Has John Nabbed The Real Killer?

Monday, August 27th, 2007

Lindsay is arrested, and Jared strikes a deal with Antonio...

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Back at the vineyard, drinking wine, Nash explains that since Antonio has controlling interest in his land, Nash could lose everything! Nash insists he needs to come up with a new plan in order to fight for what’s his and says, “Before Jessica comes back from London.” Suddenly, Jessica calls and says, “I'm looking forward to coming home… So, what’s been going on since I’ve been away. What have I missed?” When Roxy opens her big mouth and screams, “Just tell Jessica what’s going on!” Jessica wants answers! Although Nash explains he’s working on something concerning the vineyard, he doesn’t reveal he already lost everything!


After Jessica hangs up with Nash, she calls the airport with plans to return home early – tomorrow!


At Rodie’s, when Natalie asks what this ‘hope’ for Todd is, Miles pulls out a bus locker key! Miles explains that although he turned over a letter to Todd – it was incomplete – and that the key was given to him, along with the letter, by Spencer. Holding the key, when Natalie asks what Spencer did to Todd’s baby, Miles claims, “The answer is in this bus locker.” After Miles says he doesn’t know what’s in it, he continues, “No matter what, Todd needs to know whether or not his son is really dead.”


While Antonio and Talia are sharing a drink at the bar, Jared arrives with questions about the vineyard. After Talia leaves, Jared says, “I’m willing to buy you out.” Although Antonio doesn’t jump on the offer, he hands Jared a business card – allowing Jared a peek at the picture of Jessica in his wallet – then sends him on his way. But not before Jared says, “Nash Brennan carries around a picture of her too,” which causes Talia to come to Antonio’s rescue! Once Antonio throws Jessica’s picture on the bar, he follows Talia to a table, to which Talia convinces him it’s time to move on. Just as Jared pockets the picture of Jessica, Antonio goes back to the bar and accepts Jared’s offer to buy his share of the vineyard!


Later, at the bus station, standing before the bus locker, Miles hears Spencer's voice prompting him to open it! Unlocking it, Miles reaches inside, pulls out a file, looks inside and says, “Oh, my…” As Spencer’s voice taunts him, Miles replies, “It can’t be true.”

Later, Miles rejoins Natalie at Rodie’s and confesses, “Todd’s son is alive and well and living in Llanview.” Although Miles doesn’t want to involve Natalie will the details, he listens on and agrees as Natalie says, “Give Todd back his son.” Miles quickly rushes out! After Jared briefly stops to tell Natalie she’ll change her mind about hiring him, Natalie frantically calls Miles to find out what he’s going to do!


Although everyone is confused, after Lindsay claims John is there for her, John states, “Lindsay Rappaport, you’re under arrest for the murder of Spencer Truman.” Although Marcie protests, Michael warns his wife, “Stop! This has nothing to do with us.” However, when Marcie screams, “Lindsay had no reason to kill Spencer,” John replies, “Actually, she did.” After John refuses to elaborate, everyone wonders what Lindsay’s motive was… Though Bo offers, “Lindsay, is there anything you want to say to me,” and Marcie begs for Lindsay to tell everyone there’s no truth to their accusations, Lindsay tells Marcie it’s going to be all right, as John takes her away!


Once Lindsay is gone, as Blair and Todd call in their headline title, “Killer of the Year,” Adriana and Rex put two and two together and say, “Marcie is like Lindsay’s daughter.” Michael follows Marcie as she rushes to the police station... Watching Todd and Blair make a toast, Rex assures Adriana that if Lindsay did know about Tommy, and killed because of it, that she won’t reveal the secret now! Still lingering at The Palace, holding Lindsay’s award, Dorian daydreams that she has now been awarded the Woman of the Year Award!

In Bo’s office, although Nora doesn’t think Lindsay has changed, Bo stands up for her by saying, “If she killed Truman, then something else must’ve been going on!”


In the interrogation room, while Lindsay is staying hushed, John walks in close and claims, “I know you killed Truman and I know why.” As John talks about ‘a secret’, Lindsay stays quiet until John admits to knowing that Tommy is Todd’s son!


Still at The Palace, as Blair and Todd make another toast, Miles arrives and says, “I have something very important to tell you about your son!”


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Marcie goes to the police station wanting answers!

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