Court Dismissed!

Tuesday, September 12th, 2006

Hugh grants Spencer's bail, Jessica gets sucked into Tess's memories, Kevin and Kelly want answers and John is still out for justice...

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Josh Casaubon

In the courtroom, everyone is in an uproar. John is screaming at the judge and everyone is questioning Hugh's decision. The judge tells them all to SIT DOWN! David asks to speak, tells the judge that if he lets Spencer out on bail, he'll run and no one in Llanview will be safe! The judge disregards everyone's warnings, sets bail at one million dollars. The gavel comes down and the corners of Spencer's mouth turn up. Nora questions Hugh as to how he could let Spencer go like this, and Hugh says he had his reasons. John demands that Hugh give him answers, as Spencer walks out of the courtroom.

Evangeline and Cris argue after she overhears Cris telling Todd about Blair's visit to him. Evangeline is furious that Chris doesn't trust her, even though he says it's Todd who he doesn't trust. Cris needs space and leaves her at the courthouse. Nora comes to Evangeline's rescue, gives her advice on how to deal with Cris, to 'show' him how she feels instead of 'telling' him. At his loft, Cris's emotions weigh heavily on his mind. Evangeline shows up, says that Cris was right, that they are different. Taking off her clothes, she tells Cris she loves him, only him, asks for him to let her show him how much. They go into Cris's steamy shower!

Kevin and Kelly are at the police station, looking for answers as to why Spencer destroyed them. When Spencer is brought back into the station, Kevin goes after him, asking way Spencer has been going after the Buchanan's! Spencer taunts them all with snide remarks, says he's out on bail! When David questions why Blair hasn't been by his side, Spencer says that Blair's dead to him now. For Todd's benefit, Spencer says that Blair's been led astray, that Spencer is the only man for her. Bo pulls Todd, Kelly and Kevin in his office to reassure them that they'll get Spencer, that Hugh knows what he's doing.

Hugh and John are in Hugh's office, where Hugh tells John that he found out that Spencer is his father, that things are now going to become more complicated. John questions what he plans to do, and Hugh says he'll start by trying not to hate himself for having Spencer as a father. John says he's nothing like Spencer, that they need to find the gun that was used to kill his father. John goes one step further, asks Hugh if they get a conviction, will he have trouble asking the judge to give Spencer the death penalty? Hugh replies, "Not for a minute!" Hugh's phone rings, he looks to John letting him know that Spencer will soon be leaving the building. They both leave, planning to follow Spencer, hoping he'll lead them to the gun that killed John's father.

Outside Bo's office, Spencer thanks Hugh for not arguing his bail. Hugh stares at Spencer When Spencer asks him what he's staring at, Hugh says he's looking looking to see if there's a trace of him in Spencer. Spencer questions why Hugh would say that, and Hugh screams for Spencer to shut up, tells him he'll stop at nothing to convict him of the murder of John's father, that not even the fact that Hugh vows to sentence Spencer to his Death!

While Jessica is daydreaming back on Tess's memories of Nash, Antonio and Nash walk in. Jessica gets all jittery, says she needs to leave. Nash questions if she had a "Tess feeling." Jessica denies it. When Antonio goes to answer a call, Nash questions whether Jessica was lying, and she admits it, admits that she had been dealing with a memory of him and Tess. Antonio tells Jessica that he needs to go, leaving Jessica with Nash. She tries telling him she'll never have Tess's feelings. Nash wants to know what she remembered, says he misses Tess, that he can't move on with Jessica having Tess's looks. Jessica suggests they sit, come up with a plan to make their situation work, says she wants to get to know him for their daughter's sake. Seeing how upset Nash is, she opens up, tells him she gets itthe beauty of the vineyard, Tess and Nash's happiness. Nash relives how close he felt to Tess, but Jessica stops him, says she can't hear anymore of it, tells Nash he has to let go Tess is gone forever. Jessica tells Nash that in order to make things work, they need to co-exist. While Jessica orders lunch, she surprises herself by ordering fries the way Tess used to! Nash wants to leave, says he's in mourning for Tess. Jessica takes him in her arms, says how sorry she is. Nash pulls away, says he's sorry, that he didn't mean to upset her. Antonio comes back to take her home, and Jessica tells him to wait in the car. Jessica wants to make sure Nash is okay, tells him that Tess loved him more than she could ever say, then leaves him alone.

Next on One Life to Live: Cris is determined to win his fight, Paige tries to make a deal with Spencer, John gets emotional and Todd tells Blair he'll get Spencer!

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