Let The Search Begin

Thursday, September 7th, 2006

Bo and John find a special box, Kelly gets good news, David pays Spencer a visit, Marcie and Michael fear losing Tommy and Bruce is shot...

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Robert S. Woods

Bo and John are at Spencer's office on a search warrant. Inside a cabinet, John finds something hidden in a box on the backside of the cabinet. Paige shows up. Bo invites Paige to have a drink with him when he's done. Paige peeks in Spencer's office, sees the box, tells Bo that Spencer's box requires a special key to be opened, a hospital, magnetic key. Bo gets the key and hands it to John. Anxiously, John opens the box, seeing that it has been used for cold storage! John and Bo close the box, fearful of what's inside. John sends the box to forensics, then they leave Spencer's office.

In jail, David visits Spencer, takes a picture of Spencer in his cell! David expresses that Spencer was never there for him, that if their mother had been around, his life would've been so different. Spencer agrees, blames their terrible lives on the Buchanan's. David asks Spencer why he's been out for the Buchanan's since day one. Spencer declares that the Buchanan's are going to get what's coming to them. Paige walks in, tells Spencer that Bo and John are going to get him first, but she doesn't divulge the specifics to Spencer. Paige leaves. David tells Spencer he's on his own, then he leaves, too.

Kelly wakes up to find Kevin at her bedside. The doctor comes in with the test results, telling Kelly that her baby is going to be all right, says that Kelly can go home. Although Kevin wants to take her home, Kelly won't go back to Llanview with him, says she needs to do what's best for her baby, that she has to go on without Kevin.

Natalie and Clint are at Capricorn, where Natalie tries understanding what her father sees in Dorian. Although she doesn't like Dorian, Natalie wants to see Clint happy. Clint tells Natalie that he blames himself for what happen with Jessica. Natalie makes Clint focus on the good things that have happened in their lives, that he's not perfect, but he's always loved his kids. David and Paige share a drink at Capricorn before Bo shows up for their date. John arrives to be with Natalie, tells her he's real close to getting the peace he needs. John gets a call, tells Natalie they have to go to the station.

Michael shows up at Social Services to meet Marcie, where they are told that another, more experienced couple is interested in fostering Tommy, that the couple wants to adopt the baby. When the social worker leaves the office, Michael tells Marcie that they aren't giving up on Tommy, that they're taking him home tonight. When the social worker comes back, they tell her they want to adopt Tommy. Tommy goes home with the McBain's!

As Rex and Bruce struggle, the gun goes off, Bruce is shot dead! Adriana runs into Rex's arms, thanking him for saving her yet again. Dorian looks over Bruce, says they're going to call the police, and Adriana glares at her mother, says she's going to tell the cops everything! Suddenly, Rex notices that Adriana is bleeding. However, it's not Adriana, it's Rex who's bleeding. Rex falls to the ground. Dorian calls the police, reports a gunshot wound. She instructs Adriana to hold a cloth to Rex's wound. After telling Adriana he loves her, Rex stops breathing! Dorian and Adriana frantically perform CPR on Rex, as the ambulance shows up. Adriana goes in the ambulance with Rex and tells Dorian she never wants to see her again!

Next on One Life to Live: Kelly blames Spencer for everything that's happened in her life, Adriana wants Dorian arrested and Todd pulls a gun on Spencer!

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