A Race Against Time

Wednesday, September 6th, 2006

Rex pulls a gun on Bruce, Cris doubts Evangeline, Starr's secret is out and Claudia comforts Nash...

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John-Paul Lavoisier

Rex and Dorian race to meet with Bruce, to save Adriana. Rex tells Dorian that HE is calling the shots now, again makes Dorian aware of the danger she put Adriana in, wants to know if it was worth it. Dorian says she never intended for this to happen. At the rest stop, Adriana pleads for Bruce to put the gun down, says she doesn't want anyone to get hurt. Bruce's advances on Adriana scares her, but Bruce proceeds to touch her. Suddenly, a car shows up. When Bruce turns to see who it is, Adriana hits him over the head with a stick. But Bruce grabs her before she runs away, throws her to the ground, just as Dorian shows up. As Bruce aims the gun at Adriana, Rex storms in with his gun on Bruce! Bruce scoops up Adriana, holding the gun to her, demanding that Rex drop his gun. Once he does, Bruce lets her go and Adriana runs into Rex's arms. Just then, Dorian pulls a gun on Bruce! Adriana tries kicking the gun from Bruce's hand as Rex takes him to the ground. As Bruce and Rex struggle, the gun goes off!

Evangeline is blown away that Blair went to Cris with her concerns about her relationship with Todd. Chris asks if Blair didn't have a real reason to be concerned. Evangeline gets angry with Cris for believing in Blair's assumptions, says Todd's her friend. However, Cris tells her to open her eyes, that Todd is using her to get what he wants, suggests she quit seeing Todd. Evangeline tells him there's no one more important than him. Cris believes her.

Todd shows up at the hospital where he finds Blair in Starr's room, tells Blair he needs to talk to her. Before they go, Blair tells Starr that she'll be going home tomorrow, and Starr still acts as though she has amnesia. Todd tells Starr to cut it out, making Blair aware of Starr's secret. Blair wants to know how long Todd knew about this, and Todd says that Starr learned from the best, that she acted just like Blair did when she was pretending to love Spencer! Starr is shocked to hear this. Blair blows off Starr's questions, wants to know why she lied about her memory loss. Starr apologizes, says she wanted things to be the way they were. Out in the hallway, Todd and Blair argue and Starr overhears, blaming Todd. Todd tells Starr he doesn't know if he can forgive Blair.


Forbes March

Claudia tries to comfort Nash after he informs her that Jessica is now integrated, Tess is gone, that he's lost everything that's mattered to him. Claudia insures Nash that he still has his baby, but Nash is concerned about Antonio putting a stop to that. He says that Jessica isn't in love with him and he isn't in love with her. As Nash continues to down shot after shot, Claudia informs him that Antonio and Jessica just walked through the door. Nash leaves and Jessica goes after him. Nash tells Jessica he doesn't think he should be a part of Bree's life, doesn't want to confuse her. Antonio tells Claudia that he's going to ask Jessica to marry him, that if she makes any more cracks to Jessica about her illness, he'll fire her.

Next on One Life to Live: Marcie and Michael fear losing Tommy, Spencer makes a threat, John finds a clue and Adriana cries out to Rex...

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