenly leaves the police station and says he knows someone who can get the information out of Lenny.

Rex calls Bo and asks him if Adriana had called him. Bo tells him no, why? Rex explains that she's gone and says that she thinks Rex was talking to the stalker. He tells Bo that she hit him over the head. Just then, Rex realizes what's wrong with her after seeing his laptop open on the chair. Rex hangs up with Bo and runs out of the house after her.

Michael insists to Todd that Blair is Starr's mom and he needs to call her. She'll need both parents to get through this. Michael says he'll call Blair if Todd doesn't. Todd agrees and tells Starr to hang in there before leaving the room. Todd leaves Blair a message on her cell, saying that Starr is in the emergency room and tells her to come immediately. He tries to locate her at Spencer's suite, but the hotel won't put him through. Todd leaves the hospital.

Clint tells Kevin he's proud of him for facing his problems head on. Kevin goes to bed, leaving Clint and Viki alone. Clint tells Viki that Dorian thinks Kelly is pregnant with Duke's baby.

Kelly tells Dorian she's furious at her for telling Clint that she's pregnant. Dorian says she couldn't hide it from him after they made love. She felt bad for his heartache about Duke's death. Kelly still professes that she's not pregnant, then confesses under pressure to Dorian that she really is. Kelly tells her she doesn't want Kevin to hear it from Clint. Kelly accuses Dorian of wanting Kevin to find out in the worst way, to hurt him.

John brings David to the police station to help him get the truth out of Lenny. David says he can't make John any promises and says he was a kid when Lenny worked with David's dad. John goes over what he wants David to say, but David wants to do things his way. John tells him to go ahead, whatever it takes to get the job done. David and John join Lenny in the interrogation room. John leaves David alone to jog Lenny's memory.

Spencer tries to make love to Blair as she hears a knock at the door. Blair tells him to answer it. It's Todd, calling for Blair, yelling to her that Starr almost drowned and may have brain damage.

Adriana runs right into the hands of her stalker and asks him why he was talking to Rex the night before on the beach. She sees Rex approaching them, screaming her name. Adriana breaks free and continues running down the beach away from Rex and the stalker.

Todd tells Blair that Starr snuck out of Dorian's house and accuses her of not being a responsible parent. Todd leaves Spencer's hotel suite as Spencer comforts Blair.

John and Bo listen in on David and Lenny's conversation, as Lenny asks David why he's in the station. David says he was pulled in for forgery. Lenny remembers David as 'Little Davey.' David acts as though he doesn't know him. Lenny tells him he used to run with David's dad. David plays as if he suddenly remembers him. They talk about David getting blamed for murdering John's dad. David tells Lenny that he was legendary for his forgery, butters him up and asks him if he's still up to his old tricks. Lenny doesn't want to be overheard. David fake cries, claiming that talking to Lenny makes him miss his dad. Lenny says he misses him, too. David says it's too bad that Lenny's not still out there doing the old scams, keeping the old times alive. Lenny winks, reassuring David that he has been running scams.

Viki asks Clint if he thinks Kelly is really pregnant. She voices her concerns for Kevin. Clint tells her it'll be like having a part of Duke back with them. They are both concerned that Kevin will never get over what happen with Kelly and Duke when he finds out this secret. They worry he's going to hit the bottle again.

Kelly tells Dorian she's going to Kevin tonight. Dorian tells her the stress isn't good for her or the baby. She tells Dorian she doesn't need her advice. Blair calls, as Kelly leaves, screaming to Dorian that Starr is in the hospital. Dorian heads to the hospital.

John and Bo watch as David tries to get answers out of Lenny. Natalie explains to John why she blew up at Rodie's. David tells Lenny it's cool that he's still in the business. Lenny tells David if he can get his hands on some release papers, he'll sign Bo Buchanan's name on it and confesses to David that he signed Bo's name to the documents involving Margaret's murder. David leaves. John joins Lenny and tells him he knows he did it and asks if Spencer hired him.

Todd gets back to the hospital. Michael tells him there's been no change. Blair and Spencer arrive. Todd tells Spencer that he isn't to go near Starr. Blair goes in with Todd to see Starr and tells her mommy and daddy are there.

Rex looks for Adriana and yells out to her. He finds her hair-tie on the beach, as he continues looking for her. Adriana finds herself on a highway, hysterical she doesn't know where to turn. Someone is watching her from the bushes.

Kevin hears a knock on his door. It's Kelly, saying she has something to tell him.

David gloats to Bo about getting the information for him. John probes Lenny to tell him the truth and tells him they got his confession on tape. Lenny asks if David set him up. John offers Lenny no jail time if he admits that Spencer Truman hired him.

Dorian asks Spencer how Starr is doing. Spencer tells her that Todd won't let him in the room. Michael tells Dorian to let Blair and Todd be alone with Starr. Todd comforts Blair and says Starr will be all right. Starr opens her eyes!

On the next One Life to Live: Kevin wants to know what's wrong with Kelly, Starr's family comes together for her and John tells Bo he's going to get his career back for him.

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