Hang On, Todd, Here We Come!

Friday, July 20th, 2007

With John's help Blair sets out to find Todd, Sarah vows to do whatever it takes to be allowed to stay at Llanfair, and Starr feels betrayed by Cole...

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At her apartment, Adriana finds the OPP medallion in Tate’s backpack then asks him what it’s doing there! As Adriana starts flipping out, Tate claims the medallion was his father’s then says, “That’s all I have left of him.” However, Adriana accuses Tate of condoning what his father did! Furious, Tate reminds her that if he was a racist he wouldn’t be hanging around her or working with Layla at Expose. After Adriana thinks back to Rex’s warning, about what better way for Tate to hide his identity than to hang out with a Latino, she replies, “I guess I thought I knew you... I’m confused...” At the end of his rope, Tate tells Adriana to get over the fact that he has the medallion. However, she continues to rant until Tate says, “You’re such a drama queen.” When Adriana demands that Tate throw the medallion away, reluctantly, he finally does. “Thank you,” Adriana says then acts as though she’s tired and asks Tate to leave. Once Tate’s gone, Adriana rushes out closely behind!


Over talk of Todd, at Llanfair, Sarah tells Viki to back off! However, Clint and Viki want answers, forcing Sarah to admit Todd was alive when she last saw him – barely! Sarah explains Hunter and how she found Todd in her apartment one day, then says, “I was afraid what Hunter would do if I went against him.” Although Cris and Rex remind Sarah of just how much danger she’s in, Sarah says, “Hunter got all that cash… He’s nowhere near Llanview now.” After Clint and Viki suggest Sarah stay at their homes, Sarah refuses to live by their rules – and in Llanview! However, Clint says, “As far as you leaving Llanview… No, not an option.” As Viki and Clint argue about who Sarah should stay with, Sarah blurts out, “If I'm staying in Llanview, I’m staying with Cris!” Reluctantly, as a favor to Clint and Viki, Cris agrees to take Sarah back to his place…


Later, at Rex’s, as Rex is cleaning up Sarah’s mess, Adriana arrives and says, “It’s about Tate. I’m here to tell you... you may have been right about him all along.”


Later, Tate sneaks back into Adriana’s apartment, pulls out the OPP medallion and holds it in his hands…


On the phone with Todd, Dorian says, “Everyone thought you were dead, except Blair.” Todd begs Dorian to find Blair. Just as Todd reads a sign to Dorian, to give her an idea of where he is, Hunter arrives and knocks him over the head! Dorian screams, “Todd!” When he doesn’t answer, although Dorian knows she should tell Blair, she briefly thinks back to her conversation telling Blair that she’s better off without Todd…


At the station, with Starr in shock – and Blair demanding answers – Bo tells Cole to tell them everything about Todd. As Cole tries to explain how he found Todd – and Miles's part in it – Starr is furious! Suddenly, Blair lunges at Miles, but John holds her back and Bo demands answers from Miles! Just then, Dorian arrives and says, “Todd Manning is alive. I just spoke to him on the phone.” After Dorian divulges her conversation with Todd, she hands over Blair’s cell phone to John – who calls the phone company. Despite Bo’s questions, Miles demands his ‘one phone call,’ then privately calls Hunter…

Standing over Todd, Hunter makes plans to blackmail more money from Miles! Just then, Miles calls and Hunter says, “I’m with Manning now. What should I do with him?” With Spencer talking to him from the grave, Miles tells Hunter to listen up then gives him some instructions…


After John traces the call to somewhere up on Llantano Mountain, Blair insists on going with him. Once they are gone, Marty asks Cole to go stay with his friend’s family then Bo suggests that Marty call a lawyer. Marty agrees, looks at Miles then says, “I need two lawyers… one to handle my case and one to handle my annulment.” Bo warns Miles to get an attorney for when John finds Todd then says, “You’ll be charged with kidnapping and attempted murder!”

At home, although Dorian tells Starr she’ll get over Cole, Starr knows it won’t be that easy then dismisses herself to her room. Once Starr is gone, out of the blue, Dorian calls Cassie. Out in the foyer, Starr hears the doorbell and comes face to face with Cole.


Up on Llantano Mountain, John and Blair search for clues until John finds a cell phone – and the sign that Todd described!


Next on One Life to Live:

John & Blair make a shocking discovery.

Miles seeks Hunter's help once again.

Starr refuses to forgive Cole.

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