Llanview's Residents Are In Attack Mode

Wednesday, September 13th, 2006

Spencer walks free, Hugh and John get back on the same page, Starr blasts Blair for her actions and Marcie and Michael fight for Tommy...

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Paul Satterfield

Hugh tells Spencer that he'll convict Spencer for the murder of John's father, but Spencer responds by saying he'll make ALL of them suffer! John makes Hugh meet him in his office, questions Hugh about whether he was going to tell Spencer that he's Hugh's father. Hugh thinks he should, but John says he can't, that Spencer is going to end up buying his way out of this, that they need to play this out to the end! To find the murder weapon! Hugh confides in John about his feelings toward Paige and Spencer. John opens up about his father. Hugh thinks it's ironic that he and John are working together to convict Hugh's father for John's dad's murder. John's investigator comes in, saying they have a signal on the tracker that John planted on Spencer. John hopes that Spencer will mess up, that he'll led them to the evidence they need!

While screaming at Spencer, Kelly buckles over in pain. It turns out to be nothing, Kelly says she's just hungry, and Natalie insists on taking Kelly to the diner. Natalie tells Kelly she can't let Spencer get away with what he did, that they are all there for her. Kelly says she needs to do this on her own, that she doesn't think she can live around Kevin because of all the guilt she feels.

Todd and Kevin accuse Spencer of all the bad things that have happened in their lives. Bo makes them back off. Todd tells Spencer that he'll get his shot at him, and Kevin demands to know when Spencer gave him the virus that made him sterile! Of course, Spencer denies it all, says he had a sample of the virus in his office for research. Bo pulls Kevin into his office. As Spencer tries to leave, Todd stops him, tells Spencer he can see the fear in his eyes, that's he's going to be put to death unless Spencer tells Todd where his son is! Spencer tells them all to go to hell, then leaves. Todd begs for Paige to tell him anything she knows about his son, asks David what he knows. Todd blames Hugh for letting Spencer walk free, but Paige defends him. Todd leaves, leaving Paige with an idea for getting Spencer to tell her where Todd's baby is.

While David and Bo are talking, it comes out that Dorian is at the station, in the holding cell, that she's been arrested! David runs off to go see her. Bo questions Paige as to what she'll do when Spencer finds out about Hugh. Paige is unsure, but realizes it was for the best that Hugh wasn't raised by Spencer. Paige leaves Bo to his work.

Getting ready to be released from the hospital, Starr bombards Blair for sleeping with Spencer, for lying to Todd. They continue to argue about Blair and her sexual relations with Spencer. Starr defends Todd, and Blair says that Todd will forgive her. Blair tells Starr that Spencer was arraigned today, that she wants him to pay for what he did. Todd shows up, takes Starr's side. He tells Blair that Spencer is on the loose. While Todd and Blair are signing Starr's release papers, Blair is paranoid that Spencer is free. Todd says if the justice system doesn't get Spencer, he will!

Michael and Marcie are at the courthouse, waiting to find out if they can adopt Tommy. While Marcie is worried, Michael is optimistic, explains to her the process. When the social worker shows up, she tells Marcie and Michael that there's a problem with them adopting Tommy

Cris and Evangeline are in his bed, making love, settling their differences through actions until they decide they're hungry. Cris leaves to get them some food, then returns with breakfast in bed, giving Evangeline a crash course in Latino food. Evangeline looks at Cris's hand, asks if he's sure he can fight tonight. He says yes, says he's going to win the fight because of her.

At the hospital, Paige tells Spencer that if he tells her where Todd's son is, she'll tell him where his son is!

Next on One Life to Live: Blair tells Jack she's not marrying Spencer, Adriana makes a confession to Rex and Paige tells Spencer his son in right in Llanview!

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