Divorce Papers: Served!

Friday, June 22nd, 2007

Antonio serves Jessica with divorce papers, Blair finally accepts her daughter with Cole, and Britney vows to make Starr & Cole miserable...

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At the vineyard, Nash carries Jessica over the threshold and says, "Welcome home." Once settled in, Nash promises to take care of Jessica for the rest of her life. With a surprise, Nash sets Bree down and Jessica says with excitement, "She's walking!" Appreciative for everything she has, Jessica says everything she went through was worth it, "Just so we could be together like this." Later, once Bree is asleep, Jessica expresses feeling guilty about Antonio and Jamie. However, Nash reminds her it wasn't fair to stay with Antonio when she wasn't happy. Just then, Bree begins crying and Jessica insists on going to her. While she's gone, a man arrives and says, "I'm here to see Jessica Vega." From behind Nash, when Jess appears, the man hands her an envelope and says, "You've just been served."


At Dorian's, when Cris arrives to give Blair a ride to the club, Blair says, "I can't think about singing love songs tonight - not when my daughter has fallen for the wrong boy." After Blair explains what happened with Starr and Cole, Cris questions how much Todd's relationship with Marty has to do with the way she feels about Cole. Over talk of Blair's worries about Todd, Cris suggests that maybe Blair should allow Starr to date Cole. However, Blair says, "Todd would never forgive me if I let his daughter date Cole. If I allow it, I'll feel as though I'm admitting that Todd is really gone…" But the fact remains… Todd hasn't returned… Blair finally admits it doesn't make sense to keep Starr from Cole.


In a room in Chicago, after Hunter instructs Sarah not to do anything stupid, Todd whispers, "Blair." Once Hunter is gone, Sarah finds Todd's cell phone, locates Blair's cell number then looks at Todd and says, "Now what."


At school, as Starr rants about Blair's attitude, Cole says, "My mom changed her mind, maybe yours will too." When Langston and Markko join them, Starr and Cole explain their troubles - and Britney gloats about it! After everyone leaves, Cole says, "We can take everything as long as we're together." Just then, Starr gets a call from Blair who says, "I'm sorry about before… I was thinking it might be okay for you to see Cole." With excitement, Starr relays the news to Cole! Watching on, Britney says, "Oh, they're so happy… I guess I'll have to do something about that."

After Blair hangs up with Starr, the phone rings and a woman says, "Todd's right here… I'm looking at him."


John goes to Dr. Young's office and whips out his badge, demanding that she turn over information that Marty gave her regarding Spencer's murder! Although the doctor admits she taped Marty, she refuses to hand it over without a court order. "I can get one," John says then leaves.


In the Judge's chambers, John explains why he wants the court order and says, "I don't want to see an innocent man convicted for murder." Once John gets the order, he goes back to Dr. Young's and forces her to play him Marty's taped session. However, when she puts the tape in, it's blank and John asks, "Has a guy named Miles Laurence been in this office? Did you leave him alone at any time?" Shocked, Dr. Young replies, "Yes, I did."


At the hospital, Miles approaches Marty and tries to convince her they're meant to be together. However, Marty says, "You've forced me into this marriage and I'll hate you forever for that!" Again, Miles brings up that he's saving Marty from going to jail then says, "I love you… But if you want out then go to the police station and tell them what you did." Just then, a little boy named Jeff, with a face defect, calls out to Miles, and Marty watches as Miles encourages the boy about his upcoming surgery. After the boy leaves, Marty accuses Miles of using the boy to score some points with her! Although Miles denies it, Marty replies, "I'll never love you. There is no hope."

After Miles walks away, John calls and says, "I need you to meet me in your office. It's about your new husband."

When Marty arrives at John's office and sees him holding a tape, she says, "He promised he'd never show you that tape."


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