One More Try - or - Say Goodbye?

Tuesday, August 7th, 2007

Todd & Blair are unsure of where to go from here, and John finds out that Rex forged a death certificate for Todd's son...

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On the couch in the penthouse, Todd tells Blair, “If we try to make another go of it, we’ll just end up hating each other again.” Although Blair agrees they always end up hurting each other – and the kids – they joke and compare their relationship to some of the biggest national disasters. When the kids get up, Blair goes to help Jack get ready and leaves Starr with her dad.


Although Starr tells Todd she can see something going on between Blair and him – and expresses how much Jack and she want them together – she says, “That’s before I could see it would be a total disaster.” As Blair and Jack rejoin them, with everyone ready to leave, Todd gets a call and admits to Blair that he’s going to visit Evangeline.


While playing at the park, Marcie snaps picture after picture of Michael and Tommy. When Marcie says, “I’m glad I got some good pictures because pretty soon these will be all we have of ‘little’ Tommy,” Michael snaps, “What did John say to you?” After Michael lies and says John and he had a talk about being a parent, Marcie claims she’s really been trying to work on relaxing and suggests Michael do the same.


In John’s office, when Rex arrives to claim his laptop, John asks, “Do you want to tell me why you dummied up a death certificate for Todd’s son? Why did you want Manning to stop looking for his son?” After Rex claims he forged the document to get Todd off his back, after all the dead ends he kept hitting while searching for Todd's son, John says, “Since your investigation was bogus, Todd’s child might still be alive. I’m thinking Truman has one more card to play – and you know what it is.” Although John vows to find out what Rex and Michael are up to, Rex stays hushed then leaves. Once Rex is gone, John makes a call and puts a tail on Rex!


Later, when Marcie and Tommy stop in to see John, Marcie expresses how worried she is about Michael – and how nervous he’s seemed. After John promises to talk to Michael, Marcie brings up Tommy’s birthday – a date that they kind of ‘picked out’ due to not knowing his real birth date. Once Marcie is gone, John jots down the given birth date next to Tommy’s name on the board, thinks back to a conversation he had with Michael, then adds TJ next to Tommy’s name! "Oh, God, No..." After John gets a call saying Rex is with Michael, he erases what he wrote on the board then leaves.


In the park, Rex tells Michael about John interrogating him then assures him that John didn’t make any connection between Tommy and TJ Manning. Just as Rex and Michael go back to Rex’s loft, and Rex suggests Michael take Marcie and Tommy away on a trip, John arrives and says, “Don’t stop talking on my account – now that I know the truth!”


At Capricorn, as Sarah is hollering out for Cris, Hunter arrives and holds her at knifepoint! Although Cris appears and tells Hunter to leave Sarah alone, Hunter claims Sarah has something he wants and says, “And she’s going to give it to me!” As Hunter informs Sarah he knows about her family connections, Cris tries to place a text message on his phone. However, when the cell rings, Hunter demands Cris kick it over to him! Once he does, Hunter crushes Cris’s phone beneath his foot! Next, although Hunter demands that Sarah call her father to make a wire transfer into her account, Cord refuses her the money then hangs up on Sarah! Furious, Hunter tries to take Sarah hostage, but Cris intervenes! As the men struggle with the knife, someone is stabbed as Sarah yells, “No!”


At Llanfair, after Natalie tells Viki about Miles’s predicament, Miles leaves and Viki snaps on Natalie, “How can you ask me to take in Miles Laurence after what he did to my brother?” Although Natalie continues to plead Miles’s case, Viki suggests Natalie is only protecting Miles to provoke John! After denying it, Natalie reminds Viki of the person Natalie was in the past and begs her to give Miles a second chance by saying, “If you really love me, you’ll trust my judgment on this.” Reluctantly, after Natalie compares Todd – and all his faults – to ‘second chances,’ Viki gives Miles permission to stay in the Carriage House.


When Nora and Cole stop by Marty’s apartment to see that Miles still has his belongings there, Nora suggests giving everything to charity. As they begin throwing his stuff into the hallway, Miles arrives home! Appearing hurt, when Miles expresses wanting to do things with Cole – as a father would – Nora tells him to get his stuff and leave! However, Cole has something to say to Miles in response to his apology, “I don’t want to hear your lies! Everyone knows you forced my mom to marry you, and they’re going to know everything once I testify against you!”

When Miles returns to Llanfair, Natalie says, “Welcome home.”


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Todd grieves for his dead son.

John demands answers from Michael & Rex regarding Tommy!

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